WWE Raw results: Becky Lynch captures women’s world title, Giovanni Vinci kicked from Imperium

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This week’s episode of WWE Raw had a championship theme to it, as a new women’s titleholder was crowned and the tag belts were on the line. With Backlash just over a week away, developments also took place in the storyline between Damian Priest and Jey Uso, along with many other rivalries. Here’s what went down from The Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio.

Damian Priest confronts Jey Uso

The show started with announcers Pat McAfee and Michael Cole in the ring. They discussed the battle royal that will take place tonight to find the new WWE Women’s World Champion. A video package aired recapping Rhea Ripley vacating her title last week due to injury.

The commentators were back to their desks after the video aired. That was a different beginning to the show than we’re used to. Jey Uso, who will meet Damian Priest in a WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash, came to the ring. Just as he started talking about his upcoming match, Uso was interrupted by Priest.

Priest came off as respectful at the start, complimenting Uso’s persona. He recalled an instance in the past where Uso beat him up so badly that Priest said that he earned his respect. Priest said that later in the night when they went out for drinks, Uso told him “We next, Uce.”

He said that Uso was right. Then, he corrects himself: “I was next.” Priest said that Uso will be the first opponent to legitimize his run. Uso responded with insults of his own, saying that Priest was only in charge of Judgement Day currently because Ripley is hurt. Uso said that Priest was actually getting fed to Uso and that he’s next.

As the duo faced off, Judgement Day’s JD McDonagh emerged from the crowd. Uso avoided an attack from McDonagh. He scored a superkick to Priest and then left the ring, leaving McDonagh frustrated and Priest livid.

Awesome Truth defend titles for first time

Awesome Truth’s first title defense as WWE World Tag Team Champions was next, facing #DIY’s Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa.

#DIY was in control of the match as it went to a commercial break. Miz got a hot tag when they came back, putting together some moves against Ciampa. He scored a running clothesline in the corner and then took out Gargano with a DDT on the apron. He came flying off the ropes but had his momentum stopped by a big boot to the head by Ciampa.

Miz escaped a hold from Ciampa and tagged R-Truth back in. Truth seemed to be recovered, coming in full of energy and scoring with shoulder tackles. He tried for Cena’s Five Knuckle Shuffle but was stopped by a Superkick from Gargano. Ciampa hit a Pedigree for a near fall. 

Ciampa scored a knee strike and then tagged Gargano in. They both landed running knees, but Miz pulled Gargano out of the ring amid a pin attempt. Miz got tagged in and duelled with Gargano. After a series of reversals, he scored the Truth Crushing Finale double team (a Skull Crushing Finale that includes help from Truth) to win and defend the belts.

Gargano shook the hands of Awesome Truth afterwards, but Ciampa avoided the interaction.

Backstage, Damian Priest was shown arguing with JD McDonagh. Dominik Mysterio and Santos Escobar showed up. Mysterio’s left arm was in a sling, so he proposed that Escobar should replace him in tonight’s tag match against Andrade and Ricochet. Priest was frustrated at this but allowed him to get into the match. He told Mysterio and McDonagh to “Handle your business and stay out of mine.”

Ludwig Kaiser kicks Giovanni Vinci out of Imperium

Former Intercontinental Champion Gunther appeared in the next segment alongside Imperium teammates Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci. He thanked Sami Zayn for lifting the weight of being champion off his shoulders. “I’m going from being the hunted to hunter.” He then declared his participation in the King of the Ring tournament, which will take place next month.

Just as Gunther seemed done in the ring, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston came out. Woods mentioned that he won the most recent King of the Ring tournament, which was in 2021, and plans to win once again this year. After some bickering between the two, Gunther ordered his teammates to take care of the New Day.

“No, no! We fought them so much already!” Woods replied. He then had a change of heart, allowing the match to happen.

