RevPro owner Andy Quildan shares that it was Tony Khan’s idea for Orange Cassidy to compete at High Stakes 2024

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Big shows for RevPro are confirmed for the summer of 2024. 

On February 18th, Revolution Pro Wrestling presented their High Stakes 2024 event that was headlined by an Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship match between the champion Michael Oku and challenger, Will Ospreay.

The bout was billed as Ospreay’s final independent match as he is now contracted to AEW on a full-time basis. There was additional AEW representation on the show as then-International Champion Orange Cassidy made a surprise appearance and successfully defended the title. 

RevPro owner Andy Quildan told the Hitting The Turnbuckle Podcast that Cassidy’s involvement with the show came together two days prior. He added that it was Tony Khan’s idea. Quildan then dove into his friendship and business relationship with Khan and called him a breath of fresh air in the wrestling industry. 

So, I got a call from Tony (Khan) on maybe the Friday night (about Orange Cassidy appearing at RevPro High Stakes). Without going into too much detail… but yeah, and things came together pretty quickly following that. But, it was Tony’s idea to have some involvement on the show and Tony’s someone I respect a lot, someone I consider a friend and someone who, prior to AEW, attended Revolution Pro Wrestling events and yeah, he’s almost like a breath of fresh air in the industry of professional wrestling. So many times you get people who want to keep everything for themselves, don’t see the benefit of the people around them growing and don’t have any interest so they will shake your hand with one hand and stab you in the back with the other… It’s been more documented without having to name names. Throughout the years, the stories of wrestling promotions working with other wrestling promotions, but it’s always when it suits one person and I’ve been a big advocate for forever and anytime people ask me the question about, ‘Will you work with so and so? Will you work with so and so?’ The answer is always the same. I will work with literally anyone when it makes good business sense but not just for myself but for both sides. It’s got to make sense for both parties and I believe very strongly that despite the fact that look, let’s make no bones about it, we’re a very small independent professional wrestling company but, we treat ourselves very seriously, we take our wrestling very seriously and we believe the quality of product that we are delivering is equal to any product in the world… What I can say about Tony Khan is Tony Khan’s a wrestling fan. It makes me laugh when people criticize him and you know, look, everyone’s got a right to an opinion and by all means, you can criticize the product but to criticize his intentions, it makes me laugh because ultimately, he’s a wrestling fan like everyone one of us and he can respect what other wrestling products do and what other wrestling products bring to the table.

He went on to confirm two RevPro events for the month of August 2024. He stated that they’ll be running their anniversary event during AEW All In weekend in London. Quildan added that at the end of August, they’ll be running a show in Berlin, Germany. WWE is presenting their Bash in Berlin Premium Live Event on August 31st. 

I think you can see how enthusiastic I am about the (RevPro) brand. I think you can feel how much I believe in this brand because I well and truly, absolutely believe in this brand. We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff on the horizon. Big anniversary show, All In weekend, which is our opportunity to show off to the wrestling world. We’ve got lots of new areas we’re gonna be venturing to before the end of the year. We’re gonna be in Manchester, we’re gonna be somewhere else up north which we’ll kind of hopefully reveal very soon. We’re going into Barcelona in April, we’re going to Berlin, end of August…

Coming up for RevPro are events on 3/17 and 3/31 which will feature the likes of TNA’s Leon Slater, Anthony Ogogo and in May, they’ll be working with CMLL to present Fantasticamania UK. 

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