“All In” Report from the Sears Centre – Cody wins NWA title, Chris Jericho attacks Kenny Omega

John Pollock provides live coverage of the "All In" event from the Sears Centre in Chicago, featuring The Young Bucks & Kota Ibushi vs. Rey Mysterio, Fenix & Bandido, Kenny Omega vs. Pentagon Jr., Nick Aldis vs. Cody for the NWA title & lots more.

Welcome to POST Wrestling’s coverage of the “All In” event from the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

The doors opened two-hours before “Zero Hour” and the merchandise lines are enormous.

Prior to the show going live, there were “All In” chants and the Terminator stomp among the audience members.

At 5 pm local time, the theme music for “Being the Elite” began as Cody & The Young Bucks came out to a standing ovation. Cody welcomed the crowd, they said they would go live on WGN America in 90 seconds. They did some comedy about blowing the budget immediately and led to some pyro going off.

Road Warrior Animal came out on a motorcycle and revved it up followed by the Bucks and Cody tossing out merchandise.

The arena was packed before they went live on WGN America.



The commentators were Ian Riccaboni, Don Callis, and Excalibur.

Sky was dressed as Apollo Creed and Kazarian as Rocky Balboa. Sky says it’s the worst town they have ever been in, but they are part of history and a revolution because they are “all in”. The audience was solidly behind SCU.

The Briscoes got the heat on Sky, there was a clear babyface and heel dynamic among the teams. When Kazarian received the hot tag, there was a huge reaction.

Kazarian did a European clutch to Mark while bridging Jay with a Northern Lights suplex. Sky connected with a tope con giro to both Briscoes. SCU applied simultaneous dragon sleepers with an eye gouge allowing the Briscoes to escape.

The Briscoes went for a Doomsday Device, Kazarian reversed with a powerslam off the shoulders and got the pin.


The audience loved the opener, the finish was a nice nod to the Road Warriors with a twist. SCU was incredibly popular.

Alicia Atout interviewed Kenny Omega about tonight’s match with Pentagon Jr. and asked Pentagon to make it a match for the ages. Omega said he would make a day to remember.


Featuring: Colt Cabana, Shane Helms, Jordynne Grace, Billy Gunn, Moose, Chuckie T., Beretta, Ethan Page, Brian Cage, Jimmy Jacobs, Rocky Romero, Austin Gunn, Punishment Martinez, Tommy Dreamer, Cheeseburger, masked luchador & Brandon Cutler.

Bully Ray came out to join the battle royale.

Dalton Castle joined the commentary.

Bully immediately powerbombed one of the masked luchadors through a table on the floor. He remained on the floor throughout the match.

Dreamer and Billy Gunn teased dives and hit axe handles off the apron to the floor.

Marko Stunt got a big spot dropkicking Moose from behind and eliminating him.

Brandon Cutler was eliminated next.

Beretta and Chuckie T. hugged and were thrown out by Martinez together.

Romero did the Forever clotheslines that got over well and then was nailed by Cage and eliminated.

Helms choke slammed Martinez and Cage got his big pop of the match. Page and Helms were on the edge of the apron, Page knocked Helms to the floor and Cabana sends Page to the floor.

Dreamer hit the bionic elbow, did his pose and was tossed out by Bully Ray after a garbage can shot to the head.

Billy Gunn eliminated Jacobs. Austin Gunn eliminated Martinez. Bully eliminated Austin Gunn after father and son hugged.

Marko hit an incredible tilt-a-whirl onto Cage and Bully then lifted and launched Marko over the top.

Grace and Cage exchanged powerbombs, ending with Grace clotheslining Cage over the top for a massive reaction.

Cabana and Grace did the wuzzup spot to Bully Ray, who came back to eliminate Grace.

Cabana and Bully are left with the masked luchador still down by the broken table. Bully tossed Cabana out when the masked man returned and unmasks to reveal Flip Gordon and tosses Bully out.


