POST NEWS UPDATE: Rossy Ogawa says venue has been booked for Marigold’s one-year anniversary show in 2025

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** Dream Star Fighting Marigold founder Rossy Ogawa was interviewed by Sports Graphic Number. He revealed that the venue for Marigold’s one-year anniversary show in 2025 has been booked.

We have to be aggressive with our performances. Even though all the dates for this year haven’t been decided yet, we’ve already booked the venue for next year’s first anniversary event.

During the chat, he spoke about Giulia, who is recovering from surgery after fracturing her wrist at the inaugural Marigold show. He said Giulia’s name has become big, but he has to think about when she is no longer with the promotion.

Giulia’s name has become big. But I have to think about what happens after Giulia is gone…

Earlier in the conversation, he recounted suggesting ‘Marigold’ as the name of the new promotion.

A lot of ideas were put forward for the name of the group, but when I said ‘Marigold’ while talking to the foreign staff, they said, ‘That’s cool,’ and I said, ‘That’s cool. It’s good. It has many meanings.’

** Shota Umino posted a new diary entry on NJPW’s official website and wrote about his return to AEW on the 5/29 Dynamite. Umino participated in the Casino Gauntlet for a shot at the AEW World Championship at Forbidden Door. He noted that Will Ospreay taught him Mercedes Moné’s CEO dance and next time, he’ll have Mercedes teach him. He caught up with Darby Allin and Claudio Castagnoli as well.

I haven’t seen Ospreay in a long time and he taught me Moné’s CEO dance lol. Next time I’ll get her to teach me lol.

The venue was big and the atmosphere was like this (photo of the venue)

It was fun to communicate with Ospreay, Castagnoli, Darby Allin… people I’m close to.

It’s interesting to go to the U.S. regularly. Above all, it is important for me to make myself known, and it is also important for New Japan.

I would be happy if American fans would use this as an opportunity to watch New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

** To promote the ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ farewell tour, Cyndi Lauper guest appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The two-time Grammy Award-winning artist commented on her history in WWF.

So, you know I know a couple moves, so don’t try me… Yes, yes, yes (I clashed with Roddy Piper & ‘Captain’ Lou Albano) and I was a wrestling manager for a while with Wendi Richter and that Fabulous Moolah. Oh, I love her.

** In 2023, WWE Hall of Famer Bull Nakano was appointed as the on-air Commissioner of the Sukeban promotion. She spoke to Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso about the role and what excites her about Sukeban.

I was appointed Commissioner of Sukeban in 2023. The thing that excites me most about Sukeban is that I get to see the past, present, and future of the unique Japanese culture all in the ring. I like the acknowledgment of the Sukeban lifestyle from decades ago, and the veteran wrestlers and young wrestlers coming together to put on the best show. I am so proud of all of the athletes who are active now, and I try to support them. My favorite wrestlers, the ones I care about most, are all the Sukeban wrestlers. I consider them like my children.

I see unlimited potential in the Sukeban wrestlers. There are so many young, talented wrestlers on the roster. I want to continue to watch and support Sukeban as Commissioner to see how far it will go in the future.

** While guest appearing on The J.P. Peterson Show, Titus O’Neil dove into Cody Rhodes’ ascension in WWE. He feels Rhodes’ Undisputed WWE Title win will go down as one of the greatest stories to ever culminate at a WrestleMania.

I mean, Cody (Rhodes), not only a good friend. I learned a lot when I was wrestling with him prior to him leaving and going to another promotion. I did some really fun backstage segments when he was Stardust, and had the opportunity and I know for him at that time, he had the same mentality that his dad had when they put his dad in polka dots, which was, I’m gonna make this as amazing as I possibly can and he wasn’t happy with a lot of stuff going on at that time and he gambled on himself and when you fast forward it now to him being our champion, our top champion and seeing the route that he had to take to get there and who he had to go through to get there to where he is right now, it’s amazing and so the tears that not only myself and other people probably shared that night (at WrestleMania XL night two) were definitely tears of joy. When you look at the entire makeup of how the buildup happened and kind of the pivot, in regards to… instead of having Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Roman Reigns headlining WrestleMania, it’s Cody Rhodes fighting for his life to finish the story and taking an ass-whooping all the way up until it was time for him to be crowned champion and you know, that night in Chicago when Rock beat him up all the way backstage, in the cold rain, just cinema at its finest and to see it all wrap around and having his mother there and his family there and his wife there and seeing that moment where everybody that had something to do with his past and his present be in the ring and celebrate with him was definitely a beautiful moment for wrestling in general and I feel like it’ll go down as one of the greatest stories to ever be finished at one of our WrestleManias and WrestleMania 40 was special because of that story, amongst other things but that story definitely was the great capper of the event.

** LDLC Arena in Lyon, France, which hosted WWE Backlash in May, was sold. Ligue 1 club Olympique Lyonnais sold the venue to the former President of the French football club Lyon, Jean-Michel Aulas. The arena is being taken on by HOLNEST, the investment firm of the Aulas family. SportBusiness notes that the deal is valued at $170 million. The transaction is expected to close on June 12th.

** Pro Wrestling ZERO1 provided an update on Shinjiro Otani. In April 2022, Otani was paralyzed from the neck down after taking a German suplex into a turnbuckle pad.

** Pro Wrestling Tees is presenting an ‘All Elite Comedy Show’ on July 2nd in Decatur, Illinois. Colt Cabana, R.J. City, The Butcher, Jay Lethal, Nyla Rose, Harley Cameron and ‘Daddy Magic’ Matt Menard are being advertised.

** DDT Pro x GLEAT Results (6/6/24) from Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan
Three-Way Tag Team Match: Issei Onitsuka, Shunma Katsumata & Takanori Ito def. Bicycle KEIGO, MICHI Man & Yu Iizuka and Danshoku Dino, Jun Tonsho & Makoto Oishi
– Minoru Tanaka def. Kazuki Hirata
– CIMA & HARASHIMA def. Soma Takao & Soma Watanabe
– Tetsuya Endo def. Tetsuya Izuchi
– SBK & TAKUMA def. Kazuma Sumi & To-y
– El Lindaman, MAO & Yuki Ueno def. Akito, Kaz Hayashi & Sanshiro Takagi
10-Man Tag Team Elimination Match: Hartley Jackson, Kaito Ishida, Kotaro Suzuki, Daisuke Sasaki & KANON def. Seiki Yoshioka, T-Hawk, Takehiro Yamamura, Chris Brookes & Takeshi Masada
– Kazusada Higuchi, Yuki Ino & Yukio Naya def. Hayato Tamura, KAZMA SAKAMOTO & Ryuichi Kawakami

** NXT’s Jaida Parker was interviewed by Jim Varsallone.

** Drew McIntyre is making the media rounds and he chatted with The Indian Express and Mail Sport.

** June 6th birthdays: Drew McIntyre.

** Jay & Zac welcomed Titus O’Neil onto their show.

** An interview with Eddie Edwards was featured on Niko Knows Best.

** Ahead of NXT Battleground, Phil Strum of the Under the Ring podcast chatted with Lola Vice.

If any of the quotes from the following podcasts or video interviews are used, please credit those sources, and provide an H/T and link back to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.

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