Logan Paul defeats Rey Mysterio to become WWE United States Champion at Crown Jewel

A new United States Champion is crowned. 

For the second time in his career with WWE, Logan Paul challenged for a championship. He went one-on-one with United States Champion Rey Mysterio at Crown Jewel. 

At SummerSlam, a member of Paul’s team handed him brass knuckles to use on Ricochet and that was the same case at Crown Jewel. This go-around, Paul lost the knuckles and had the individual run to get them but stepping into frame was LWO’s Santos Escobar. 

Escobar ran Paul’s associate off but Paul was able to get his hands on the weapon. When Escobar was chasing off Paul’s associate, he accidentally left the brass knuckles on the ring apron. When Rey Mysterio went for his springboard, Paul connected with a punch which secured him the U.S. Championship.

Following Crown Jewel, POST Wrestling is going to be reviewing the show at this link.

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