Drew Gulak responds to Ronda Rousey, says he ‘accidentally’ touched her drawstring during 2022 encounter

Photo Credit: WWE

Drew Gulak has responded to Ronda Rousey’s comment about him grabbing the string of her sweatpants during a brief encounter, claiming that it was an “accident.”

During an appearance on NewsNation on Tuesday night, Rousey claimed that Gulak had grabbed the string on her sweatpants while she walked by him in a hallway one time.

Rousey said that “nobody else” reacted when Gulak grabbed her sweatpants string and used the incident as an example of how prevalent the mistreatment of women in WWE is.

Gulak has since issued a statement on social media regarding the incident. The WWE wrestler and trainer admitted that he had touched the “drawstring” on Rousey’s pants once, but claimed it was an accident that he had apologized for.

“Backstage at a WWE event in 2022, I saw Ronda talking with a group in the hallway,” Gulak said on social media. “I stopped to say hi and shake all their hands, and in an attempt to shake her hand, I accidentally touched her drawstring. Complete accident, and one that I had apologized to her for the mishap.”

Gulak has been on the WWE roster as an active wrestler since 2016 and also works as a trainer for the company.

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