Joey Janela’s Spring Break 8 Results: Blake Christian vs. Joey Janela

Photo Courtesy: GCW

Joey Janela Spring Break 8

Minoru Suzuki & Masato Tanaka vs. Masha Slamovich & Rina Yamashita

Rina and Tanaka started the match. Rina grabbed a side headlock and took Tanaka down with a shoulder block. Masha and Suzuki were up next; they traded forearms in the center of the ring. Suzuki won the exchange with a vicious left elbow. Rina intervened to save her partner, and the fight spilled to the floor. Tanaka sent Masha into the first row and hit her on the head with a water bottle. Suzuki stomped away on Masha in the corner while Tanaka delivered repeated chops. Masha was rocked with a right hand and repeated boots in the corner. Suzuki continued to isolate Masha with various submission holds to further wear her down. Rina attempted to make the save, but Tanaka leveled her with an elbow. Masha fired away with an elbow followed by a suplex. She crawled to the corner and made the tag to Rina. Rina booted Suzuki in the face and hit him with a forearm. She then traded forearm shots with Suzuki, performing her matrix spot, but Suzuki grabbed her fingers and snapped them. Tanaka leveled Rina with a forearm and a superplex, but Rina fought back and hit one of her own followed by a dead-eye right on the back of Tanaka’s head. Masha tagged in and hit Tanaka with repeated running boots and a wheel kick. She went for the shining wizard, but Suzuki kicked her in the back. Masha and Rina executed a double powerbomb on Tanaka, but he kicked out at one. Masha set up a door in the corner and went for the razor’s edge, but Tanaka escaped. Masha booted Suzuki in the face and attempted an air raid crash, but Tanaka countered and duplexed her through the door. Masha kicked out at one but was met with another brutal forearm. Tanaka attempted a shining wizard, but Masha rolled through and secured the leverage pin.

Masha Slamovich and Rina Yamashita Defeated Masato Tanaka and Minoru Suzuki

Ricky Morton, Robert Gibson & Kerry Morton vs. Nick Wayne, Jordan Oliver & Mike Bailey

Kerry attempted to ambush East from behind, but they no-sold it and executed various tandem moves on Kerry, nearly securing a fall. Wayne came off the ropes with an axe handle on Kerry, while Ricky and Nick squared off. Wayne took Morton off his feet with a shoulder tackle; he attempted another one, but Kerry kneed him in the back. Kerry gutted Wayne with a slingshot suplex and tried to secure the leverage pin with his feet in the ropes, but the referee caught him. This gave Wayne the opening to tag in Bailey, who struck Kerry with a brutal shot across the chest and a superkick for a near fall. East and West attempted their double cutter, but Kerry knocked the referee into the ropes. Ricky executed a destroyer on Wayne followed by a tope to the floor. The Mortons delivered a double dropkick on East and West, but they responded with a double cutter for the victory.

East West Express and Mike Bailey Defeats the Rock and Roll Express and Kerry Morton

Dragon Kid, Kzy & YAMATO vs. Ben-K, Kota Minoura & Shun Skywalker

Kota and YAMATO kicked off the match with a wrist lock exchange that transitioned into some chain wrestling. Each wrestler managed to break free from the other’s holds, leading to a stalemate. Ben and Kzy were up next. Kzy worked to escape a wrist lock but was swiftly kicked in the face. Dragon and Shun locked up, with Shun using his size and strength to his advantage. Shun halted a rana attempt and chopped Dragon across the chest, but he quickly received a chin breaker from Dragon. Kota tossed Dragon around and tagged in Shun, who continued to assault Dragon. They targeted Dragon with a single-leg crab, but Dragon broke free and attempted some chops, which didn’t have much impact. YAMATO sparked a hot tag and ran wild as Kzy took everyone out with a dive to the floor. YAMATO was thrown with an overhead suplex, but he quickly recovered and delivered a brutal kick to Ben K’s face, followed by a leaping uppercut. Kzy executed a big splash off the top rope, but Shun cut him off and hit him with a variation of the falcon arrow. Shun and Kzy exchanged forearms before Shun turned Kzy inside out with a spear. YAMATO booted Ben K in the face, and Dragon finished with a crucifix bomb for the victory.

