Anthony Henry, Jose the Assistant & Slim J react to AEW releases

Photo Courtesy: AEW

All three talents react to their exit(s) from AEW. 

As reported by Fightful and PWInsider, there were 10 names released from the AEW talent roster on Monday. Those names are: Anthony Henry, The Boys (Brandon Tate & Brent Tate), Stu Grayson, Dasha Kuret, Gravity, Parker Boudreaux, Slim J, Jose the Assistant and Jora Johl. 

Both Jose and Slim J reacted to their releases on X. Jose posted a tweet of an hourglass emoji and attached to it was a video of Cody Rhodes saying his, ‘What do you guys wanna talk about?’ line. 

Slim J went on to release the following statement

I’m grateful for the opportunity to have worked for AEW. Unfortunately yesterday was no April fools joke. I appreciate @AriyaDaivari for always bringing my name up and believing in me. @CapriceColeman you always put me over. As did @WilliamBehrens Thank you

Thank you to the fans that supported me. My gimmick was trash. I get that. I knew that. My work wasn’t though. I worked my shoot job through both contracts with AEW. My role there was to act rich. I’ve always been far from that in real life. Promise that.

All I wanted to do once I was signed. Was to get my wife and daughter out of the shit hole we live in. They’re my everything by far.i failed. Does it mean I quit. Not at all. Mouths to feed and I’m broke asf. So I’m looking for a second, second job. Stop sleeping on me.

Anthony Henry, who is sidelined with a fractured jaw, posted the following

The amount of support I am receiving during this very difficult time is amazing, and I appreciate all of it.

I don’t know what is next for me. I don’t know if wrestling is something I still want to pursue. I am devastated.

Regarsless, I am always a #workhorsemen

AEW is scheduled to present their next episode of Dynamite on 4/3 and they’ll be taping Collision on that same night. 

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