SmackDown Results: Carlito Taken Out, Judgment Day Wins

Photo Courtesy: WWE

November 24, 2023
Allstate Arena – Rosemont, IL

By: John Kleinchester



This week’s edition of SmackDown kicked off with the team of Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair, and Shotzi coming down to the ring. Each member cut promos on Damage CTRL and how they were going to take them out tomorrow night at Survivor Series War Games and tomorrow is the end for Damage CTRL. This brought our Bayley, who insinuated that both Charlotte and Becky talked about each other behind their backs and said that the same would happen to Bianca. Becky then challenged Bayley to two of them versus two of Damage CTRL in the main event tonight.

Afterwards, backstage Bayley was gloating about what she did and suggested IYO/Asuka or IYO/Kairi but Dakota Kai said that Asuka said it should be Asuka/Bayley instead. 

Tag Team Championship

The first match of the night saw the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions defending their gold against the challengers of The Street Profits who won this opportunity last week. Early in the match, Bobby Lashley was shown watching from the back and was again approached by B-Fab and it was all smiles between the two. Finn Balor picked up the pinfall victory here after Rhea Ripley distracted the referee. Bobby Lashley was none too happy. 

Backstage, Charlotte and Becky started arguing about trust while Bianca tried to play peacekeeper. 

A promo package aired featuring Dragon Lee with the announcers saying that he was making Rey Mysterio proud.

The Grayson Waller Effect

Grayson Waller welcomed his guest Kevin Owens except it was Austin Theory coming out to KO’s music. Before Theory could speak a single word as Owens, Owens’ music hit again and the real KO came out. Owens threatened to hit both of them again with just one punch. KO noted that the heels mentioned LA Knight’s name three times and Knight came down to the ring.

Waller and Theory decided to punch the faces and Owens confirmed with Knight that they should punch them first. The faces did so and then cleared the ring of the plants and staging of the Waller Effect. The show went to commercial and when it returned, there was a tag team match happening. The teams went back and forth until a tandem Stunner and BFT allowed Owens and Knight to pick up the win. 

Backstage, Bianca was trying to tell Becky Lynch that Charlotte had a point that Becky needed to be cool.

“Carlito Loses His Cool”

Carlito was out to the ring ahead of his match with Santos Escobar tomorrow night and said it would be his first match at a PPV/PLE in almost thirteen years. Carlito started saying that Escobar made a big mistake when Santos came out. Santos blamed Carlito for ruining the LWO and injuring Rey. Carlito and Escobar started brawling. After the break, Escobar attempted to continue the attack on Carlito when Dragon Lee made the save and fought Escobar off. 

It was later explained in an online video that Carlito was injured and Dragon Lee would take his place.

Brutally Deadly

Next up was Pretty Deadly taking on The Brawling Brutes with the lingering storyline that Butch and Ridge are no longer on the same page. At one point in the match, Ridge walked out on Butch, heading to the back. Butch hit The Bitter End and almost scored the pin but was reversed into a pin for a win for Pretty Deadly. 

Backstage, Shotzi encouraged Charlotte to put the past behind her and Becky so they could coalesce for their upcoming main event match. 

Backstage, Judgment Day cut a promo reminding Randy Orton that one of his partners was the one who took him out last time. 

Damage CTRL vs. Becky & Charlotte

Also backstage, Becky approached Charlotte and both proclaimed “I’m good ” before they headed to the ring. 

Asuka & Bayley won after a miscommunication in the ring allowing a roll-up for the win. 

Friday Night SmackDown Results:

  • Undisputed Tag Team Championship: Judgment Day over The Street Profits in 9:30
  • Kevin Owens & LA Knight over Grayson Waller & Austin Theory in 12:29 (TV Time, match began in commercial)
  • Pretty Deadly over The Brawling Brutes in 3:28
  • Bayley & Asuksa over Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair in 11:44
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