Matt Riddle was supposed to win 2022 WWE Money in the Bank Ladder match, ‘believes’ he was told he’d be winning Royal Rumble

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A number of subjects discussed by Matt Riddle. 

Over the weekend at MLW Kings of Colosseum, Matt Riddle made his return to in-ring action for the first time since being released by WWE in September. In addition to his return to MLW, Riddle is going to be competing for New Japan Pro-Wrestling and called out World TV Champion and company President, Hiroshi Tanahashi. 

Signed By Superstars hosted a virtual signing with Riddle and he dove into his career during the two-hour session. Along the way, he revealed that he was supposed to win the 2022 men’s Money in the Bank Ladder match.

The change was made hours prior and Riddle said it’s because Vince McMahon loved Austin Theory, who was added to the match and won. Riddle went on to add that he loves Theory and told him to keep killing it in WWE. 

Wanna hear something else cool? I was supposed to win Money in the Bank but Vince (McMahon) really likes Austin Theory and literally hours before, they changed it and Austin was added in and threw me off the ladder. After I took two huge ladder bumps off the RKO and everything else and it’s like… But, I love Austin Theory and I’m happy for him. Keep killing it bro.

On that same front, Riddle stated that he ‘believes’ he was told he would be winning the 2022 men’s Royal Rumble. Brock Lesnar ended up being the winner of the match after losing his WWE Championship earlier in the night. 

Riddle claimed Lesnar did not want to do business, said he was winning and no one in the room challenged him. 

So I believe — you know, it’s sports-entertainment — that I was told at one point, yeah, I was gonna win the (Royal) Rumble and everything else and then what was it? Bobby Lashley beat Brock Lesnar because somebody came in and hit him with the belt or what have you. Then Brock came in, didn’t wanna do business with everybody, said he was winning, and then he won, and then none of the producers… nobody stood up to him and they let him do it. I didn’t either, I didn’t either. I’m like, f*ck man, I’m just here.

If Riddle were to return to WWE, he said he’d like to finish out his storylines with Randy Orton and Butch (Pete Dunne as The Broserweights). He feels it’s guaranteed that he’ll reunite with Orton. 

I look at it like this, my big thing if I were to come back, I’d really like to finish the story with Randy (Orton). Unfortunately, he got hurt and the other thing too, even with Pete Dunne, it was unfortunate COVID happened. I feel like I never got to finish the story with The Broserweights. Seems like I always have unfinished business with my tag team partners. 

I would say unless one of us passes away, it’s a guarantee (that I’ll reunite with Orton). One way or another, I mean, ideally, it would probably be in the ‘E’ but I don’t see how it wouldn’t happen. There’s no way. I mean I’m gonna get to Randy one way or another. 

At Survivor Series, Orton made his return to WWE after 18 months of being on the shelf. Riddle was asked what were the plans for him and Orton prior to his release. He did not want to share in the case that he comes back to WWE and they run that storyline. 

He did state that there was going to be a turn, but he would not say who was going to make that heel turn. 

Plan was — well we were hoping it… I don’t wanna really say (how Randy & I’s story was supposed unfold when he came back) because if I do return and then we do the story — yeah, I would say eventually all teams eventually turn on each other. I don’t wanna give the spoiler of who was gonna turn on who.

In his first post-WWE match, Riddle went one-on-one with former MLW World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu. He expressed his opinion that out of all of the Fatu/Anoa’i family members he’s shared the ring with, Jacob is ‘probably’ the best in the ring. 

Regardless of storylines, I really do like all the members of The Bloodline, but I have to say and it’s not a knock against any of ‘em, Jacob Fatu, The Samoan Werewolf is probably the best wrestler out of the group. He’s really good, he’s really intense, he’s strong, he’s agile. He can do everything and yeah, he’s great.

Both Fatu and Riddle are going to be in action at NJPW Battle in the Valley on 1/13. Riddle is set to be in tag team action. 

He’ll be teaming with a mystery partner to take on T.M.D.K. (Zack Sabre Jr. & Bad Dude Tito).

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