Ronda Rousey thinks Ari Emanuel has to ‘completely clean house’ to remove Vince McMahon’s influence at WWE

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Rousey continues to speak candidly about McMahon. 

In Ronda Rousey’s media appearances in 2024, she has not minced words regarding her thoughts about former WWE CEO Vince McMahon and the culture she feels he established at the company. 

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett released a new episode of the podcast and the featured guest is Rousey. She expressed her opinion that Endeavor and TKO CEO Ari Emanuel will have to clean house to rid of Vince McMahon’s ‘cronies’ and influence. 

She added that she likes Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque and Stephanie McMahon, but feels Vince created a ‘fundamentally sick environment’. 

Well I mean, supposedly, he’s out now because they caught him paying company funds so he can sh*t on some girl’s head in the office and do a threesome with Johnny Laurinaitis. But, his cronies are still there and so when that stuff started coming out and Vince (McMahon) was gone, before, he was still basically just calling it in and running the company. But yeah, Bruce Prichard who’s there now who is still like the Head of Creative or whatever title they gave him is basically just taking orders from Vince and still running the company through him and so, when Vince resigned formally because of all these sexual allegations and stuff that were coming out, he was still running the company informally and I think he still is to this day… I mean, depends on who (you ask me about & if I’ll have nice things to say about them or not). The girls in the locker room, I absolutely love them. I mean, Steph (McMahon) and Triple H, I think they’re honestly doing their best but I mean, I think that Vince McMahon just created a fundamentally sick environment and I think if Ari Emanuel, who bought it out from W.M.E. is gonna be able to actually make this multi-billion dollar dysfunctional organization into one that functions, he’s got to clean out all of Vince’s cronies. He’s gotta completely clean house and remove Vince’s influence completely. But, no one’s asking me (she laughed). But that’s just what I experienced when Vince was gone. He was still running the show through people that he’d hired in the past. Bruce Prichard being number one of them… Yeah (Prichard is still there). John Laurinaitis took… he got cut loose because he was named specifically in the scandal but yeah, Bruce Prichard — literally, I never heard him say a single one of his own opinions. He’d only say that, ‘Vince says this, Vince says that, Vince says this, Vince says this, Vince, Vince, Vince, Vince, Vince, Vince.’ So he’s literally just like, you know, I called him Vince’s avatar. That’s basically what he is.

Further looking back at her time with WWE, Rousey said they made sure to make talents feel expendable. 

You would think it wouldn’t be an absolute clusterf*ck sh*t show and you would be wrong… And it’s so needlessly dangerous. A lot of times, people can’t rehearse, things would change last-minute. A lot of times, you see them performing, they’ve only talked about it and they’re doing it for the first time so a lot of these injuries happen because people just weren’t able to rehearse and the company doesn’t give a sh*t because we’re all expendable to them… Yes (I felt expendable to WWE). Yeah. I think we all did. They made sure to make us feel that way.

Rousey accused current WWE NXT talent Drew Gulak of grabbing the string of her sweatpants in March 2022. Gulak responded to the accusation on X

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