This was such a well laid out match with everyone getting a spot to shine in and a great payoff at the end with Flip Gordon revealing himself and winning the match to get onto the show.


The pay-per-view begins with a bonus match added.


MJF offered his hand and then hit Cross with a kick to the gut.

Cross landed a Sasuke special to the floor and got a hot reaction to the move.

Cross sold his left arm and started executing his offence, including a handspring, using his right arm. MJF further attacked with a leaping stomp to the injured arm. He snapped the arm on the top rope and drove him into the mat with a near fall.

MJF missed with a moonsault, Cross sprung off the ropes by his shoulders, hit a cutter and shooting star press to win the match.


It was a fine opener that wasn’t out there to steal the show. Cross is an unbelievable talent that doesn’t get the level of recognition and that’s indicative of how aware the audience is regarding Lucha Underground.

Sean Mooney was backstage and interviewed Nick Aldis, who called Mooney one of the greatest of all time. Aldis put over the significance of the NWA championship and won’t allow Cody the chance to take the first step to immortality by winning.


Jerry Lynn is the referee and received a nice reaction when introduced.

They traded chops with each taking their turn walking over the other’s back to embarrass each other.

On the floor, Amell brought out a table and Daniels avoided being put through. An “Arrow” chant began with Amell on offence.

They teased the table several times as it remained set up on the floor.

Daniels was placed in the corner and Amell landed a coast-to-coast dropkick for the biggest reaction so far in the match. Daniels recovered quickly and landed the BME for a two-count.

Daniels was knocked to the apron, rolled onto the table and Amell jumped and missed, crashing through the table. The audience chanted, “Broken Arrow”. Lynn wouldn’t count them out and returned both into the ring. Daniels argued with Lynn, who threw his shirt at him and led to a roll up by Amell for a two-count.

Amell got a convincing near fall with a bridge after blocking Angel’s Wings, Daniels finally finished with the BME.


Amell and Daniels shook hands after the match and the audience applauded the performance of both.

The match was very good for someone with the relative experience of Amell, it was far from great and felt similar to a well put together match with Shane McMahon, although with much less risk. Amell is a very good athlete and didn’t look out of place for the key parts.


Blanchard received the biggest reaction during her entrance. Tully Blanchard and Magnum TA hugged her on her way to the ring.

Blanchard was featured early on with her power moves and the audience behind her most.

Rayne landed a high cross to all three on the floor. Blanchard missed Baker running into the corner and ran in with her shoulder connecting with the post.

Green hit an Unprettier onto Rayne, Blanchard followed with a missile dropkick and all the women were down.

Rayne came back with a crucifix bomb onto Blanchard and Baker saved. Green hit another Unprettier onto Baker, who got her foot onto the bottom rope. Blanchard kicked out of a Canadian Destroyer by Green, this led to the audience standing on their feet applauding the match and chanting, “All In”.

Out of nowhere, Blanchard caught Green and pinned her and the audience wasn’t ready for the finish and seemed confused.


Outside of the abrupt finish, the match got over very well to the audience. The four hugged and celebrated after the match.



You always hear the term, “big fight feel” for a title match and there are few times that is true. They nailed it during the entrances. Cody came out and had the most incredible presence as he was flanked by Diamond Dallas Page, Tommy Dreamer, Glacier, his dog Pharaoh and other “Nightmare Family” members, including Brandi. Aldis entered alongside Jeff Jarrett, Shawn Daivari and others. The entrances were great as the audience loved Cody and hated Aldis.

The audience was on their feet as the bell rang and the two shook hands.

Cody hit a suicide dive early in the match. He went for Cross Rhodes and was quickly stopped.

Cody went for his springboard leap to the floor and was met with a forearm by Aldis. Cody was down on the floor when Diamond Dallas Page returned to check on Cody. Shawn Daivari came down, shoved Page down and went after Earl Hebner, leading to a Diamond Cutter delivered by Page.

