Chris Jericho wins FTW Championship, ends Hook’s second reign

Image Courtest: AEW

As he promised, Chris Jericho taught Hook a lesson on Sunday night.

Jericho won in a weapon-heavy match against Hook at AEW Dynasty on Sunday night to earn the FTW Championship in 16 minutes.

After trash cans, tables and usually illegal fouls were utilized in the match, Jericho put Hook away with a baseball bat swing to the head.

Jericho, who has been playing a dishonest mentor character for Hook for weeks, showed remorse near the end of the match. He said “I’m sorry” before delivering the Judas Effect on two different occasions and pleaded “Don’t make me do this” before landing the fight-ending blow. Hook’s father, Taz, left the commentary desk and came to his aid after the match concluded.

Hook has been the main holder of the FTW Championship in recent years. Apart from a 39-day run in 2023, Hook has possessed the title since mid-2022. Jericho is just the fifth wrestler to earn the belt since it was reintroduced in 2020.

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