Rossy Ogawa recalls late 2023 meeting with Paul Levesque, HHH saying he wanted to help Rossy whether it’s with STARDOM or individually

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Elsewhere in the interview, Ogawa addressed Kenny Omega. 

It was on May 20th that Dream Star Fighting Marigold held their inaugural event at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo. The promotion founder, Rossy Ogawa, did an extensive interview with Sports Graphic Number about new venture.

In the write-up, it was noted that in December 2023, Ogawa and WWE Chief Content Officer Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque met for the first time via an online meeting. In November 2023, Ogawa informed STARDOM of his intentions to leave the promotion and in February 2024, Bushiroad terminated his contract. Ogawa was accused of poaching talents and staff. He denied the accusations. 

Ogawa shared that during his meeting with Levesque, Levesque said he wanted to help with whatever Ogawa was looking to do, whether it had to do with STARDOM or individually. 

Triple H said, ‘I want to help you with whatever you want to do, whether it’s STARDOM or individually.’ He gave me the push I needed.

He addressed the notion that he was in the way of AEW collaborating with STARDOM and said it is not true. He also mentioned the remarks made about him by Kenny Omega on Omega’s Twitch stream. Ogawa feels what Omega said about him is defamation. 

Omega mentioned that Ogawa flat out said he was looking for wrestlers from ages 13-to-21 that are not married in addition to putting underage girls in revealing swimsuit calendars and he wishes that’s all Ogawa did. Omega also referred to Ogawa as an ‘E-drone.’ 

I was starting to feel uncomfortable at STARDOM… I felt like an ornament, told to just sit here. In the one-man system of my predecessor, people said that (I) was getting in the way of AEW, and that’s the general perception but that’s not true. Over there, Kenny Omega is attacking me by saying things that are not true, but that’s defamation. He himself wants to be involved in women’s wrestling. Still, if people who don’t know me hear that, they’ll think, oh really? If you do that, you can’t stay in this world.

Speaking about his own personal goals, aside from wanting Marigold to succeed, Ogawa wants to be inducted into WWE’s Legacy wing of their Hall of Fame. Another goal of his is to win something in the Tokyo Sports Wrestling Awards and he joked that he wants to get both done while he’s alive. 

Aside from the success of Marigold, I personally have two remaining goals: I want to be honored in the WWE’s Legacy category, and I want to get something from the Tokyo Sports Wrestling Awards. I want to do both while I’m still alive (laughs). I think if we do what we think is interesting and what we believe in, we can lead to success.

Marigold is five shows in and while looking back at the first event, he thinks Bozilla was the MVP coming out of it. 

Probably Bozilla (he answered when asked who is the MVP of the first Marigold show).

Bozilla was in the main event of the inaugural Marigold show. She tagged with Sareee to take on Utami Hayashishita and Giulia. Giulia suffered a fractured right wrist in the match and has since undergone successful surgery. 

She is being promoted for a singles match against Sareee at Marigold’s July 13th show.

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