Breaking GCW Results: Blake Christian vs. EFFY, Nick Gage vs. Broski Jimmy

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Breaking GCW
Albuquerque, New Mexico
April 21, 2024
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Singles Match: Jack Cartwheel vs. JKM

Both men were able to evade each other’s offense with a cartwheel and a handspring; Cartwheel cartwheeled out of an arm drag, but JKM fired up and sent Jack to the floor, hitting him with a big crossbody. JKM then sent Jack back into the ring and went for a senton, but Jack got his knees up and hit JKM with a rana, sending him to the floor. Jack followed up with a superkick, followed by a pendulum elbow drop for a two-count. Jack then climbed to the top rope and avoided JKM with a cartwheel, but was hit with a big lariat followed by a big splash in the corner into a twisting splash for a near fall of his own. Cartwheel fired up and sent JKM to the floor, executing a Sasuke Special followed by a big neckbreaker into a pedigree for a two count. JKM caught Jack with a kick to the back of his head and charged in with a big knee strike and another head kick. They battled on the apron, exchanging big forearms. Cartwheel attempted to hoist JKM up for a DVD on the apron, but JKM was able to get out of it, booting Jack in the face and hitting him with a top rope double stomp. Jack responded with a cartwheel DVD followed by a top rope cartwheel for the victory.

Jack Cartwheel Defeated JKM

Singles Match: Jordan Oliver vs. Gino Rivera 

The two started with some chain wrestling, neither man was able to gain a clear advantage as they eventually wrestled to a stalemate. Jordan sent Gino to the floor but was tripped up on the apron, giving Gino the advantage. Gino went to the top rope for a double stomp, but Jordan moved out of the way and caught him with a big boot. Gino then tripped Oliver up in the corner and hit him with a forearm strike followed by a capo kick for a close near fall. Gino slowed the pace down with a bear hug, but Jordan slowly made his way back up to his feet, breaking free from the hold and leveling Gino with an axe kick followed by a big chop that brought Gino to his knees. Oliver spiked Gino with a DDT, but it still wasn’t enough to put the veteran away. Gino scouted the Cloutcutter and came off the second rope with a big kick and a senton for a near fall of his own. Oliver connected with a boot, seated Rivera up on the top rope, and went for the Acid Bomb, but Gino raked his eyes, only to be caught with the cutter into the Acid Bomb for the victory.

Jordan Oliver Defeated Gino Rivera 

Singles Match: The Last American Hitchhiker Colt vs. Mance Warner 

Mance kicked Colt in the balls, then proceeded to beat the crap out of him. Mance grabbed a chair and hit Colt across the back with it, then launched it into his head. Mance continued to beat Colt across the back with the steel chair before hitting him with an implant DDT for the victory.

Mance Warner Defeated Colt

Singles Match: Dark Sheik vs. ROH Women’s TV Champion Billie Starkz

Billie snatched at the waist but was quickly taken over with a wrist lock. They battled for position, with Billie attempting to use her strength, but Sheik was able to work over her fingers, sending Billie reeling into the corner. Billie briefly got Sheik in a half crab, but Sheik was able to break free as Billie tried to create some distance. They then went for the Greco-Roman knuckle lock, but Billie mocked Sheik’s dance instead. Sheik grabbed a side headlock, which Billie managed to break out of before applying one of her own. Billie took Sheik down with a big shoulder tackle and attempted to hit the ropes, but Sheik ducked it and rolled Billie up for a two-count. Billie slapped Sheik across the face, prompting Sheik to respond with a slap of her own, followed by a flurry of strikes and a boot in the corner. Sheik attempted a sliced bread, but Billie blocked it and tied Sheik up in the ropes, hitting her with a big hesitation dropkick for a near fall. Sheik kicked Billie in the stomach and then in the back of her head before attempting a split pin, but it wasn’t enough to put Billie away. Billie countered with a couple of backbreaker variations and repeated kicks to the side of Sheik’s head. Sheik blocked a kick and tripped Billie up before locking her in a submission hold in the center of the ring. Sheik then ascended to the top rope, perhaps looking for a top rope leg drop, but Billie met her there, pounding away on her back and bringing her back into the ring with a superplex into a neckbreaker. However, Sheik managed to get her shoulder up. Billie climbed to the top rope and attempted a Swanton, but Sheik got her knees up and hit Billie with a release powerbomb for another close near fall. Sheik followed up with a coast-to-coast dropkick on Billie, followed by a leg drop, but Billie still managed to kick out. Starkz then hit a rebound kick into a German suplex, staggering Sheik before hitting her with a tombstone, but Sheik kicked out at one. Finally, Billie went to the top rope and hit Sheik with a Swanton for the victory.

