Vix Crow (Alicia Fox) details how in-ring return against Mickie James came to be

The in-ring return of Alicia Fox. 

It had been a full two years since Vix Crow (Alicia Fox) wrestled. Her in-ring return took place in Australia against Mickie James at James and Oceania Pro Wrestling’s H.E.R. event. 

Prior to the April 12th bout, the last time Crow wrestled in a sanctioned match was the 2022 WWE women’s Royal Rumble. Going into the match, Crow sat down with D.S. Shin of Ring The Belle and detailed how her in-ring return came to be. 

Oh jeez, every time I talk about wrestling, I get a little blushy but with this situation, Mickie (James) is so funny, right? She’s hilarious and it started with a couple of texts, like a little drip, drip text and it was very subtle and then one day, we had a conversation. I think she just asked me, ‘You’re done with wrestling?’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, am I done with wrestling?’ It’s like, ‘Well I don’t know. I just wanna get in the ring and knock off some ring rust’ and so we kind of started talking and talking and talking and then she asked if she could book me for Australia… And then it started to slowly come back in that it’s gonna be her show, her promotion and I was so forever proud of her and then I just started to feel like, oh my God, this is actually my time to shine. I know, it sounds so weird to say that. I don’t wanna sound cocky.

But I think I was just honestly kind of frightened. I was frightened, you know? Because I was kind of frightened it might be like before, in that I just couldn’t stomach that. 

In 2023, Crow’s 17-year run with WWE came to an end. Her contract expired in April of that year

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