Marq Quen opens up about torn pec injury, explains why he initially did not opt to get surgery

Private Party also share one of their goals for 2024. 

The duo known as Private Party (Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy) reunited on AEW television on the 1/3/24 episode. Since late 2022, Quen had been sidelined with an injury and Kassidy went on to align himself with Matt and Jeff Hardy. 

Kassidy invited his tag team partner onto his YouTube channel for a chat about their careers. Quen shared that he underwent surgery for a torn pec. Initially, he was told that he could heal without surgery, but later learned that he would not regain full strength in his arm if he opted against it. 

Quen: You talking about when I got injured? I’ve been getting surgery, I’ve been staying at home crying, miserable, depressed. What’s some more negative words? It took a while for me to get the surgery because I mean, you know… I was told that I could heal on my own. So, when I was trying to heal on my own, they told me that I wouldn’t get the strength back that I had before. By that time, it was already like, what? February, March and then I was just like, ‘Why didn’t you say that from the beginning? I would’ve got the surgery back in December.’ So that’s why I got the surgery in April.

Continuing on the topic, Quen confirmed that the injury occurred while doing their ‘Silly String’ maneuver on the 12/2/22 episode of AEW Rampage.

Quen: Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett whooped our asses (is how I got injured)… Yes (it happened on the Silly String). But I like the, ‘Whooped our asses’ better… I tore my pec and I had to get a reconstructed pectoral tendon… you know, doctor words.

When it comes to getting back in the ring, Quen feels confident but does not know if he’s ready. He explained that it’s more of a fear of the unknown mindset as it relates to him being unsure if he’s ready to go. 

Quen: I feel great. Ready, back in action. Am I ready to get back in the ring? Of course. Of course I’m ready to get back in the ring… So about that, am I confident? Yes. Am I ready? I don’t know because everything is just like, you know… I don’t know who I’m facing, I don’t know what it is so all the nerves and all that other stuff is gonna come into play. You’re gonna get blown up just because of not knowing what I’m gonna do and if I don’t get blown up, that means I didn’t do enough.

The duo named one of their 2024 goals and that is to improve with their promos. Both admitted that they’re aware it is a weakness in their overall game as a team. 

Quen: What fired me up was that when you said, ‘Let’s not overtalk and expose ourselves,’ and that’s what made me think like, this is a big weakness of ours. I was like, why not make it a strength? 2024, Private Party, like, promo it up. 

Kassidy: I’m down. 

Quen: That’s a goal. 

Kassidy: That’s actually a really good goal. I’m definitely down. 

Quen and Kassidy have been a part of All Elite Wrestling since the launch in 2019

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