Cody comes up and he is bleeding.

Cody missed with a top rope moonsault and Aldis proceeded to send him off the second turnbuckle with a fallaway slam.

The audience began singing, “Cody is the best, Cody #1”.

Aldis applied a Texas cloverleaf, everyone was cheering on Cody, it was incredible how popular he was during this match. He fought to the bottom rope and got the break and grabbed onto Brandi’s hand. Aldis continued and hit a piledriver and Brandi climbed into the ring to check on Cody. She leaned on top of him as Aldis hit a top rope elbow drop onto both with the elbow dropping onto the back of Brandi. Cody kicked out when Aldis went for the cover.

Cody caught him with a disaster kick and Cross Rhodes for a huge near fall. Aldis blocked Din’s Fire, attempted a sunset flip and Cody hooked the legs to stop it and pinned Aldis. It was a similar finish to the Bret Hart vs. British Bulldog match from SummerSlam 1992.


Referee Earl Hebner presented the title to a tearful Cody.

The Nightmare Family returned to celebrate inside the ring with Cody and Brandi.

It may not be everyone’s match of the night but for atmosphere, crowd reaction and investment for who won and lost, this blew away anything on the show so far and felt like a major match. I enjoyed this a lot.

Hangman Page was backstage having a flashback and was interrupted by Nick Jackson, who he went to attack when he alerted him his match was next.


The audience was chanting, “Joey killer” at Page throughout the match.

They revealed an actual cracker barrel that was used as a weapon in the beginning of the match. Janela leaped off the barrel and flipped into the audience onto Page.

A table and ladder were introduced. The ladder was draped between the ring and guardrail, leading to a spot where Page sent Janela through the ladder with a Burning Hammer from the edge of the apron.

Penelope Ford entered and did the matrix moves before landing a cutter on Page for a massive reaction and followed with a crossbody to the floor. Janela came off the top and put Page through a table with an elbow drop to the floor.

They fought to the entrance and Page powerbombed Janela off the ramp through a table in another insane stunt. He followed with the buckshot lariat and Rites of Passage in the ring, but Ford broke the cover.

There was a garbage bag that was revealed to be carrying Page’s old cowboy boots and he freaked out.

Page went back into the bag and grabbed the phone he used to kill Joey Ryan, strangled Janela and hit a Rites of Passage off a ladder through a table and pinned him.


The match was completely insane and probably the best choice to follow the NWA title match with something so different.

After the match, an army of “penis druids” came out that led to the resurrection of Joey Ryan. He put the lollipop in his pants, did the penis plex and superkicked Page, who was carried to the back by the penis druids. It was totally ridiculous, and everyone loved it.



Cary Silkin held up the ROH title during the introductions.

Lethal came out as Black Machismo with Lanny Poffo. Brandi was with Gordon.

Lethal grabbed Brandi, who told Machismo, “I am not Liz” and he placed her on his shoulder.

Poffo got Lethal into the zone as he followed up with a top rope elbow drop and proceeded to hit them from the various corners. Gordon kicked out and began to Hulk up. Gordon hit the big boot, cupped his ear and then attacked with a series of high-flying offensive moves that Hogan never tried.

Gordon landed a Spiral Tap and got a massive near fall.

Gordon proceeded to go for a springboard with Lethal seated on the top, Lethal countered with a flying cutter in mid-air and hit the Lethal Injection to win.


This wasn’t in the league of the same “feel” that the NWA title match had and it didn’t have a chance given the respective build-ups and this match being made two hours ago. It was strange to see Ring of Honor’s title match presented as heavily reliant on comedy. The closing sequence was strong.

Bully Ray ran down and attacked Lethal and Gordon after they hugged. Bully Ray used a chain, leading to Lanny Poffo standing up to Bully and being kicked low. Bully set up a table, Colt Cabana ran down to stop Bully with Cabana, Lethal & Gordon delivering the Shield powerbomb to Bully through the table.


