AEW Collision Results: Danielson, Kingston, & Castagnoli win, Thunder Rosa Returns

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December 16, 2023
Curtis Culwell Center – Garland, TX

By: John Kleinchester


I Don’t Know What This Is

Collision “Winter is Coming” started with Eddie Kingston and the to-camera promos. Eddie for the second week in a row quickly mimicked Elton John’s Collision theme song and Orange Cassidy ended it by saying “I don’t know what this is.”

Blue League Match: Claudio Castagnoli vs. Andrade El Idolo

The first match of the evening was a Continental Classic Blue League match with Claudio Castagnoli facing Andrade El Idolo. Andrade did not have CJ Perry come out with him onto the ramp as she had for previous  C2 matchups. Before the match, Tony Schiavone threw to the Spanish Announce Team of Alvaro Riojas and Thunder Rosa, marking Rosa’s first appearance on AEW TV in some time.

Kevin Kelly noted that Andrade was at Ciudad Mexico last night wrestling for CMLL and picked up the pinfall over Mistico in a trios match and flew to Garland for this match with Claudio. Andrade multiple times in this match removed the cable covers that attach the turnbuckle to the ring post (which is how he was able to defeat Brody King in the tournament), but Claudio kept avoiding it and ultimately dropped Andrade’s knee onto it. This caused the referee to go to replace the covering which allowed Claudio to hit Andrade with a low blow and Gotch-Style Piledriver for the win. 

Abadon’s Unlikely Friend

Next up, Abadon took on Jazmin Allure who was featured last night at ROH Final Battle losing to Taya Valkyrie. Unfortunately for Allure, she was only able to last just over a minute with Abadon who won with The Black Dhalia to continue to build her momentum. Just like last week, the lights went out after the match and Julia Hart appeared in the ring, and this time Abadon attacked her, and the two brawled. Abadon grabbed the TBS Championship but then Skye Blue appeared and the two gazed into each other’s eyes. For a moment it seemed like Blue and Abadon were aligned but Blue ended up jumping Abadon with Nigel McGuinness calling her “Skye Black”. From out of nowhere, Thunda Rosa jumped into the ring and fought off Skye Blue and Julia Hart, shaking hands with Abadon. 

The Acclaimed / Flight Action

Renee Paquette interviewed The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass and noted this was the first time they’ve been seen since being laid out by The Devil. The Acclaimed said they going to destroy them as soon as they figure out who they are but in the meantime, they’re going to focus on being the best Trios Champions out there. Top Flight and Action Andretti interrupted, fresh off their incredible match on Rampage last night, and challenged them to a Trios Championship match. Anthony Bowens accepted but said “Wrong place, wrong time” and said it would be on for next week’s Collision in San Antonio. 

International Championship

Next was the match that was announced last night during ROH Final Battle, Orange Cassidy defending his International Championship against The Bounty Hunter Bryan Keith. Cassidy and Keith had a competitive, exciting match with Keith getting his home-state crowd behind him. Cassidy was able to finally pick up the win with the three-quarter Nelson. After the match, Keith tipped his hat to Cassidy and Cassidy tipped his sunglasses. 

Miro Vignette

Miro said he’s done avoiding people to please his wife and he’s ready to kill everyone.

Komander / Roderick Strong

Lexi Nair was interviewing Komander in the back and complimenting him on his performances on both Final Battle and Rampage last night. Before he could respond, The Kingdom and Roderick Strong interrupted and Strong noted that while he may have performed well, he didn’t win. Strong said he found his next victim and Komander said (in Spanish), “See you Wednesday”. 


FTR came down to the ring with Dax Harwood sporting a rough-looking shiner from their match with Blackpool Combat Club last night at Final Battle. Cash Wheeler called out House of Black and told them to come out and see them face-to-face. Wheeler rattled off all their accomplishments and called Malakai and Buddy “unrealized potential” with Brody being successful in the C2 and Julia being successful with the TBS Championship. Dax was about to lay out a challenge when their mics cut out and the lights went out as well. Matthews and Black appeared on the screen and reiterated that no one came to save them.  They then pulled out a picture of Dax with his wife and daughter and lit it on fire saying, “We’re your family now”. 

