DDT announces Minoru Suzuki vs. Sanshiro Takagi rematch will take place on streetcar

Photo Courtesy: DDT Pro-Wrestling

Takagi and Suzuki are running it back on a streetcar. 

In September 2023, DDT Pro-Wrestling presented a wrestling match on a bullet train. Minoru Suzuki and DDT President Sanshiro Takagi competed in the match.

The match garnered attention from a handful of mainstream media outlets. To follow up on their first match, Suzuki and Takagi are running it back on June 29th on the Toden Arakawa Line which is a streetcar. 

The match will start from Arakawa-shakomae Station. It’ll cost 20,170 yen ($128.69 USD) to reserve a seat and it’ll come with an item that Suzuki and Takagi will have autographed. 

Earlier this month, Takagi was replaced as President of CyberFight. He remains in his role with DDT and is still a member of CyberFight’s Board of Directors.

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