Tony Khan offered to cover Private Party’s college tuitions if they maintained 3.0 GPA

Photo Courtesy: All Elite Wrestling

A gesture from Khan that Private Party appreciated. 

The newest video on Isiah Kassidy’s YouTube channel was of him and his tag team partner Marq Quen speaking about their in-ring careers. 

When the duo began speaking about their time in All Elite Wrestling, they mentioned that company President Tony Khan once presented them with an offer to cover their college tuitions, but they had to maintain a 3.0 GPA. Both Quen and Kassidy explained why they turned the offer down. 

Quen: Do you remember when Tony (Khan) asked us if we wanted to go to school? He would cover it. But we had to keep a grade like higher than B, and we just looked at him like… 

Kassidy: So quick fact. This is how great of a man Tony Khan is and I don’t think I’ve ever told this story but, he offered to pay for Quen and I’s college if we kept I think a 3.0. 

Quen: That’s a B, right? Is it a B? 

Kassidy: I think so. But knowing me, I was young and dumb. I’m like, ‘Eh, I don’t wanna do college.’

Quen: I wasn’t. I was just like, ‘Pshhh.’ 

Kassidy: I already tried college. I tried college and if I didn’t try it, I would have probably tried it at that time but I already tried college and I figured out it wasn’t for me. I’m being honest with you. College is not for everybody… I know it’s a beautiful opportunity that a lot of people wouldn’t have passed on. However, I just thought it was really kind and it was a really dope thing to do by Tony Khan. But, we didn’t take the opportunity. 

Private Party have been a part of AEW since 2019. After Quen recovered from his torn pec injury, the duo reunited on the January 3rd, 2024 episode of Dynamite

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