Leon Slater: I think that would be extremely cool if Ricochet landed in TNA Wrestling

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Slater shared a story about Matt and Jeff Hardy as well. 

This past Monday on WWE Raw, Ricochet was stretchered out and put in an ambulance after an attack from Bron Breakker. Earlier in the day, PWInsider reported that-that was Ricochet’s last scheduled date for WWE as he informed the company that he would be exiting once his contract expired. 

Current TNA Wrestling talent Leon Slater spoke to Tom Campbell of Cultaholic Wrestling and was asked about the idea of Ricochet landing in TNA. Slater thinks it’d be a shot in the arm for the X Division. 

Again, I think that would be extremely cool (if Ricochet landed in TNA Wrestling). As I think a lot of people from my kind of generation, we kind of grew up on Ricochet. Him and (Will) Ospreay really introduced this new style that we all kind of mold ourselves into so to get to work with him would be incredible for sure, and I think more than anything, I think it’d be a real kick up the ass for us all in the X Division to really up our game because Ricochet… he’s one of the greatest high-fliers of all-time and one of the greatest to ever do this style that we do. So especially for me, I think it’d be a great challenge and I think he’d be someone that I’d really wanna step up to and up my game to face.

Matt Hardy returned to TNA at the Rebellion pay-per-view. Slater was part of the Countdown to Rebellion Kickoff show and Matt informed him that Jeff Hardy saw his Swanton 450. He thinks highly of Slater’s move. Slater expressed that Jeff is his favorite wrestler of all-time. 

Yeah, so I actually have a crazy story. So obviously Matt (Hardy) showed up (in TNA) and I had no clue that Matt was showing up. I didn’t see him all day so I was freaking out when Matt showed up, and I got to meet him the next day on the tapings in Vegas I think it was. So I was talking to Matt which was already a crazy thing because obviously Matt and Jeff (Hardy) come as like a one-two punch and he was explaining to me that Jeff had texted him, because I was on the pre-show of Rebellion which is the pay-per-view that Matt returned on. So Jeff had been texting Matt saying, ‘Hey, I seen this Swanton 450 and I think it’s badass.’ I was like, ‘Oh my God, THE Jeff Hardy.’ Matt is here telling me and at this time, I’m wanting to reach out and touch Matt and see if he’s real because I’ve only seen him on my phone and TV… My favorite wrestler of all-time has seen my move and thinks it’s cool. So, that made my life. I think I could quit wrestling after that to be honest. So yeah, that was a very cool moment to get to talk with Matt and hear that Jeff had seen my move.

Elsewhere in the interview, Leon opened up about the idea of working with the likes of Je’Von Evans and A.J. Styles as a part of the WWE-TNA working relationship. 

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