PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 166: Freedom Walks Again

PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 166: Freedom Walks Again

Leon Slater vs. Cody Chaum vs. Simon Miller Vs. Marcus Mathers vs. Gringo Loco vs. Tim Mavis vs. Lykos

Everyone attempted to beat up Mavis, but he cleared the ring, turned his back, and received an arena dropkick from Mathers, followed by a big crossbody that sent him to the floor. Gringo then hit Mathers with a military press, followed by a standing moonsault for the first near fall. Lykos and Gringo paired off, with Lykos taking Gringo out with a rana, allowing Slater to hit a crossbody to the floor. Mathers took everyone out with a moonsault to the floor but was quickly beaten down by Mavis. Miller stalked Mavis and hit him and everyone else with big spears. Leon momentarily stopped his momentum but was caught on the top rope by Gringo, who hit him with a Spanish fly. Cody fired up on Gringo with repeated punches and a DDT. Lykos returned and hit Cody with a destroyer. He and Mathers traded forearm shots, and Slater launched himself over the ring post and got a twisting dive on Mavis and Miller. Slater then hit his Swanton 450 on Gringo, but Mavis pulled him out of the ring before the three-count. Lykos finished off Cody with a brainbuster for the victory.

Lykos wins the Scramble Match

PROGRESS Atlas Championship: Ricky Knight Jr. (c) vs. YOICHI

They started with a stiff lockup, with neither man able to gain an advantage. Ichi attempted to take Knight off his feet with repeated shoulder blocks. Knight held on but eventually succumbed to YOICHI’s strength. Ichi was sent to the floor, where Knight took flight with a big tope followed by brutal chops. However, YOICHI fired up and hit the champ with a brutal side slam followed by a Vader bomb in the corner for a close near fall. Knight got back up to his feet and leveled YOICHI with a series of running dropkicks followed by a draping DDT for another near fall. YOICHI responded with a big lariat that dropped both men; they traded big chops, leaving YOICHI’s chest Danielson-level red with broken blood vessels. Knight hit YOICHI with a Razor’s Edge, but it still wasn’t enough to put the big man down. In a final attempt to win the match, YOICHI hit Knight with repeated splashes followed by an attempted diving headbutt, but he was caught with a cutter followed by a Muscle Buster, yet he still managed to kick out. The crowd chanted “You can’t beat him!” at Knight as he looked on in shock. Knight slapped YOICHI across the ear and hit him with a spinebuster, but YOICHI rolled to the ring apron, where he was chopped across the back followed by a brutal beau buster on the apron into a 450, but YOICHI KICKED OUT! The crowd erupted as YOICHI hit him with repeated lariats followed by his finisher to capture the PROGRESS Atlas Championship.

YOICHI is my new favorite wrestler

YOICHI is the new PROGRESS Atlas Championship

BUSSY Defeated Gene Munny & Session Moth Martina

Luke Jacobs vs. Spike Trivet

Jacobs leveled Spike with a vicious forearm followed by a shoulder block. They exchanged chops in the corner, leading to a side slam from Jacobs for a two-count. Spike turned the tables, delivering a Meteora to the floor, and a running uppercut back inside the ring. Spike continued to stomp away on Jacobs and then snapped his fingers, leading to a joint manipulation sequence that drew some decent reactions from the crowd. Luke was able to break free from the London Dungeon and hit Spike with a big uranagi in the corner followed by a brainbuster for a close near fall. Spike grabbed hold of the fingers again and headbutted Jacobs in the face into a shining wizard for another close near fall. Spike went to the top rope but was taken off by Jacobs. They exchanged forearms in the center of the ring. Jacobs hit Spike with a deadlift German, but Spike recovered and hit another meteora followed by a knee strike. However, Jacobs fired up and hit him with a DVD into a lariat for another near fall. He picked Spike back up and finished him off with a driver for the victory.

