GCW Worst Behavior Results: Mance Warner vs. Blake Christian in Toronto

Photo Courtesy; GCW

GCW: Worst Behavior 2024
July 5, 2024
The Opera House
Toronto, Canada 

Match Recommendations: 

  • Blake Christian vs. Mance Warner 
  • Violence is Forever vs. The Dynasty 
  • Joey Janela vs. Gabe Kidd 

Commentary: Dave Prazak and Veda Scott

Four Way Match: Charlie Tiger vs. Marcus Mathers vs. Harlon Abbott vs. Jack Cartwheel 

The crowd chanted for Jack to do a cartwheel, which he obliged. They all went to shake Harlon’s hand, but he flipped them off and ate a triple superkick, sending him to the floor. Jack went for a dive on the floor, but Harlon pulled him out before he could execute it. Tiger and Harlon paired off in the ring, with Harlon hitting a big splash in the corner, only to be hit with a powerbomb by Tiger. Jack took Tiger down with a headscissors into a cartwheel back elbow in the corner, followed by a standing shooting star press for a near fall.

Mathers returned to the ring and hit Jack with an elbow, followed by a top rope crossbody, but it was only good for a two-count. Mathers planted all three of his opponents in the center of the ring and hit them all with a Lionsault, followed by an attempted dive to the floor, but Abbott stopped it and took flight himself, wiping everyone out on the floor. Abbott hit Jack with a combination of kicks, sending him to the floor. Mathers unloaded on Abbott with a series of forearm strikes and went for a splash, but Abbott moved out of the way and hit him with a big neckbreaker, then an imploder off the second rope.

Tiger returned to the ring and hit Abbott with Snake Eyes, followed by a big spear and repeated splashes in the corner. Tiger was hit with a Poisonrana from Cartwheel and faced off with Mathers in the center of the ring. The Toronto crowd loved both of these guys as they unloaded on each other with kicks and strikes. Mathers hit a dive to the floor, which gave Jack the opening to hit a Sasuke Special, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Jack sent Abbott back into the ring and went for a twisting shooting star press, but Abbott moved out of the way and was hit with a MASSIVE J Driller. Mathers broke the pin and hit Abbott with a destroyer.

Tiger sent Mathers into the corner with a DVD but was caught by Abbott, who went coast to coast. Abbott then dragged Mathers up to the top rope and hit him with a superplex, only to be laid out with a headbutt from Tiger. Tiger went for the pin, but Jack broke it up with a Shooting Star Press for the victory.

Jack Cartwheel Defeated Harlon Abbott, Charlie Tiger, and Marcus Mathers

Singles Match: Jody Threat vs. Megan Bayne 

Bayne had a significant size and strength advantage over Threat, which she showcased by easily powering her back into the corner. Bayne quickly got out of a headlock from Threat and took her down with a shoulder tackle. Threat sent Bayne into the corner with a head scissors, hitting her with repeated forearm shots and a big crossbody off the top rope.

Bayne powered up and sent Jody crashing into the corner, where she hit her with a splash followed by a double underhook suplex. Threat moved out of the way of another splash and went for an Oklahoma roll, but Bayne easily kicked out and hit her with a sliding clothesline for a near fall of her own. Bayne slapped Threat across the face, which only fired Threat up. Threat hit her with repeated forearms and a running knee strike into a massive German suplex that turned Bayne inside out.

Jody drank a beer and attempted to hit Bayne with a suplex, but Bayne fought out of it and hit Jody with a Tombstone for the victory.

Megan Bayne Defeated Jody Threat

Singles Match: Galeno Del Mal vs. Gringo Loco 

Galeno backed Loco into the corner and let Gringo get a clean break before stomping on his back. The two men started doing their lucha reversals and evasions, ending in a stalemate. Galeno was sent to the floor, giving Gringo the opening to land a big flip dive, sending Galeno into the second row. The two men traded chops on the floor, and Gringo sent Galeno back inside the ring, hitting him with a top rope moonsault. Galeno fired back up, taking Gringo down with a big leaping shoulder tackle as he posed to the crowd.

