WWE Tough Enough winner Josh Bredl details life-saving surgery he underwent

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Bredl is open to the idea of returning to the ring. 

Back in 2015, Josh Bredl was a co-winner of WWE Tough Enough season six. He went on to join the WWE roster but his time with the company came to an end in November 2017. 

He was interviewed for a new edition of Developmentally Speaking and Bredl revealed that he underwent surgery that was life-saving. 

I ended up having this life-saving surgery. I had to get an exploratory laparotomy. One day, I ended up going to the hospital. I was feeling crazy for weeks so I went to the hospital, stomach was killing me, they sent me home. Two days later, I could barely walk. I’m like, The Yeti’s about to die, and so I headed back to the hospital. They’re like, ‘You’re septic.’ They cut me open, they cut my horse belly open. Big zipper, boom and they saved my life and then I was in the hospital for like 15 days and then after that, like, huge awakening again. Another awakening and I’ve been vegan since then…

The last time Bredl wrestled was in the summer of 2016. He stated that he’s open to the idea of returning to the ring if the right offer comes along. Bredl added that he does not want to bump for no reason as he did that enough as a part of Tough Enough. 

I’ll be happy to wrestle again, but it would have to be worth it. I think a lot of things that happened with Tough Enough people too, that transition whether you’re on the show. You see Mandy (Rose) and Daria (Sonya Deville) and all them, they went and had super successful careers. They didn’t win, but the thing is during our time of our beginnings through Tough Enough and the Matt Bloom — getting whipped by Matt Bloom in that weird little NXT era, they depreciate our bodies heavily for no reason. It’s like for their own ego for a little while and then, that’s sad because all those people who have those careers now or they’re careers are over, you expedite like a 10-year period out, which is nuts, and now, it’s like you get in there, preservation is key, from the jump and I respect that, I don’t envy that. I’m glad, I’m happy to hear that but there was a long time — even Enzo Amore, his whole entry way, it was even before mine, it was even more gruesome, way more blue-collar if even blue-collar. They would show up in the morning with a styrofoam cup of coffee and take bumps for some asshole guy. I’m not even aware what his name is anymore but it was like a guy… predecessor of Matt Bloom that just used to run guys in and out. Had a career trying to make people’s life hell, and not on some, cool, oh, it’s a football guy, football coach that’s hard. This guy’s a literal psychopath with changing people’s lives. Pretty couple interesting silent little eras that happened and I was blessed to dive in, get a huge umbrella spectrum view of it all…

At this point, I would still like to make a comeback and in some sort… I will bump and take some wild sh*t if it matters but I’m not just gonna go bump for nobody bro. I punched my bump card way too much just in Tough Enough alone, for nobody. There ain’t no way I’m about to do that sh*t (for) some nobody. That’s just sad. I mean, that’s not arrogant. It’s just, I respect myself. But, that’s the vibe. I would definitely do it. If I had a promotion hit me up and was like, ‘Hey, we’ll fly you out, we’ll pay for your room and we’ll give you this check’, I’m there. I’ll do it but also, I wanna know — I hope I have some sort of lifeline, because that’s the thing too. You hear guys locally, friends that were high school football stars, played college maybe, they finally decide to pick it up again and go play some flag football. They tear a pec, blow out their knee. It’s like, bro, that’s not worth it. You’re not even getting a check and now all of a sudden, you gotta pay insurance, whatever… nah bro. You gotta protect yourself. 

The fellow co-winner of Tough Enough 2015 was Sara Lee. She passed away in the fall of 2022 at 30 years old. 

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