POST NEWS UPDATE: Bull Nakano opens up about how difficult it was for her when she joined All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling

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** Bull Nakano is journaling about her career for Tokyo Sports. In one of her pieces, she wrote about how tough it was for her when she joined All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling as a teenager. She stated that there were veterans there that she admired, but those individuals gave her a tough time.

After being hated by my seniors, I wanted to quit every day. I entered the company at the age of 15 because I genuinely liked pro wrestling, but I was scolded by the seniors I admired. When I greeted them, they all ignored me, and when I had to work, they would tell me to hurry up! If they don’t like you, they don’t invite you out to dinner, so it’s hard to get big. But I was 170 centimeters tall and weighed 65 kilograms (laughs). I was like, ‘I did it! I joined All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling!…’ I couldn’t even go home to my parents, and I wondered what I was going to do. I managed to endure because I knew that if I quit, I would have nowhere to go and I would never be able to wrestle again.

** At WWE Crown Jewel 2023, Logan Paul defeated Rey Mysterio to become United States Champion. There was a spot in their match when Paul caught Mysterio off a moonsault and it appeared as if Mysterio was about to land headfirst. Mysterio appeared on Insight with Chris Van Vliet and reacted to Paul saying he ‘saved’ him. Mysterio said it was a good catch, but he likely would have landed on his stomach if Logan was not there.

They’re hyping it up (people saying Logan Paul saved me at WWE Crown Jewel) and I know Logan took the credit for it. That’s funny because I always do that moonsault and I tried to advise him that I don’t jump out, I jump up. So you might have to take a step in to be at the right spot to catch. So, sure enough, I jumped up and not out like I had said and I mean, he caught me, don’t get me wrong. He caught me, but, if he wouldn’t have been there, I would have moonsaulted, just landed on my tummy. But he did make a good save, he did make a good catch and the fact, not only that he caught me but that he powered me up. He caught me in a squat position and he took me right back up and we continued. Respect. I give him respect for his ability and how good he’s become, but not for saving me. Not for saving me (Mysterio laughed). No respect for saving me. No respect, Logan.

Elsewhere during the conversation, Mysterio dispelled a longstanding rumor that he was a stunt double for the Freddy vs. Jason film that released in 2003. Rey said it could have been his uncle, Rey Misterio Sr. (Miguel Díaz), because he worked as a stunt double before. Rey said he’s never asked his uncle about it.

Why does everyone keep asking me that? (Mysterio responded to a rumor about him being a stunt double in Freddy vs. Jason film) That’s crazy. That’s funny. My sister-in-law just asked me last week, ‘Aye, did you do this?’ And it keeps surfacing every now and then, right?… Of course it is (false). 1,000 percent, unless it was my uncle. No. No. Hell no. Not at all. That’s crazy. I always get asked.

This could obviously have happened — my uncle, Rey Misterio, did something as a stunt double… for that movie. That’s the only way I can put it. I’ve never asked him, believe it or not. I’m sure he might have. He might have done it. But, I mean there’s a big difference between Rey Misterio Sr. and me. He’s twice my size. So, that probably was my uncle. Yeah. Let’s confirm, it was my uncle. It was my uncle, Rey Misterio Sr. It wasn’t me. It was not me… It’s probably gonna surface up again on Halloween.

** As Macey Estrella a.k.a. Lacey Evans was speaking to Carlo Perruzza, she discussed WWE’s attempt to present her as a babyface. Evans feels that she could not convince the audience to root for her.

So he (Vince McMahon) tried to teach me to be more vulnerable. But there’s not many times in my life that I could afford to be vulnerable and all of a sudden, I’ve gotta convince you that I’m in pain and I need you to clap for me and I need your support. I haven’t had much support my whole damn life, and so I could not convince our viewers that I was this happy-go-lucky babyface and so, but he tried. A heel just comes more natural. I run my mouth all day every day and God forbid, if they would have just given me a mic longer, I would have hurt a lot more feelings than just Sgt. Slaughter’s daughter.

** The idea of writing a book was brought up to Seth Rollins as he was being interviewed by Matt Aguilar of ComicBook Nation. Rollins feels that’s not in the cards for him.

Write a book? Dude, writing is — I loved it when I was younger. I got away from it but the idea of writing my whole life story. I’ve forgotten so much stuff… Just a minute ago, I got reminded that The Shield not only formed here, broke up here but we got back together here. I didn’t even know, I forgot about that so, I can’t remember all that stuff but I also have too much pride to get a ghost writer to do this work for me so, I don’t think it’s in the cards. We’ll see but, it’s not a work in progress at any time in the near future.

** There’s an interview with Rickey Shane Page on the WRESTLESPHERE YouTube channel. He recounted blunt advice he received from Raven after being overwhelmed with behind the scenes work at MLW. Shane Page also shared that Raven taught him how to do the Everflow DDT.

