CM Punk appears at NXT Deadline, joins Shawn Michaels in the ring

Image Courtesy: WWE

CM Punk appeared at the beginning of the NXT Deadline PLE on Saturday night for an in-ring segment with Shawn Michaels.

Michaels came to the ring at the show’s outset to welcome the fans. Shortly after, ‘Cult of Personality’ hit, and out came Punk, sporting a Bret Hart hoodie.

Referring to the Punk’s attire, Michaels said, “Nice hoodie.” Punk responded by saying he forgot his HBK gear but that, “You guys made up,” and even he and Triple H had reconciled. Punk added, “It’s all about healing.”

The two continued with some slightly awkward banter as they appeared to forget their lines. Punk then simply said the big question was whether he would be the newest Raw, SmackDown or NXT superstar.

The segment ended with Michaels and Punk embracing.

Earlier on Saturday, he posted a picture of himself in Bridgeport, CT, where NXT Deadline is taking place. This was followed by an invitation from Michaels to speak with him in person.

Punk is currently being billed as a free agent, and is due to sign with his chosen WWE brand on the December 11th edition of Monday Night Raw.

Join Braden Herrington and Davie Portman for their live review of NXT Deadline (and a special announcement) on YouTube after the PLE concludes.

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