STARDOM confirms Giulia, Utami Hayashishita, Mai Sakurai, MIRAI & Yuzuki will be departing the promotion

Photo Courtesy: World Wonder Ring STARDOM


STARDOM confirmed that Giulia, Utami Hayashishita, MIRAI, Mai Sakurai and Yuzuki are all departing the promotion. Hayashishita and Giulia are going to be with STARDOM through the remaining month of March and their final date will be on April 12th at Korakuen Hall. 

As for MIRAI, Sakurai and Yuzuki, they’ll be finishing up on March 31st.


Forthcoming exits from STARDOM, per report. 

There’s a report on the Tokyo Sports website which notes that come the end of March 2024, Utami Hayashishita, MIRAI, Mai Sakurai and Yuzuki are going to be departing STARDOM. The article notes that those four names in addition to Giulia are on their way out of the promotion. 

A source relayed to the outlet that Hayashishita, who is one-half of the Goddess of Stardom Champions, has been saying that she wanted to change her environment and start fresh.

After STARDOM co-founder Rossy Ogawa was let go from the promotion, he shared in an interview that he intended to launch his own organization. 

STARDOM President Taro Okada revealed that several talents expressed their intentions to leave STARDOM or they were considering it.

The promotion has yet to release any formal statements or press releases about the matter at hand. They have their American Dream show scheduled for April 4th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Guilia, Hayashishita, MIRAI, Mai Sakurai nor Yuzuki are scheduled for that show.

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