I was doing a lot on the show (for MLW). I had like two matches and a couple segments and I’m also a player-coach, I’m an agent so I agent matches backstage as well, and I’m in on the production meetings and things like that so, I was just really busy that day and I was just running all over the place and they kept yelling at me to get down to the go position and be like, ‘Hey, get down here,’ blah, blah, blah and I’m just like… ‘Hey guys! I can’t be everywhere’ and I started kind of getting a little hot and Raven pulls me aside. We’re in the ECW Arena. Couldn’t have been a more perfect place for this to happen. He pulls me aside by these stairs that go up to the eagle’s nest and he goes, ‘Hey man, shut the f*ck up,’ and I was like, ‘What?’ He goes, ‘Shut the f*ck up’ and I was like, ‘Okay.’ He goes, ‘You’re doing a lot on the show and you’re complaining? They’re putting you over, they’re pushing you. Shut up, do your job’ and I said, ‘Yes sir.’ I love that. Not a lot of people have been wrestling longer than me. So it’s like, I wanna be put in my place, I want critiques from people who have done — went there and done that. I want critiques from younger people that might see something differently because they have a different eye. So I loved it, but yeah, it was just a great story. Scotty’s the man. I love him to death and there’s a few times where I did some spots and he kind of was like, cringe, and I’m like, man, if I can get him to do that, that’s sick. Also, also, he taught me how to do the Evenflow DDT. Like, legitimately showed me how to do it… Blows my mind because Raven was one of my favorites growing up. Absolutely, I model a lot of my promos after him, my style. I even dress like him now. I’m tying the flannel around my waist because I was in a faction with Raven. If you go on the Wikipedia for Raven’s Flock, my name is on there and so is Jeff Cannonball’s, who I also loved working with at MLW. If you don’t know who Cannonball is, please check him out. One of the best deathmatch wrestlers around and one of the best dudes I know. MLW and The Calling was really, really fun.

** Chelsea Green made the media rounds for WWE and stopped past 1035 KISSFM. She heaped praise onto both Rhea Ripley and Maxxine Dupri.

So, I have two people (I’d like to give flowers to). One would be Rhea Ripley. I know she gets her flowers but I’m telling you, she’s so much more talented than you guys have even seen. She does so much for the women in this business and she comes to work and she is always, always, always happy and that’s hard to do with, you know, just a little bit of sleep every night and then the other one is Maxxine (Dupri). Maxxine, you know, she was brought up from NXT. She had barely wrestled. When I tell you she had a broken foot and had barely wrestled like four months and was brought up and then is put on live television, learning matches as she goes, being thrown in matches with people like Rhea Ripley and Sarah Logan and kind of having to learn and grow with this business and she’s getting in the ring and being kind of ripped apart by the internet. That’s really, really hard to do and she also stays positive, stays humble, stays true to herself so those two are — they’re amazing, amazing women.

** On Busted Open, Mark Henry shared that he’s playing the middleman to get a collaboration started between MLW and All Caribbean Wrestling.

I had a big conversation with Court Bauer at MLW about a versus between All Caribbean Wrestling and MLW. He’s like, ‘In a heartbeat.’ He said, ‘Mark, if you’re involved, I’m involved.’ So, Court, it’s me and J.B. (Cool). We’ll be calling you this week and we’re gonna try to get this done because I can see the All Caribbean versus between MLW being a highly, highly successful thing. So, we working, we’re doing our magic. We’re working our magic.

** Daniel Garcia guest appeared on Daytime Buffalo to promote the 6/26 AEW Dynamite. 

** The vacant LIDET UWF Championship is going to be on the line at GLEAT’s July 1st show. Katsuhiko Nakajima will be taking on Takanori Ito to determine the next champion. Also scheduled for that show is Josh Barnett versus Yu Iizuka.

** Below is the advertised lineup for the 7/29 Sareee-ISM show from Shinjuku FACE:

  • Chi Chi vs. Miria Kouga
  • Tsukasa Fujimoti & Arisa Nakajima vs. Mio Momono & Riko Kawahata
  • Kurumi Hiragi vs. Yuu
  • Natsupoi & Sareee vs. Takumi Iroha & AZM

** On September 2nd at Korakuen Hall, Unagi Sayaka is going to be presenting her second self-produced wrestling show. September 2nd is Sayaka’s birthday.

** NJPW’s Great-O-Khan teaches viewers how to build a P.C. on the PC Koubou YouTube channel: 

** IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion El Desperado is guest coaching for a sports project.

** There’s a signing with Kosei Fujita on NJPW’s YouTube channel: 

If any of the quotes from the following podcasts or video interviews are used, please credit those sources, and provide an H/T and link back to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.

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