Takaaki Kidani addresses Rossy Ogawa’s firing, claims Ogawa asked Bushiroad partner to sponsor new venture

Photo Courtesy: Proresu-TODAY

Candid interview with the Bushiroad CEO. 

There’s an extensive interview that Proresu-TODAY conducted with Bushiroad CEO Takaaki Kidani. Among the topics covered during the chat was Rossy Ogawa’s firing from STARDOM in February

Kidani shared that it was always in his mind that Ogawa would be making the moves he’s made; referring to the launch of the Marigold promotion. He went on to add that he understands people often think about leaving a company or job. 

I feel like the pros and cons of terminating the contract (of Rossy Ogawa) have already been proven with this case (launch of Marigold). I’m sure the audience thought, ‘That’s right,’ and if they are going to do something like this, it must be so.

I think it was always in my mind that Mr. Rossy would do something like this. I think he wants to be the final decision-maker.

But I think that everyone has something in their mind… for example, the desire to quit their company or to change jobs. But whether or not you express that desire may be determined by the environment. The company gives you challenging work, and you enjoy working with your colleagues in a positive manner, so you push yourself to the point where you think that you shouldn’t think about such things anymore.

I think we have created such an environment. When there were many absences and discordant feelings among the wrestlers, Rossy was the one who took care of them.

According to Kidani, a Bushiroad business partner approached him and shared that he was approached by Rossy to become a sponsor for a new company he was starting. 

As I talked about on Weekly Pro, one of our business partners said to me, ‘Ogawa-san, you’re here.’ ‘I’m starting a new company, and we’ve asked you to become a sponsor.’ I told him that he could refuse. I’ve never seen anyone do it so openly.

Following Ogawa out of STARDOM would be Giulia, Utami Hayashishita, MIRAI, Mai Sakurai and Victoria Yuzuki, who all are now working with Marigold. Kidani stated that all he could do is wish them well. 

All I can say is good luck! (He said in response to STARDOM talent departures).

As for Taro Okada, Kidani feels he’s doing well as the current President of STARDOM. 

I think he (Taro Okada) is doing well. He does matchmaking on his own. I think he interacts well with the wrestlers and organizes them well.

Elsewhere on the Bushiroad front, back in April, the announcement was made that New Japan Pro-Wrestling is acquiring all stakes in Bushiroad Fight. It will become a fully-owned subsidiary of NJPW at the end of June 2024.

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