Ronda Rousey feels there’s more skeletons in Vince McMahon’s closet, won’t hear about them unless he ‘misses some more payments’

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The allegations against Vince McMahon are further addressed by Rousey. 

There’s a new interview with Ronda Rousey that was conducted by NewsNation’s Brian Entin. She further spoke about Janel Grant’s sex trafficking lawsuit against Vince McMahon and WWE. 

Rousey expressed her feeling that there’s more skeletons in McMahon’s closet but those will not come out unless McMahon continues missing N.D.A. payments. 

I mean, not that I know of (Rousey said in response to if she knows if there could be more women coming forward with allegations against Vince McMahon and/or WWE). I just know Janel Grant only came forward because Vince McMahon didn’t pay out the full hush money payment. It was like 3 million dollars that she was promised for signing an N.D.A. or whatever, buying her silence and the only reason it got discovered was that he paid her off one million dollars with the company’s money and it wasn’t even his money and then they discovered 17 million dollars of other hush money payments that he paid to other women who aren’t gonna say anything because, you know, they got paid and they signed not to so, there’s definitely a lot more skeletons in that closet but I don’t know if we’re gonna hear about anymore unless Vince misses some more payments or uses some more company money to pay off these women.

In this same interview, Rousey accused current WWE talent Drew Gulak of grabbing the strings of her sweatpants backstage. Gulak responded to Rousey’s accusation. To read more, click here

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