Janel Grant’s attorney speaks: “She literally felt caged and imprisoned by Vince McMahon.”

Image Courtesy: Law & Crime Network

The lawyer for Janel Grant has given an interview to the Law & Crime Network.

Ann Callis said that her client had felt “caged and imprisoned by Vince McMahon,” describing an abuser-victim dynamic known as “trauma bonding.”

On Thursday, Ms Grant filed a lawsuit against McMahon, John Laurinaitis and WWE alleging sex trafficking, sexual assault and emotional abuse.

During the 14-minute interview with host Angenette Levy, Ms Callis said that she and Ms Grant believed that there were other victims out there, and that, by coming forward, Ms Grant hoped that others would find the courage to do so too.

Ms Callis described Ms Grant as still trying to process what had happened to her, and said that the healing process would be a long one.

At the close of the discussion, Ms Callis read out a statement from Ms Grant:

She hopes any doors of secrecy have been blown off their hinges and that fresh air fills the headquarters. And she hopes those at the company, past and present, who fear speaking out about harm is a thing of the past. She wishes everyone peace.

The interview is available in full on YouTube:

Vince McMahon has denied the allegations.

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