After a break, the match between New Day and Imperium was underway. While the commentary emphasized that Imperium was off to a strong start, New Day took over and ended up winning. Woods connected with a double team stomp off the top rope onto Vinci to win the match for the duo. Gunther, who was watching at ringside, tossed his chair into a barricade after seeing the result.

Back in the ring, Kaiser tried to console Vinci. As they were heading toward the exit, Kaiser tossed Vinci into the ring apron. He beat him up around ringside, tossing him onto the commentary desk at one point. Referees came out to stop Kaiser, causing him to walk towards the stage. However, he suddenly sprinted back to the ring and delivered a dropkick to the head of Vinci, who was draped over steel stairs.

Backstage, Kaiser approaches Gunther: “I told you I’d get it done,” he said.

Sheamus confronts Drew McIntyre, defeats Sheamus

Drew McIntyre came to the ring next. He immediately took issue with CM Punk chants coming from the crowd. The crowd started “What?” chanting him. “Say ‘what’ if you French kiss your cousins,” McIntyre said. “What?” the crowd responded. “You’re sick,” he replied.

As he started ranting about the unfortunate past few weeks for him, Sheamus came out. He claims that McIntyre isn’t taking responsibility for his own mistakes. “You gonna sit there or you gonna stand up or…” McIntyre left his cross-legged seated position. As a friend, he told McIntyre the truth that “A one-armed CM Punk kicked your arse.”

McIntyre retorted by saying that Sheamus has gained weight since coming back from injury. Sheamus found this funny then replied: “I could lose the weight, you can’t lose stupid.”

McIntyre said that he was defending Sheamus while the locker room was calling him overweight last week. Sheamus replied, mentioning that he doesn’t really care about what people say. Sheamus clearly isn’t bothered by words like McIntyre is.

McIntyre took a seat at ringside for Sheamus’ next match, which was against Shinsuke Nakamura.

Nakamura targeted the neck of Sheamus early in the match. This match was much longer than his return last week, with Nakamura providing a decent amount of resistance. Sheamus tried to put away Nakamura with a White Noise off the second rope, but Nakamura kicked out at two.

Sheamus was distracted by McIntyre for a moment, allowing Nakamura to land a knee in the corner. Sheamus gathered himself, hitting a powerslam. He tried for a Brogue Kick but Nakamura avoided and tried for a roll-up. Sheamus got up and scored a knee to the head for another near fall.

Sheamus was able to connect with his Brogue Kick after a quick few reversals, allowing him to win the match.

Chad Gable interrogates Alpha Academy

Backstage, Sami Zayn was disgusted by the attack that Chad Gable did to him after their match on Raw. Bronson Reed came up to him and said that Zayn has bigger problems to deal with. Zayn agreed to a match with Reed, telling him “anytime, anyplace.”

Just as the interview was about to continue, Reed attacked Zayn. “If I want that championship, I will take it,” Reed said to a hurt Zayn.

Chad Gable came to the ring alongside the rest of Alpha Academy for the next segment. “At least what I did to Sami was justified,” Gable said, comparing his attack to Zayn last year against what Reed just did.

He started interrogating Alpha Academy members after discussing his attack last week. He really tore into Maxxine Dupri, calling her dumb, and said Otis was the “biggest disappointment of them all.” Gable was getting pretty strong heat from the crowd.

Gable told the team that they would all help him win the Intercontinental title. He asked them to respond with “No matter what.” He didn’t hear Otis reply, so he asked him again. Otis eventually gave in and said it. Gable walked off as the rest of Alpha Academy looked intimidated.

JD McDonagh and fill-in teammate Santos Escobar suffer loss

In the next match, Judgement Day’s JD McDonagh teamed with Smackdown’s Santos Escobar for a tag bout against Andrade and Ricochet. Dominik Mysterio, who was originally booked for this match, watched at ringside.

McDonagh and Escobar struggled to work together, leading to their loss. McDonagh was tossed off the ropes and landed on the canvas. Escobar gave Ricochet a huricanrana off the corner, but Ricochet landed on McDonagh. Andrade then scored his finisher, The Shadow, to earn his team the win.