Luke Jacobs Defeated Spike Trivet

PROGRESS Women’s World Championship: Rhio (c) vs. Lana Austin

Rhio used his strength advantage to continually back Lana up into the corner. She took her off her feet with a dropkick followed by a Northern Lights suplex, sending Lana to the floor. Rhio then hit Lana with a big tope but was caught with a forearm and a suplex on the floor. Rhio followed up with a choke breaker, resulting in a near fall. Lana responded with a running knee to Rhio’s face and a suplex of her own for a close near fall on the champion. Rhio countered with a super kick followed by a lariat for a two-count. Rhio executed an overhead suplex in the corner, but Lana trapped her on the top rope and hit her with a powerbomb for a two count, followed by a discus forearm. Lana attempted a piledriver, but Rhio muscled her up and hit her with an air raid crash into a package piledriver to retain her championship.

Rhio retained the PROGRESS Women’s World Championship

PROGRESS Tag Team Championship: Cheeky Little Buggers (c) vs. The Sunshine Machine vs. SAnitY

Falcon started the match off with Mambo, engaging in some comedy spots around a fake telephone. Mambo hit Falcon with a big chop, but she responded with a knee lift. Crowley made the blind tag and took Mambo off his feet with a big crossbody. The champions made quick tags back and forth, isolating Mambo in their corner. The tide turned when TK entered the match and ran wild on Crowley with a series of power moves, followed by a flatliner for another two-count. Damo entered the match and tossed everyone around like rag dolls, while Tischer ran wild with uppercuts and overhead suplexes. Tischer nailed TK with a brainbuster, and Mambo slapped Damo across the face multiple times, allowing TK to come off the top rope with an elbow. SANITY executed their double team power moves on Mambo, isolating him in their corner. Falcon attempted to take Damo off his feet with a shoulder block, but it obviously didn’t work. Axel went to work on her joints and face, driving his elbow into her nose. Crowley got the hot tag and ran wild on everyone with a series of power moves, followed by a step-up dive to the floor. Sunshine Machine executed a wheelbarrow suplex on Falcon for a close near fall, while Mambo climbed on TK’s shoulders and launched himself into everyone on the outside. Crowley ate a double knee from Sunshine Machine, but Falcon fought back and hit them both with a DDT. She was stopped by Axel, who snapped her fingers and hit her with a Blue Thunder bomb. TK hit Crowley with an overhead suplex, but Damo broke up the pin and caved in Mambo’s chest with a big chop. Crowley was leveled with double boots from SANITY, followed by a DVD on the apron. TK hit Damo with a big shooting star press, but Damo powered out of it. Axel then hit his finisher on TK to win the PROGRESS World Tag Team Championships.

SANITY New PROGRESS World Tag Team Champions

PROGRESS World Championship: Kid Lykos (c) vs. Man Like DeReiss

Lykos went for a brainbuster early, but DeReiss countered with a lariat followed by a big shoulder tackle. Lykos tied DeReiss up in the ropes, but the hold was quickly broken, and Lykos dropkicked DeReiss to the floor, where he then hit him with a big crossbody. Lykos was caught with two repeated scoop slams followed by a dropkick in the corner for a close near fall. DeReiss started throwing big right hands and stomped away at the champion, but it still only garnered a two count. Lykos landed a head kick followed by repeated back suplexes into a standing twisting press for another close near fall. Lykos went for a brainbuster, but DeReiss stopped it and took Lykos off his feet with a big dropkick followed by a big German suplex. DeReiss was caught with a running knee strike. Lykos went for a super kick but was caught with a back elbow into the fish-out-of-water spot. DeReiss ended the sequence with a big cutter but didn’t have enough strength to attempt a cover. Lykos went for a Poisonrana, but DeReuss blocked it with a German and hit him with a dropkick for another close near fall. Lykos hit a brainbuster, but it still wasn’t enough to put the challenger away. Lykos was caught with two powerbombs followed by a 450, but still managed to kick out. Lykos hit one final brainbuster and a springboard dive to retain the World Championship.

Kid Lykos Retained the PROGRESS World Championship

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