Blair Davenport clinches Iron Survivor Challenge at Deadline, becomes top contender for Women’s NXT Championship

Image Courtesy: WWE

Blair Davenport outscored four other women in the Iron Survivor Challenge at NXT Deadline on Saturday and is now the top contender for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Davenport racked up 3 points within the 25-minute time limit of the women’s Iron Survivor Challenge match.

In the Iron Survivor challenge, five wrestlers compete to score the most falls in 25 minutes. Points are scored when a wrestler earns a pinfall, submission, or is the victim of a disqualification. After a point is awarded, the opponent goes into a penalty box for 90 seconds.

Two wrestlers start the match, with another joining at random every five minutes.

Fallon Henley and Blair Davenport started the match, with neither scoring a point before Tiffany Stratton joined the fray. Stratton and Davenport would team up on Henley, before Stratton turned on both.

Blair Davenport scored the first fall of the match, on Henley, just seconds before Kelani Jordan joined the match. Fallon Henley scored the second point of the match with a pinfall on Stratton.

Lash Legend was last out at the 15-minute mark and pinned both Fallon & Stratton at once for two points.

Soon after, the other members of Meta-Four tried to block Stratton & Fallon from escaping the penalty box. This led to a couple of high spots as the pair leapt from the top of the box to get out.

Davenport then tied the match with a pinfall on Kelani Jordan. With a couple of minutes to go, Stratton scored her first point over Lash Legend.

Blair Davenport then scored the winning point just as the time expired.

The final points were:

Blair Davenport:  3
Lash Legend:  2
Tiffany Stratton:  1
Fallon Henley:  1
Kelani Jordan:  0

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