Galeno locked Gringo in the camel clutch and then hit him with a big splash. The crowd chanted “you still suck” as Gringo easily kicked out of the pin attempt. Gringo caught him with a back elbow but was quickly shut down after a kick to the jaw and a sit-out powerbomb for another close near fall. Gringo hit a double jump cutter on Galeno, but for some reason, they didn’t go for a pin; they just rolled to the apron to set up another move, which was a cannonball from Galeno off the apron to the floor. Galeno hit a Frog Splash, but Gringo kicked out again. 

They were just doing moves without any story or meaning behind them, and I blame the inexperience of Galeno for the match quality. Gringo hit a Spanish Fly for the victory.

Gringo Loco Defeated Galeno Del Mal

Singles Match: Kerry Morton vs. Mike Bailey 

Morton proclaimed himself the next GCW World Champion. Bailey definitely didn’t agree with this statement, as he kicked Morton in the face, dumped him to the floor, and beat him up around ringside while cutting a promo on him. They battled their way back inside the ring, where Bailey went for a top rope leg lariat, but Morton caught him out of mid-air and powerbombed him. Morton had firm control of the match by targeting Speedball’s knees and back with repeated shots. Kerry charged into the corner, but Bailey was able to get his feet up, stopping his momentum.

Bailey unloaded on Morton with repeated kicks and a standing shooting star press, but it was only good for a two-count. Bailey went for a shooting star press, but Morton moved out of the way. The two men started exchanging forearm shots in the center of the ring. Bailey booted Morton in the face and hit him with a triangle moonsault. Morton responded with a moonsault of his own but landed on his feet. Bailey hit Morton with a penalty kick followed by the moonsault double knee, but Morton kicked out. Bailey planted Morton with a Falcon Arrow. Bailey went to the top rope for a Shooting Star Press and had the win, but Morton got his foot on the rope.

Morton distracted the ref, which gave him time to knee Bailey in the balls and hit him with a knee to Bailey’s head, but surprisingly Bailey kicked out. Morton grabbed the mic and told the crowd that he was going to kill Bailey. Bailey nailed him with a superkick followed by the Ultimate Weapon for the victory.

Mike Bailey Defeated Kerry Morton 

Hockey Game Tag Team Match: Gahbage Daddies vs. Bollywood Boyz

They each encroached on the puck drop and had to be backed off by the ref. The Bollywood Boys scored the first goal but were jumped from behind by the Gahbage Daddies, who beat them down with hockey sticks. The Gahbage Daddies isolated Harv in their corner of the ring, making frequent tags to wear down their opponent. Cole was caught with a DDT, and although Price tried to save his partner, Gurv received the hot tag and ran wild on his opponents with kicks. He nailed Cole with a spin kick to the head for a near fall.

Price missed a splash and was locked in a sharpshooter. Cole tried to save Price but was also locked in a sharpshooter. Price broke free of the hold by hitting Gurv across the head with a hockey stick. Price hit Gurv with a top rope splash to the floor, while Cole hit Harv with a rebound stunner into a Swanton from both Daddies, but Gurv returned to the ring just in time to make the save.

Price and Radrick were both hit across the back with hockey sticks and then crotched with them as well. Gurv came off the top with an elbow drop for the pin and the win.

Bollywood Boyz Defeated Gahbage Daddies 

Singles Match: New Japan Strong Openweight Champion Gabe Kidd vs. Joey Janela 

The two men battled for position early on, exchanging strikes in the center of the ring, with Gabe gaining the advantage with a stiff forearm shot. Janela fired up and hit Gabe with a diving uppercut followed by a tope to the floor, sending Kidd into the front row. They returned to the ring, but Janela was shoved off the top rope and onto the floor. Janela was sent headfirst into the turnbuckle and lit up with a series of chops. 

Janela fired back with repeated uppercuts, superplexed Kidd, and unloaded on him with chops and a neckbreaker. Janela connected with a swinging DDT that launched Kidd across the ring. Janela waited for Kidd to get back to his feet before planting him with a Death Valley Driver for a two count. Janela called for a Brainbuster, but Gabe reversed it and hit him with one of his own. Kidd went under the ring and brought in a door and a couple of chairs. 