Damian Priest did a run-in after the match to attack Andrade and Ricochet. After taking them out, he spoke to Mysterio and McDonagh: “I don’t need anybody. You guys need me.”

Becky Lynch wins battle royal, earns world title

Just before the battle royal for the WWE Women’s World Championship, Jackie Redmond interviewed Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell. The camera cut away to show Liv Morgan and Nia Jax brawling with security separating them.

Becky Lynch took the microphone from Redmond and walked toward the stage. As she passed by Maxxine Dupri, she asked if it was her first title fight. Lynch then told her to fight and prove that it won’t be her last.

The show wrapped up with a battle royal to determine the next top women’s champ on the roster. This comes after an injury forced former champ Rhea Ripley to vacate her title earlier this month.

Candice LeRae was the first to go, getting eliminated by Maxxine Dupri. Indi Hartwell targeted Dupri right after in an attempt to avenge LeRae, but instead also got tossed out of the ring by Dupri.

After a commercial break, a superkick from Zoey Stark eliminated both Kayden Carter and Katana Chance. On the other side of the ring, Nia Jax took Ivy Nile out.

Dupri stood up to Jax afterward. “What are you gonna do?” Dupri said. She landed a few moves on Jax but had a kick caught against the ropes that caused her to get eliminated. Dupri got a decent amount of shine in this bout before the elimination.

Becky Lynch took out Piper Niven. Frustrated, Niven dragged Lynch out of the ring and delivered a cannonball while she was set up against steel stairs. It’s important to note that Lynch exited the ring from under the ropes, meaning she’s still in the match.

Niven put Lynch on top of a commentary table but got distracted as she tried to stop Jax from eliminating Chelsea Green. Jax came out of the ring and chokeslammed Niven onto Lynch, who was still on the commentary desk. She then picked up Piper once again for a Samoan Drop onto Lynch.

While this was happening, Green was eliminated by Natalya. However, since the referees were distracted by what happened at the commentary desk, Green was able to sneak back into the ring and continue fighting. During a commercial break, Jax threw Lynch onto the table once again, causing it to implode.

Minutes after cheating an elimination, Green was taken out once again. Natalya was out next. Jax got back into the ring, quickly eliminating Stark and Baszler. This left just Liv Morgan, Jax, and Lynch.

Lynch crawled back into the ring, receiving a loud reaction from the crowd. Morgan and Lynch were teaming up against Jax for a while. Lynch stopped Jax from hitting a top rope move and got her to the apron. Morgan hit a Codebreaker and Lynch came off the ropes for a leg drop, causing Jax to fall and get eliminated.

It was now just Lynch and Morgan. They went to the apron, where Lynch tried to German suplex her onto the floor, but Morgan was able to hang onto the ropes. Morgan scored with a Codebreaker that stumbled Lynch. Another move was stopped, allowing Lynch to hit a Manhandle Slam on the apron that planted Morgan clean, causing her to fall to the floor and end the match. While she wasn’t able to win the title at Wrestlemania, Lynch didn’t lose focus of the title and became champion just a few weeks later.

Quick results

  1. Awesome Truth (R-Truth & The Miz) def. #DIY (Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa) (WWE World Tag Team Championship)
  2. New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) def. Imperium (Ludwig Kaiser &  Giovanni Vinci)
  3. Sheamus def. Shinsuke Nakamura
  4. Andrade & Ricochet def. Santos Escobar & JD McDonagh
  5. Becky Lynch def. Candice LeRae, Chelsea Green, Indi Hartwell, Ivy Nile, Katana Chance, Kayden Carter, Liv Morgan, Maxxine Dupri, Natalya, Nia Jax, Piper Niven, Shayna Baszler, Zoey Stark (WWE Women’s World Championship) (Battle Royal)
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