Keith Lee: “It’s Not Him”

A Keith Lee vignette aired with highlights of his win over Shane Taylor last night at Final Battle. Lexi Nair asked Lee what he would do now that he beat “him”, and Lee said “Lexi, Shane Taylor is not him” much to Lexi’s confusion.

Texas Street Fight

Next was Mercedes Martinez and Diamante taking on Willow Nightingale and Kris Statlander in a Texas Street Fight. Statlander and Nightingale came out dressed as the main characters from Pulp Fiction, bringing a briefcase down to the ring. Weapons of all sorts were placed around the ring so this one got crazy quickly. Early on in the match, Willow was busted open by a bottle broken over her head while Diamante was bleeding due to a barbed wire bat shot. Later, Diamante opened the briefcase, poured out thumbtacks and shards of glass pushed Statlander’s face into it, and followed that up by hitting a code blue into them. Nightingale got put through a table and Statlander was able to pick up the pinfall by hitting Diamante with a discus lariat with a chain around her arm. 

Timeless Toni & Mariah May

Renee Paquette interviewed Toni Storm and Mariah May and said that the winner of Saraya vs. Riho would get the title shot against Storm at Worlds End. Mariah May asked if Toni Storm could be on commentary when she has her first match but Toni said she was busy.

Adam Copeland Demands a Rematch

An Adam Copeland video package aired where he challenged Christian Cage to a rematch at Worlds End only this time it would be No Disqualifications. 

Brian Cage Squash, “Him” is Revealed

Brian Cage defeated Kari Wright in under 90 seconds. After the commercial Lexi Nair interviewed Cage, Nana, and the Gates of Agony and Keith Lee interrupted saying they could tell “him” that his patience runs thin and time is running out. 

Blue League Match: Eddie Kingston vs. Daniel Garcia

Next up was our second of three Blue League Continental Classic matches of the night with Eddie Kingston taking on Daniel Garcia with Daddy Magic Matt Menard on commentary. This match was do-or-die for both Kingston and Garcia as both men would be mathematically eliminated with a loss. The two had a competitive match with Garcia surviving a first spinning back fist and Kingston dealing with a knee injury that Garcia continued to work. Garcia finally went down for the 3 count after a second spinning back fist and he was mathematically eliminated from the tournament.

Blue League Match: Bryan Danielson vs. Brody King

The main event of the evening was the final Continental Classic match with Bryan Danielson taking on Brody King. Danielson was selling the effects of the brutal match against FTR & Mark Briscoe last night at Final Battle with commentary saying he was struggling with depth perception today. King focused heavily on Danielson’s eye, quickly removing both his eyepatch as well as the bandages underneath it and busting Danielson open in the process. 

Danielson started to mount a comeback, mostly just trying to survive Brody King’s vicious offense but then King kicked out of the Busaiku Knee at the one count. A second and third Busaiku Knee followed with Bryan hitting a fourth and final one to the back of Brody King’s head. Bryan picked up the win but of note was that Brody did still kick out just a second after the referee hit for three.



Announced for Collision Next Week in San Antonio, TX:

  • Trios Championship: The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass vs. Top Flight & Action Andretti 
  • Julia Hart & Skye Blue vs. Thunder Rosa & Abadon
  • Continental Classic Blue League Match: Bryan Danielson vs. Claudio Castagnoli
  • Continental Classic Blue League Match: Daniel Garcia vs. Brody King
  • Continental Classic Blue League Match: Andrade El Idolo vs. Eddie Kingston

Announced for Dynamite Next Week in Oklahoma City, OK:

  • We’ll Hear from MJF & Samoa Joe
  • Roderick Strong vs. Komander

AEW Collision Results:

  • Continental Classic Blue League Match: Claudio Castagnoli over Andrade El Idolo in 15:33
  • Abadon over Jazmin Allure in 1:07
  • International Championship: Orange Cassidy over The Bounty Hunter Bryan Keith in 9:11
  • Texas Street Fight: Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale over Mercedes Martinez & Diamante in 10:33
  • Brian Cage over Kari Wright in 1:28
  • Continental Classic Blue League Match: Eddie Kingston over Daniel Garcia in 12:12
  • Continental Classic Blue League Match: Bryan Danielson over Brody King in 15:12
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