ROH Women’s TV Champion Billie Starkz Defeated Dark Sheik 

Singles Match: Ocean Avery vs. 1 Called Manders

Avery slapped Manders across the face, prompting Manders to retaliate with a series of chops as both men unloaded on each other. They attempted to take each other off their feet with big shoulder blocks, while the crowd chanted “Meat.” Eventually, Manders ducked a line and sent Avery flying with a big shoulder tackle of his own. He then went for a suplex, but Avery blocked it and managed to execute one on Manders instead. Manders tried for a chop, but Avery countered by wringing Manders’ arm on the top rope and hitting him with a back elbow-uppercut combination. Avery followed up with a kick to Manders’ back, but Manders managed to get his shoulder up. Avery continued his assault on Manders, targeting his already injured arm. Manders finally created some separation and took Avery down with a big lariat. He then challenged Avery to a forearm battle, landing a knee to his midsection followed by a big kick to Avery’s spine and another lariat. However, Avery managed to get his shoulder up and countered with a desperate German Suplex for a near fall. Avery kept slapping Manders, who slapped back as the two men exchanged hard slaps in the center of the ring. Avery then knee’d Manders in the side of the head, but it was only good for a two count. Avery grew visibly frustrated and attempted a ripcord lariat, but Manders blocked it, only to fall victim to a ripcord boot. Manders responded with two final lariats, sealing the deal for his victory.

1 Called Manders Defeated Ocean Avery 

Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Feugo Del Sol 

Joey took control early with a wrist lock, Feugo was able to flip out of it and took control of Janela’s wrist. The two wrestled to a stalemate after trading a close set of near falls, Fuego avoided the lock-up but was taken off of his feet with a shoulder block, Fuego fired up and hit a series of spears and uppercuts on Janela in the corner and booted him in the stomach and took him down with a ‘rana. Janela sidestepped a charging Sol and dumped him on the back of his head with a German suplex. Janela rammed Sol head-first into the turnbuckle and chopped him followed by a diving uppercut; Janela took too much time which allowed Sol to light Joey up with some chops followed by a headkick which sent Joey to the floor. Sol hit Janela with a moonsault which resulted in an errant knee colliding with his skull/shoulder, Joey was sent back into the ring with a big ‘rana and hit with a low superkick, Joey avoided the DDT attempt and turned Sol inside out with a lariat, Sol responded with one of his own followed by an attempted tornado DDT but Joey blocked it and hit Sol with a Deafg Valley Driver for a close near fall. Sol flipped out of a package piledriver and spiked Joey with a Poisonrana followed by a double stomp to the back of Janela’s head but somehow Joey kicked out. They rolled to the apron where they started trading punches, Sol teased a Tornado DDT on the apron but Joey again blocked it and planted Sol with a Death Valley Driver on the apron. Joey stomped away at Sol in the corner and called for the Generico Brainbuster but Sol knocked Joey down and hit him with a double stomp followed by a coast-to-coast dropkick into a Tornado DDT for a close near fall. Sol went for the Spiral Tap but Janela rolled out of the way, they exchanged forearm shots in the center of the ring followed by a series of chops, Sol called for a Tornado DDT but Joey hit him with a brainbuster into a package piledriver for the victory. 

Joey Janela Defeated Fuego Del Sol

Deathmatch: Nick Gage vs. Broski Jimmy

It’s so awesome watching a new town get to experience Nick Gage’s entrance. Jimmy rushed in right away and was caught with a spinebuster into a neckbreaker which sent Jimmy to the floor. Gage grabbed a chair and slammed it across Broski’s back; Gage sent Jimmy face-first into the turnbuckle and grabbed a door from underneath the ring. Gage attempted to slice Jimmy’s forehead with the pizza cutter but Jimmy caught him with a neck breaker for a close near fall. Jimmy grabbed a chair and hit Gage across the back with it and sent him face-first into a steel chair, Jimmy set Gage up on top of a series of open chairs, Gage knocked Jimmy off the top rope and sent him crashing through the chairs with a superplex followed by a DDT; Gage hit a chair assisted face wash followed by his springboard reverse back elbow and again went to the pizza cutter. Gage started to slice open Jimmy’s forehead as the crowd was going crazy. Gage set up a door bridge in the center of the ring and stacked Jimmy on the top for a piledriver. Jimmy fought him off and sent Gage through the door with a Radio Silence. Gage Sabu’d a chair into Jimmy’s head and set up a door bridge but Jimmy clocked him in the head with his title belt for a near fall. Gage took Jimmy off the top with a piledriver through the door for the victory. 

Nick Gage Defeated Broski Jimmy

GCW World Championship Match: Blake Christian (Champion) vs. EFFY

Blake was able to out-wrestle EFFY before telling him to suck it. They got back up to a standing base as they locked back up, EFFY grabbed a headlock and took Blake off of his feet with a shoulder tackle. Blake reversed the momentum and sent EFFY flying with a hip toss of his own; Blake’s pace started to pick up but EFFY quickly ended that by dropping to his knees and biting the champion’s finger. EFFY got a close near fall after a big splash in the center of the ring but Blake fired up with his standing frog splash for a near fall of his own. Blake locked on a chin lock and tried to continue to wear down Daddy, EFFY was able to get a boot up twice and took Blake down with Under the Rainbow followed by a blockbuster for another near fall. EFFY hit his TKO into a dragon sleeper but Blake was able to make his way to the ropes which broke the hold. Blake came off the top with a big elbow but EFFY again managed to kick out; Blake set up a door bridge in the corner, and EFFY gained the advantage up top and sent Blake through the door with a superplex. Mance Warner appeared at ringside and teased cashing in on Blake but before Mance was able to do anything he was taken out by both EFFY and Christian. EFFY got the visual pinfall on Blake Christian, Blake fired up and dumped EFFY headfirst onto a steel chair, Mance sent the ref back into the ring who made the count after Blake hit EFFY with the stomp. 

Blake Christian Retained the GCW World Championship 

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