AEW Rampage results: Kyle O’Reilly beats The Undisputed Kingdom, RVD wins 4/20-themed match

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While AEW’s Rampage show is usually booked for late Friday nights, the NBA playoffs pushed the program to Saturday evening this time around. Following a two-hour presentation of Collision, this week’s Rampage provided the final AEW show before Sunday’s pay-per-view event. Here’s what took place.

RVD wins 4/20 high-flyer match

Rampage started with Jon Moxley talking about his upcoming IWGP World Heavyweight Championship match against Powerhouse Hobbs, which is set for Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite. Moxley said he would give Hobbs a bitter pill to swallow by showing him who he really is.

The first match of the night was a “High Flying 4/20 Elimination Four Way Match.” The bout was promoting aerial wrestlers and also not-so-subtly acknowledging Rob Van Dam’s ties to cannabis. RVD competed in the match alongside Isiah Kassidy, Komander, and Lee Johnson.

Kassidy was the clear heel of this match. He eliminated Johnson early, grabbing his tights in a roll-up pin. He tried to roll up Van Dam after tricking him into thinking he would sell him weed. The heel moments with Kassidy came to a culmination when he was eliminated, as Komander scored a springboard moonsault for a pinfall.

It came down to RVD and Komander. They had a short but fun duel, ending with RVD hitting his famous Five-Star Frogsplash for the win. This match didn’t hide how it would end or who it gravitated around but was instead focused on providing fun in-ring moments and showcasing a fan favorite.

Yuka Sakazaki earns second AEW TV win since return, defeats Emi Sakura

Yuka Sakazaki appeared in a singles bout against Emi Sakura next. Sakazaki has been a frequent wrestler on AEW programming since the beginning of this month, previously appearing on an episode of Collision and ROH TV.

Sakura got a jump on Sakazaki, attacking her before the bout officially got started. Sakazaki got dumped to the outside before a commercial break, landing awkwardly on her knee. The knee of Sakazaki would become a storyline for the rest of the match.

Back after the break, Sakura hit a crossbody onto Sakazaki, who was standing on the apron. She then hit another crossbody as Sakazaki was set up against the ringside steel stairs. Sakura climbed to the top but ate a kick from Sakazaki. Sakura was hit with a German Suplex off the ropes which led to a somewhat anticlimactic pinfall win for Sakazaki. While she seemed deflated, Sakazaki walked away with the win.

Before the main event, a segment aired from earlier this week where Angelo Parker got on the microphone. He teased a retirement from wrestling but wasn’t able to announce it before Ruby Soho came to the ring. Soho said that Parker has something important to fight for, and announced that she’s pregnant.

Kyle O’Reilly earns big win before PPV title fight

The night came to a close with a trios match. The Undisputed Kingdom, composed of Roderick Strong, Matt Taven, and Mike Bennett, took on the trio of Kyle O’Reilly, Matt Menard, and Rocky Romero. This match centered around the upcoming title bout between O’Reilly and Strong.

Romero worked for a hot tag onto Menard after a commercial break, allowing the Canadian wrestler to enter the ring with momentum against Bennett. He tried for a Boston Crab but had the submission broken up by a kick from Taven. Into the match, next was Taven, who landed a springboard moonsault for a two-count. Menard escaped a clothesline and dove into his team’s corner to tag in O’Reilly.

O’Reilly took on all three of The Kingdom, putting Bennett into a triangle armbar. Taven tried to break up the submission but found himself in an ankle lock while the previous hold remained intact. Strong stopped the submissions and then got tagged into the match.

Strong and O’Reilly traded slaps and kicks. Strong sneakily tagged Bennett into the match. O’Reilly put Strong in a submission and he tapped, but since he wasn’t a legal wrestler it didn’t count for anything. O’Reilly had a near fall with a brainbuster onto Bennett and then earned a win with an armbar.

After the match, O’Reilly said that he would take Strong’s AEW International Championship and snap off his arm tomorrow at Dynasty.

Quick results

  1. Rob Van Dam def. Isiah Kassidy, Komander & Lee Johnson (High Flying 4/20 Elimination Four-Way Match)
  2. Yuka Sakazaki def. Emi Sakura
  3. Kyle O’Reilly, Matt Menard & Rocky Romero def. The Undisputed Kingdom (Matt Taven, Mike Bennett & Roderick Strong)
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