Minoru Suzuki released from hospital after match stoppage, diagnosed with concussion

Photo Courtesy: All Elite Wrestling

Minoru Suzuki was taken to hospital on Saturday after a match had to be stopped following a blow to his head.

He is recovering at home.

He was wrestling in the main event of the Osaka Crush Night show run by Tenyru Project at Azalea Taisho Hall in Osaka.

During the six-man tag match for the Tenryu Project WAR Six-Man Tag Team Titles, Suzuki sustained an impact to the head and went down. The referee waved off the match.

Suzuki was teaming with Kengo & YASSHI to defend the titles in a two-out-of-three-falls match against Tomohiro Ishii, Yuji Hino & Don Fujii.

The 56-year-old was assessed in hospital as having sustained a concussion but was later discharged. No bleeding was detected.

From Tenyru Project:

Thank you for your patience and understanding regarding the incident involving Minoru Suzuki today.

During today’s main event, an accident occurred involving Minoru Suzuki. As a result, the referee and Tenryu Project management made the decision to stop the match. Fortunately, after examination at the emergency hospital, it was determined that Suzuki did not suffer any head bleeding. He was diagnosed with a concussion.

With the doctor’s permission, Suzuki is now on his way home. He is not showing any significant symptoms, is able to walk on his own, and communicate clearly. As per the doctor’s instructions, we will monitor his condition over the next 2-3 days and conduct further tests if necessary.

We sincerely apologize for causing concern to all pro wrestling fans, including those who attended the event and those watching the broadcast. We understand that the decision to stop the match may have left some fans unsatisfied. However, our top priority is always the safety and well-being of our wrestlers. We hope you can understand that this decision was made with that in mind.

Regarding the match result, since the bout was stopped with the score tied 1-1, it has been ruled a draw. According to PWF rules, this means the champions retain their titles.

We are deeply grateful to all the wrestlers involved, the fans, and everyone who acted swiftly to address the situation. We understand the frustration felt by the wrestlers, and while various adjustments will be necessary, we will do our best to arrange a rematch. We appreciate your understanding in this matter as well.

Once again, we sincerely apologize for any worry or inconvenience caused by this incident.

Monna Shimada

Representative, Tenryu Project

Suzuki himself took to social media to state:

Just a quick update for everyone. I had a CT scan and various other tests, but everything came back fine. The hospital staff practically kicked me out, saying, “If you’re this energetic, just go home!” My memory is intact – I even remember how I went down at the end. So there’s nothing to worry about. And one more thing… “Next time I see you bastards, I’m gonna beat the crap out of all of you!”

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