Cinta de Oro recalls Sin Cara mask vs. mask match in WWE, Arn Anderson saying the ‘wrong Sin Cara’ was unmasked

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Arn Anderson told Cinta that he tried as hard as he could to speak up.

Back in 2011, WWE presented a program between two Sin Cara characters that were portrayed by Cinta de Oro and Místico respectively. de Oro was positioned as the heel and began sporting dark attire. He was referred to as ‘Sin Cara Negro’. 

Their program came to a close when there was a mask versus mask match that took place and Místico emerged victorious. While on Sportskeeda WrestleBinge, de Oro shared that Arn Anderson tried his best to ensure that he did not unmask. He stated that Anderson’s exact words were that the wrong Sin Cara lost his mask. 

He (Místico) came back and then I became the heel Sin Cara, the black Sin Cara when we started the feud throughout live events and doing certain things and it culminated in November of 2011 in Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City. We had television, we had a SmackDown television there so… I remember there was a big meeting. They were trying to decide what was gonna happen in that match, right? Between him and me. If he was gonna stay with the name or I was gonna stay with the name or what was gonna happen and I just remember Arn Anderson, who was always very great to me, he told me, ‘I tried as much as I could. I’m sorry’ and I didn’t really understand what he was saying, right? In that moment. But then when they told me what was gonna happen, then I knew that he told them that they took the mask off the wrong person, the wrong Sin Cara. So, those were his exact words and to me, it made me feel great. I was very sad in that sense because I was gonna lose something that I really appreciated; the mask but I understood it was business.

Later in the conversation, he looked back at his exit from WWE in late 2019. He explained why he feels the ‘system’ was rotten. de Oro mentioned that he came to the realization that many people are only out for themselves. He claims that none of the leaders in the locker room checked on him to see where his head was at when he got to that endpoint. 

I spoke with a lot of people before I put out my release, right? It wasn’t something that I decided, the next day, I’m gonna leave and that’s it. It wasn’t like that. It was I thought about it for over a year. I spoke with a lot of people, I spoke with a lot of the writers. Michaels Hayes, I spoke with… Paul Heyman. A lot of the people before I made my decision but they would always throw the ball to each other, ‘Oh, you gotta talk to him. You gotta talk to him here’ and you gotta, ‘Here, that’ and it was very tough for me to be able to understand a lot of the things that were going on so… I remember when I did my release on social media and then in Mexico in media, it was in Vienna, Austria, 7 PM, November 11th if I’m not mistaken. That was 2019 and I remember a lot of the guys, they came up to me and they asked me, ‘Are you okay? Are you okay?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m fine.’ But none, not even the so-called leaders came up to me and told me, hey, are you okay? How can we help you? How can we go make this better for you? Let’s go talk to the boss or this or that, you know? I felt like I was alone really. Everybody’s just for themselves and you realize that it’s very true unfortunately… Exactly (I felt like I was just another number) and it was very hard for me to understand that because we had some so-called leaders in the locker room and not even one of them came up to me to ask me how I felt and what we could do so, I was like, okay, I guess it is time for me to leave…

Throughout his decade with WWE, de Oro was able to win the NXT Tag Team Championships with Samuray Del Sol. In addition to the Sin Cara character, he played the role of Hunico.

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