SmackDown Results: Asuka Joins Damage CTRL, Escobar Attacks Mysterio

Photo Courtesy: WWE

November 10, 2023
Nationwide Arena – Columbus, OH

By: John Kleinchester


Kevin Owens, Special Guest Commentator

This week’s edition of SmackDown kicked off with Kevin Owens coming out as a special guest commentator for the evening, filling in for Corey Graves who recently welcomed a baby with Carmella. 

LWO Turmoil

The LWO was out next and Rey Mysterio said that Logan Paul stole his United States Championship at Crown Jewel and Logan couldn’t have beaten him without the brass knuckles. Carlito interrupted and said Rey was blaming the wrong person – that Santos Escobar left the brass knuckles on the apron. Carlito and Santos started yelling at each other and then Santos stormed off through the crowd with Rey and Zelina Vega in chase.

Then Bobby Lashley’s music hit and we were going right into the announced match between Carlito and Lashley. Lashley was accompanied by The Street Profits and Carlito had Cruz del Toro and Joaquin Wilde in his corner. Early in the match, B-Fab was shown watching backstage and smiling as Lashley was beating up on Carlito. Later she was shown again and this time Ashanti the Adonis approached her asking what was going on and she responded by saying “Don’t worry about it” and walked off. Meanwhile. in the match, the Montez Ford got involved in the match behind the ref’s back leading to both teams brawling on the outside. Santos Escobar then returned attacking the Profits. Lashley then hit Carlito with the spear for the victory.

After the match, Lashley and the Profits started beating down Carlito and Escobar stopped and watched instead of helping. Then Rey Mysterio ran down chasing the heels off with a chair. Rey yelled at Escobar and then Escobar snapped and jumped Mysterio. Rey fought back and knocked Santos out of the ring but then immediately felt bad for doing so and tried to apologize. Santos snapped again, running Rey into the post and smashing his leg in the steel steps. The rest of the LWO ran to Rey’s aid but the damage was already done. Santos screamed that Rey did this and he used to love him. 

After the break, Santos was asked why he attacked Mysterio and he simply responded, “Rey had it coming”. 

Damage CTRL Turmoil

Next up Bayley came down to the ring and said that her plan is why Damage CTRL has been so successful. She admitted that she wasn’t aware of Kairi Sane returning and called out IYO Sky to talk. IYO obliged, flanked by Dakota and Kairi. Bayley then threw to a clip from 7/27/20 which was the last time Kairi was seen on WWE – where Bayley decimated Sane. Dakota then explained that they wanted to take some of the weight off of Bayley. Kairi then got on the mic and said she respected Bayley as the leader of Damage CTRL and that she forgave her. The foursome then hugged but that brought out Bianca Belair. Belair said she doesn’t forgive them and she made a mistake assuming that IYO would fight her one-on-one. Belair brought out Charlotte Flair and Asuka as her backup. It was then announced there would be a 6-Woman Tag Team Match later tonight.

Dragon Lee vs. Cedric Alexander II

After a brief promo package, Dragon Lee was out and it was announced he would be facing Cedric Alexander again. They cut to a video honoring Veterans Day and then went to commercial. After the break, the big rematch was already underway. During the match, there was an insane, scary-looking spot with Alexander flipping Lee into the corner and Lee landing on his head and neck but thankfully Lee seemed to be okay. Lee then went on to pick up the victory. 

LA Knight’s Not Done with The Bloodline

LA Knight was out next and said that Crown Jewel didn’t go as he hoped and he would have beaten Roman if it weren’t for Jimmy Uso. Knight said that he was not done with The Bloodline. Grayson Waller then came out, calling him “Lah” Knight. The pair then traded insults with Knight making various low-brow digs at Waller and then hit him with the microphone, sent him to the outside, and then dumped water from the announce desk on him. After the break, the match began. The two went back and forth throughout until Knight hit the BFT for the 123. After the match, Kevin Owens showed the footage from two weeks ago when he successfully punched both Waller and Austin Theory with one swing.

Later, Theory & Waller came back and attacked Kevin Owens who they said would get suspended by Nick Aldis if he got physical at all tonight. Owens finally snapped and attacked the duo, hitting Waller with the Stunner. 

Side Note: Kevin Owens was fantastic all night on commentary. At one point, he said something along the lines of “Oh, LA Knight is from Los Angeles! I get it. Wait… Am I QC Owens?” and also yelled at Grayson Waller that he had too many sparkles on his gear. 

John Cena

A promo package of Cena vs. Solo Sikoa at Crown Jewel was shown. The announce team said that it could have been Cena’s last match. It was then said that Solo Sikoa would “return” next week.


Main Event: Damage CTRL vs. Belflairsuka

The main event of the evening saw the new version of Damage CTRL (Bayley, IYO Sky, and Kairi Sane) taking on the new friends of Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair, and Asuka. During the match, Belair went to tag Asuka in but Asuka pulled her hand back and then misted Belair in the face. Asuka then hugged Kairi Sane and the other members of Damage CTRL joined in. The referee then threw out the match for some reason in just over eight minutes. Shotzi attempted to run out to help but was decimated. 


Announced for SmackDown Next Week in Evansville, IN:

  • LA Knight vs. Jimmy Uso
  • Solo Sikoa Returns

Friday Night SmackDown Results:

  • Bobby Lashley over Carlito in 9:28
  • Dragon Lee over Cedric Alexander in 5:55 (TV time, match began in commercial)
  • LA Knight over Grayson Waller in 11:22
  • Damage CTRL / Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair & Asuka – no winner, 8:18
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