Dragon Kid, Kzy & YAMATO Defeated Ben-K, Kota Minoura & Shun Skywalker

Grab the Brass Ring Ladder Match: Cole Radrick vs. Myron Reed vs. Arez vs. Aigle Blanc vs. Mr. Danger vs. Leon Slater vs. Marcus Mathers vs. Alec Price

They all began brawling on the floor, slamming each other into the various ladders around the ring. Cole brought some chairs into the ring, where he and Blanc dueled with them. Mathers took a chair to the face, while Mr. Danger assisted Reed with a ladder leg drop. Leon Slater delivered a massive crossbody to the floor, and Arez brought him back into the ring, slamming him with a splash onto the ladder. Blanc received a straight jacket suplex followed by a leaping lariat from Price, who then executed the Terry Funk spot with the ladder. Microman intervened, disrupting the match with his antics, performing the Funk spot with a small ladder due to his small stature. Mathers briefly beat up Microman before being sent into the corner with a dropkick. Price ended the interference with a kick to the face and attempted to climb the ladder, but Arez cut him off with a step-up cutter. Radrick sent Arez through a chair in the corner with an air raid crash. Mathers hit Danger with a 450 on the ladder, followed by Slater’s moonsault 450. Mathers then spiked Leon with a destroyer. Marcus started climbing the ladder, but Reed intervened, hitting him with a flatliner. Price sent Reed headfirst into a ladder propped up in the corner, then followed it up with a Shelton Benjamin dive off the ladder into the pile on the floor. Reed delivered a running tope cutter from the ring to Slater, who was on a ladder on the floor. Danger and Reed climbed to the top of a ladder on the floor; Danger pushed Reed off and executed a massive moonsault from the top of the ladder onto everyone on the floor. Cole and Danger battled beneath the brass ring on a ladder, exchanging blows. Cole knocked Danger off the ladder and grabbed the brass ring.

Cole Radrick Grabbed the Brass Ring

Matt Cardona with Deathmatch Royalty vs. Blue Kane 

Kane attempted a chokeslam, but Cardona bailed to the floor. Matt started punching Kane, but he absorbed a big blow and managed to evade the chokeslam. Blue Kane knocked Jimmy and SDL into each other as he and Cardona brawled on the stage. Blue Kane placed Cardona in a wheelchair; this time, Jimmy Lloyd saved Matt but ended up taking the wheelchair bump instead. Kane worked over Cardona with a series of chair shots to his back and went to the top rope, but SDL distracted him, giving them both the opening to hit him with a broski boot. Cardona grabbed an urn but used it to strike SDL instead. Kane executed a side slam followed by a top rope clothesline and a chokeslam. A fake Zack Ryder emerged to assist in the beatdown of Kane, but Kane turned the tables and delivered a double chokeslam to them and one to SDL for good measure. Jimmy returned to the ring wearing a neck brace and hit Kane with a fireball. Cardona then hit the Sack Ryder for the victory.

Matt Cardona Defeated Blue Kane

Gringo Loco vs. Amazing Red 

They began with a wrist lock exchange; Red managed to escape using his quickness, as did Gringo when Red attempted the same. They traded pinfall attempts before eventually wrestling to a stalemate. Gringo booted Red in the stomach but was quickly taken off his feet and onto the floor with a rana, followed by a big tope on the other side of the ring. Red nailed Loco in the head with a dropkick for a close near fall. Gringo executed a military press on Red followed by a moonsault for another close near fall. Red responded with two Ranas that ended with DDTs, but it still wasn’t enough to put Gringo away. Gringo fired back with a base bomb, but Red kicked out at the last second. They battled on the top rope; Red came off the top with a big flatliner for another near fall. Red charged at Gringo, but Gringo was ready and tossed Red over his head into the turnbuckle, hitting a double jump destroyer for another close near fall. Red executed a Code Red and went to the top rope, but Gringo stopped his progress and hit him with a Spanish fly for another close near fall. They climbed to the top rope and battled for a little while before Red countered with a top rope poisonrana followed by a stomp and another Code Red for the victory.

