Gringo Loco: “I think Tony Khan likes me, I think he’s waiting on the right moment to tell me or to offer me a deal”

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Gringo Loco was asked about his status with AEW/ROH. 

In addition to his independent dates, throughout 2023, Gringo Loco competed for Ring of Honor and had a match on an episode of AEW Rampage. 

He was present for the ROH taping on 1/20 and had a Proving Ground match for the ROH World Tag Team Titles. SO CATCH by Hal 2 conducted an interview with Gringo Loco and asked him about his status with AEW/ROH. He feels company President Tony Khan likes him and could be waiting on the right moment to offer him a deal. 

So, according to the internet, I’ve already signed a deal (with Ring of Honor). If you listen to the dirt sheets, I’m a signed wrestler making the big bucks. I think we just have to see where that goes in the future. That night that I debuted for Ring of Honor was a very magical night, it was straight out of a movie. I think that — I mean, getting that picture with Tony Khan raising my hand, everybody in that locker room was like, ‘That does not happen often. You should cherish that.’ So I think that Tony Khan likes me, I think he’s waiting on the right moment to tell me or to offer me a deal and I think that when that day comes, I’m gonna have a decision to make because that’s a big leap into a big company with a lot of elite wrestlers if you will so, I think that I am at their level. I just have to mentally accept that I’m gonna be All Elite or Ring of Honor and just kind of go for it which is what I’ve done my entire career so, we just have to wait and cross that bridge until it happens.

Gringo Loco is a regular for Game Changer Wrestling. He also serves as a liaison between the promotion and luchadors that GCW owner Brett Lauderdale is looking to bring in. Loco spoke about that role: 

I think early on, somehow, Brett realized that I had this innate ability to connect dots, people and kind of fix situations that were kind of difficult to kind of confront head on. One of them being we need a way to facilitate these luchadors into GCW easily and I said, ‘Well I’m fluent in Spanish, I have all the connects. Let’s do this’ and from that day on, I think I’ve become pretty much the liaison and the messenger for all lucha libre talent in GCW. They all have to pass through me. I know exactly what everybody’s doing, who pairs with who. It really is an innate ability that I have to make the best match possible which is what Brett Lauderdale wants in his company anyway. So, it’s just a perfect pairing. I’ve wanted to travel like this my entire career and he’s always wanted all of these talents in his company and I’m the one to facilitate all the deals so, as soon as, for example, Dorada, Máscara Dorada was released, he was like, ‘Can you get him?’ And I’m like, ‘I have him in my phone right now.’ I was in his class when all of us didn’t have a name 15 years ago in CMLL. ‘I have him in my phone. Let me see what I can do.’ His first indie date was for GCW which is a lot of these guys: Komander, first indie date in the States, GCW. First indie date for Hijo del Vikingo, GCW. Brett Lauderdale is on the cusp of everything that happens for the first time and I think it’s great. I’m glad to be a part of it.

The 24-year veteran was in action at GCW No Compadre where he went one-on-one with Mustafa Ali. The two talents shared the ring again at Demand Lucha’s 1/18 show.

If the quotes in this article are used, please credit SO CATCH by Hal 2 with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.

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