The audience was going crazy as they entered the ring.

Pentagon landed the first dive with a tope con giro after thwarting Omega’s attempt.

Omega took over after hitting a springboard crossbody to the floor. He hit a snap dragon suplex and teased the One-Winged Angel but was blocked.

Omega drilled him with a knee, but it didn’t phase Pentagon. Omega dropped him on his neck and hit a V-Trigger. The One-Winged Angel and package piledriver were blocked with Pentagon hitting a pump handle driver for a two-count.

Pentagon stopped Omega on the edge of the apron and hit the package piledriver for the loudest reaction so far in the match.

Pentagon avoided another One-Winged Angel and snapped Omega’s right arm. They went into near falls and the audience was on their feet after Omega kicked out.

Omega made his comeback and finally hit the One-Winged Angel to keep Pentagon down for the count.


The lights went out in the building and when they turned on, Pentagon was laying in the ring and attacked Omega with the code breaker. He unmasked, and it was Chris Jericho as the place went nuts. Jericho hit another code breaker and ended with, “see you on the Jericho cruise.”

The match got over big in the final few minutes for the live crowd after some of the near falls. The surprise with Jericho was done very well.


Scurll kept flexing while he was in control early and led to a brief “heavyweight” chant.

Scurll worked on the neck, including a tornado DDT out of the corner to get a two-count.

Okada caught with a boot but Scurll countered a suplex and landed a brainbuster. The audience chanted, “heavyweight” again. The story is Scurll wrestling a serious match and proving Okada he can hang at his level.

Scurll tries for a piledriver, can’t lift him, the audience rallies him to do it but then is hit with a belly-to-back neckbreaker from Okada.

Scurll hit another tornado DDT, went for the tombstone but it was reversed with Okada calling for the Rainmaker. Okada made the 2-0-5 sign with his hand, Scurll grabbed the fingers and snapped them. Okada came back and attempted the Rainmaker, it was ducked and Scurll applied the chicken wing. Okada stood up and slammed him way out of it.

Scurll grabbed from behind and re-applied the chicken wing, Okada rolled out and was shoved into referee Tiger Hattori by Scurll.

Scurll attacked him with the umbrella and his own Rainmaker for a massive near fall. They received a standing ovation for that near fall. He called for the chicken wing, Okada countered and hit the Rainmaker, but both were down.

Scurll stood up to him, took a spinning Rainmaker and regular version as Okada got the victory.


Another tremendous match, this is going to be one of the best shows of 2018.



Bandido immediately landed a multi-rotational flip from the top onto Matt Jackson.

Fenix slipped on the top rope but completed the sequence with Nick, a crowd that was super forgiving and didn’t want to see anything hurt it.

Mysterio and Ibushi were tagged in and everyone got onto their feet.

Nick got the tag and exploded, landed a double springboard corkscrew to the floor immediately followed by a Golden Triangle moonsault from Ibushi to another part of the floor. Bandido hit a tornillo off the top to everyone on the floor.

Matt stopped a 619, grabbed Mysterio and Nick and Ibushi set up on the apron. Ibushi was taken out with a running knee and Nick by a ‘rana. Rey landed the 619 to Matt and then a top rope splash for a near fall on Matt.

Bandido hit a top rope moonsault slam onto Matt. The Bucks came back with superkicks to Bandido and Rey. Then, they hit the craziest More Bang for Your Buck with all three onto Bandido. The match concluded with Matt getting the cover.


Rey Mysterio thanked the audience for selling the place out and the Bucks for including him. They all shook hands and hugged.

The entire arena is on their feet applauding and chanting, “All In”.

Nick says a show like this doesn’t happen without Kenny Omega, Cody, all their wives for their help.

The entire crew is out. Matt joked that they had to hurry and beat them really fast. Nick said they ended this show with three seconds to go.

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