Janela connected with a rolling elbow, placed Kidd on top of the door, and sent him through it with a top rope double stomp, but it still wasn’t enough to put the New Japan Champion away. Janela went for a package piledriver, but Gabe fought out of it and connected with a vicious set of lariats. Janela managed to stay on his feet but was folded inside out with a Back Drop Driver. Joey popped back up and hit Gabe with a powerbomb to even the score. The two men unloaded on each other with forearms, traded German suplexes, and Kidd rocked Joey with a piledriver for the victory.

Gabe Kidd Defeated Joey Janela 

Singles Match: Jordan Oliver vs. Charles Mason 

Mason targeted Jordan Oliver’s previously injured knee, but Oliver managed to escape before any damage was done. The two men locked up again, and Charles Mason went after the knee once more. The referee backed Mason off to check on Oliver’s condition. Mason threw a chair into the ring, planning his next assault. He hesitated for a moment but then hit Oliver across the back with the chair. 

Oliver fired up and connected with a series of strikes and kicks, sending Mason to the floor. Oliver continued his assault, chopping Mason across the chest around the ringside area and sending him head-first into the ring post. Oliver went for the Cloutcutter, but his knee gave out, giving Mason an opening to hit him with a Dragon Screw followed by a Death Valley Driver for a two count. 

Mason locked in a knee bar, but Oliver refused to quit and reached the ropes. Oliver hit Mason with a cutter but couldn’t follow up due to the injured knee. He then connected with a Shellshock, but Mason kicked out again. Oliver trapped Mason’s arms and launched him across the ring with a Tiger Suplex. Mason pounced on Oliver with a sleeper hold. 

Oliver rolled out of it and went for the Cloutcutter, but Mason locked in another sleeper hold. However, Oliver jackknifed the pin and secured the victory.

Jordan Oliver Defeated Charles Mason 

Post Match: Mason jumped Oliver from behind and continued to work over his knee with a chair and a knee bar. The refs came from the back and freed Oliver and brought Mason to the back. 

Trio’s Match: BUSSY and Masha Slamovich vs. Team IWS 

Team IWS came out to “Not Like Us” and cut a promo on how awful Toronto is. Masha Slamovich came out as the third member of BUSSY, and everyone started brawling. Masha charged into the corner and hit PCP Manny with an elbow, followed by a boot from EFFY and a cannonball from Allie Katch. Manny was tied up in the ropes by EFFY as Phantom and Eddy returned to the ring and beat down EFFY. Masha made the save for EFFY and sent Phantom to the floor but was slapped across the face by Eddy. 

Masha and Allie teamed up on Eddy but were quickly dumped with spinebusters from Sexxxy Eddy. Manny hit Masha with a choke breaker, but Masha was able to get her shoulder up at the last second. IWS took cheese graters to their opponents’ heads. Masha hit Manny with a low blow as BUSSY and Masha hammered skewers into their opponents’ heads and then hit them over the head. Phantom dropped both EFFY and Katch with a Soylent Green as Sexxxy hit a split-legged moonsault on BUSSY for a two count.

Manny isolated Masha on the stage and hit her with a sit-out driver, driving her head right into the wooden stage. Manny grabbed a Nick Gage-painted door and brought it into the ring. Whoever did the artwork did a fantastic job. Phantom and Eddy set the door up in the ring, but EFFY hit Phantom with a Sack Ryder. Katch hit Eddy with a piledriver as they turned their attention to Manny on the stage. Manny was given a Shield powerbomb off the stage through the door for the victory.

BUSSY and Masha Slamovich Defeated Team IWS

GCW World Tag Team Championship Match: Violence is Forever (Champions) vs. The Dynasty 

The champions jumped The Dynasty before the bell rang and unloaded on them with fists and tandem moves. Dynasty managed to turn the tables on ViF by hitting them with two neckbreakers for a pinfall attempt of their own. Dom tagged himself in and ran wild on Archer with repeated strikes and stiff kicks to his back. Ku followed up with chops of his own, overwhelming Archer briefly before being caught with a Total Elimination for another near fall.