Amazing Red Defeated Gringo Loco

I Quit Match: EFFY vs. Mance Warner

Mance started punching away at EFFY and began working over his arm. EFFY ducked a running knee and gutted Mance with repeated buff boots in the corner, followed by a flatliner. EFFY threw a couple of doors into the ring along with some chairs. Effy set up a door in the corner and beat Mance across the back with a steel chair. Mance fired up and gave EFFY a spine buster on a chair, followed by a diving DDT through the door in the corner. Mance swung chairs so hard. He was launched through a door in the corner and stomped on his head before delivering a piledriver on a pile of chairs. Mance resorted to a desperation powerbomb and took the ref’s belt, then started beating EFFY with it. EFFY turned the tables, punching Mance in the face with the belt and whipping him as well. EFFY began choking Mance with the belt on the top rope. Mance fired up and sent EFFY through the door, but EFFY still refused to give up. EFFY hit Mance with a blockbuster on the apron, and he too refused to give up. Mance chokeslammed EFFY off the apron through a door on the floor but continued fighting. They started beating each other over the head with broken pieces of doors. They stood face to face in the center of the ring and traded punches, each landing low blows and headbutts. Mance grabbed a screwdriver and repeatedly spiked EFFY in the head with it, busting him open. Mance grabbed zip ties and secured EFFY to the top rope, repeatedly attacking him. Katch came to the ring with a drill to try and save her partner but received a Sabu instead. Mance threatened to use the drill on Katch unless EFFY quit. EFFY begged Mance to leave her alone, and Mance held the drill up to her temple until EFFY quit.

Mance Warner Defeated EFFY

Nick Gage & Maki Itoh vs. Danhausen & Ram Kaicho

Hausen and Maki started the match off. Dan grabbed a headlock and stomped on her, which made her cry. Maki tried to hit Dan with a Kokeshi for a near fall. Ram kicked Maki in the gut and misted her in the eyes. They performed a voodoo spot, which was deemed stupid. Maki hit her ten punches in the corner on Ram, followed by a face wash for a close near fall. Gage tagged himself in and absolutely destroyed Ram in a brutal and hilarious fashion. Dan hit Gage with a series of punches and a shoulder block. Gage sent Dan into the ring post and suplexed him onto the floor. Gage set up a door in the corner as Maki hit Dan with a DDT. Gage grabbed the pizza cutter from his pocket and swung wildly, only to get drilled by Ram through the door. Dan grabbed the cutter and started to work over Maki with the blade. Dan grabbed the teeth, poured them into Maki’s mouth, and kicked her in the face, but Maki was still able to kick out. Gage speared Dan through a door in the corner, and then they each hit them with DDTs followed by Kokeshis for the victory.

Maki Death Kill defeated Danhausen and Ram

GCW World Championship: Blake Christian (c) (w/ Shane Mercer) vs. Joey Janela (w/ Missy Hyatt)

Blake backed Joey up into the corner. He allowed for the clean break, and Joey did the same, granting Blake the same opportunity. Blake took Janela down with a side headlock takeover. Joey fired up with a series of big lariats followed by a dropkick in the corner. Blake responded by spearing Janela on the apron. Janela slammed Blake in the head with a door, but Blake hit him with a door-assisted tope and stood on his neck in the corner. They traded forearm shots in the center of the ring. Blake fired up and took Janela off his feet with a big dropkick, then slowed down the pace with a front headlock. Blake sent Joey crashing to the floor, where Mercer slammed him repeatedly into the ring post. Blake missed a PK but connected with a Fameasser on the floor. Joey responded with a big lariat followed by running uppercuts in the corner into a brainbuster for a close near fall. Joey went for a package piledriver, but Blake turned it into an Alabama slam and a big back suplex. We’ve reached the point of the night where the fans are more concerned with getting themselves over rather than what’s happening in the ring. Janela caught Blake with a big lariat, but Blake responded with one of his own, dropping both men. They battled on the apron, with Janela spiking him with a DDT and hitting him across the back with a steel chair. Joey set up a door bridge on the floor but was caught with a suplex on the apron, but it still wasn’t enough to put him away. Joey fired up with a moonsault to the floor followed by a snap German suplex, a dragon rana, and a Death Valley Driver, but Blake again kicked out. Joey went to the top rope, and they slipped, but they still managed to execute a standing Spanish fly followed by a 450 from Blake for another near fall. Blake hit a Fosbury Flop onto Janela and went for a frog splash, but Joey got his knees up and hit him with a package piledriver for another near fall. Blake hit a big spin kick, but Joey caught him with a powerbomb. They each hit each other with superkicks as Blake kicked out at 2. Joey hit Blake across the back with a steel chair a couple of times. Blake hit Joey with a spinebuster on a chair followed by the curb stomp for another near fall. Mercer was going to put Missy through a door, but Janela saved her and sent Mercer crashing through a door on the floor. Joey stopped Blake’s momentum on the top rope and hit him with an overhead suplex through the door. Joey went to the top rope and hit Blake with a door-assisted double-foot stomp. They started trading forearms and palm strikes in the center of the ring. Missy turned on Janela, who ate the curb stomp and the pin.

Blake Christian retained the GCW World Championship

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