Archer blocked a double underhook suplex and laid Ku out with a flatliner, finally bringing Ku down and giving Archer the opening to tag in Jackson Roy. Roy charged in with a big shoulder tackle and followed up with a massive Blue Thunder Bomb, but Dom kicked out at the last second. Roy then sent Dom crashing across the ring with an overhead suplex before both men tagged in their partners.

Archer and Ku traded strikes in the center of the ring, leading to Dynasty hitting Ku with a 3D, though Dom made the save just in time. Dom and Roy continued their battle on the apron, with Dom kneeing Roy in the face and hitting him with a piledriver on the apron. ViF capitalized with a popup double kick on Archer followed by a gutbuster-lariat combo. They sealed the match with Chasing the Dragon on Archer to retain the GCW World Tag Team Championships.

Violence is Forever Retained the GCW World Tag Team Champions

Singles Match: GCW World Champion Mance Warner vs. “The Real World Champion” Blake Christian 

Mance Warner punched Blake in the face and worked him over in the corner with chops before dumping him to the floor. Mance grabbed a skewer and spiked Blake in the head, sending him into the crowd. Mance went for a lariat, but Blake moved out of the way, causing Mance to connect arm-first with the ring post. Blake slammed Mance’s hand repeatedly against the ring post, hit him with a springboard dropkick, and followed up with a double stomp to the chest.

Mance pushed the ref into the ropes, knocking Blake off balance, and started to bite his nose. Mance grabbed a steel chair from underneath the ring and hit Blake across the back with it. Few in GCW swing a chair as hard as Mance Warner. He rolled Blake back into the ring, where he Sabu’d him with a steel chair and struck him across the back again.

Blake was sent face-first into a chair set up in the corner, and Mance slowed down the pace, picking Blake apart. Blake blocked a DDT attempt and hit Mance with a Brainbuster on the chair, but Mance managed to kick out. Blake then dropped Mance with a DDT and a Falcon Arrow on an open steel chair, but Mance kicked out again. Blake climbed to the top rope for a 450, but Mance rolled out of the way, only to be hit in the arm with another kick followed by a snap of Mance’s arm.

Blake set up a door bridge in the ring, sent Mance into the corner, and unloaded on his head and arm with Kawada kicks. Blake got a running start on the stage and went for a spear, but Mance caught him and sent him face-first with a DDT through the door. Blake got his boot on the bottom rope to continue the match. Mance hit Blake with big overhand chops, but Blake connected with a high knee before locking in an armbar. Mance got out of the hold and hit Blake with a headbutt that dropped both men.

The two began slapping each other across the face, neither giving an inch. Blake was turned inside out with a lariat but got his shoulder up. Blake hit a desperation superkick but was quickly dropped with a brutal knee strike from Mance, which still wasn’t enough to put him away. Mance was sent face-first into a door. Blake climbed to the top rope but was cut off by Mance. Blake tripped Mance up and hit him with two top rope double stomps, but the door still didn’t break, giving Mance just enough strength to kick out.

Blake was jumped by Broski Jimmy, who went to hit Blake with a chair, but Blake moved out of the way, and Broski hit Mance’s head instead. Mance was hit with a 450, but Janela ran in and hit Blake with a dropkick to break up the pin attempt. Broski hit Janela across the back with a steel chair and then attacked SDL. Broski Jimmy Lloyd worked Joey over with the steel chair until Megan Bayne showed up, took out Jimmy with a spear, and stood face to face with SDL. Mance jumped Bayne from behind and hit her with an implant DDT.

Mance Warner pulled a screwdriver out of his boot and went to attack Joey with it, but Blake took it out of his hand and curb-stomped Bayne. Blake tossed the screwdriver to Mance as he left the arena. Janela was hit in the head with a running knee from Mance Warner and was propped up as Mance stabbed Megan Bayne in the eye with the screwdriver.

No Contest

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