AEW Double or Nothing: Jericho pins Omega, Jon Moxley debuts

John Pollock's coverage of the AEW Double or Nothing event from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas with Kenny Omega taking on Chris Jericho in the main event.

AEW Double or Nothing

This is POST Wrestling’s coverage of All Elite Wrestling’s Double or Nothing card from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

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The Buy-In pre-show began at 7 pm Eastern.

Orange Cassidy has been added to the Casino Battle Royale.


Brandon Cutler, Sunny Daze, MJF, Dustin Thomas, and Michael Nakazawa started the match as “The Clubs”. There were lots of boos when MJF was introduced. Nakazawa poured baby oil onto himself and used the oil to slide out of a hold by Daze.

The next suit was “Diamonds”, but no one came out when the three-minute mark had been hit. Brian Pillman Jr. attacked Isiah Kassidy on the way to the ring. Jimmy Havoc and Joey Janela suplexed Pillman Jr. onto the ramp. Shawn Spears was also part of the group and had a big reception.

Pillman Jr. was visually closer to Ricky Morton Jr.

MJF gave the middle finger to the crowd and was poked in the eye by Spears. He hit the Tye Breaker, did the “ten” sign and gave MJF the middle finger as the audience chanted “ten”.

The next set had an actual countdown on the screen. The “Hearts” suit featured Billy Gunn, Glacier, Jungle Boy, Marq Queen, and Ace Romero.

Nakazawa was the first one eliminated. Janela lit a cigarette in the ring. Glacier hit Daze with the mist and sent him off the turnbuckle to the floor followed by MJF eliminating Glacier. Havoc put Janela’s cigarette out in his forehead.

The “Spades” group featured Marko Stunt, Luchasaurus, Sonny Kiss, and Tommy Dreamer.

Romero hit a tope suicida that nearly lived up to its name. Dreamer brought weapons into the ring that led to an “ECW” chant. Dreamer received a big reaction after using the weapons.

The “Joker” was Hangman Page as the final entrant.

Page has renamed the Rites of Passage to the Dead Eye and hit it onto Janela.

Stunt took the big pounce from Romero that sent him over the top and onto Private Party on the floor. Jungle Boy lifted Romero and tossed him over the top for the next elimination.

Dustin Thomas hit the 619 onto Janela, which the camera cut away from upon impact, and followed with a 450 splash. Spears went to help Thomas and he was eliminated after Thomas applied a guillotine and sent him to the floor. MJF knocked Thomas to the floor.

Cutler got his big spot by eliminating Gunn and was immediately sent over by MJF. Luchasaurus eliminated Janela with a chokeslam to the floor through a table.

Kiss had a head scissors applied to Dreamer with the ass in Dreamer’s face before being sent to the floor.

Orange Cassidy was the 22nd man. He was sent out quickly after confronting Dreamer, then Havoc eliminated Dreamer.

MJF sent Jungle Boy over the top, he held onto the top rope and Havoc bit his hand and he fell to the floor.

It’s down to Luchasaurus, Hangman Page, Jimmy Havoc, and MJF.

Luchasaurus eliminated Havoc with a running boot. Page sent Luchasaurus over with a low bridge and the bell rung but MJF ran from behind and tried to throw him over, Page hung on and hit the Buckshot Lariat and tossed MJF out.

WINNER: Hangman Page at 24:01

The concept wasn’t a big winner for me with the order of entrants that took away each person’s individual entrance and there was a screw-up with the second group entering. It turned into a good battle royal and the best choice for the winner in Page.

Alicia Atout was backstage and interviewed Kylie Rae. She explained how excited she was and were interrupted by Peter Avalon and Leva Bates telling them to be quiet and each proclaiming to be “the librarian”.


Sabian sent Guevara to the floor and sprung off the middle rope with a flip onto the floor. Guevara followed with a dive of his own that the camera missed.

Sabian applied the Cruciatus Clutch and Guevara got out of the hold. He hit a standing shooting star press onto Sabian for a two-count.

They set up for a vertical suplex, fell over the top to the floor and ended with Guevara hitting the vertical suplex on the floor. Sabian was draped on the barricade and Guevara landed a shooting star press off the apron.

Guevara went for the 630-splash, landed on Sabian’s knees, and he hit the Deathly Hallows and won the match.

WINNER: Kip Sabian at 9:41

They did backstage skits with all the Elite guys with Kenny Omega, Young Bucks, Cody, and Brandi coming out. They each took turns welcoming everyone to the show. They rounded the attendance up to state 20,000 were in the building. Cody was cut off during his speech as the pre-show ended.


SCU got a big reaction and cut a promo in the ring. Daniels sang and called themselves the “ambassadors of California love”.

SCU got the advantage of Lindaman. T-Hawk was in and worked on the neck of Daniels, he hit T-Hawk with an STO.

Kazarian hit a Northern Lights suplex and roll up on combination. Daniels entered and hit a suicide dive to the floor. Sky hit a flying cutter onto Lindaman.

Daniels hits Angel’s Wings onto T-Hawk and Lindaman broke it up. Kazarian hit a flying rana onto the floor.

It ended with the BME into a tombstone from Kazarian onto Lindaman for the win.

WINNER: SCU at 13:46

Solid opening match and everyone looked great.

Allie joined commentary for the next match.


Brandi Rhodes came out before the match, she said she meant it that any of the three could win but ran into a problem. She doesn’t want a great match but wants a match that is “awesome” and brings out Awesome Kong to join the match.

Kong and Rose had a face off and she sent Rose to the floor with a spinning back fist.

Rose caught Baker and hit a Samoan drop. Rae countered a powerbomb attempt into a sunset flip with Baker stopping the pin.

Rose was stopped on top by Rae and Baker, Kong returned and slammed all three off the turnbuckle. Kong took out Baker with as spinning back fist on the floor. Kong was superkicked by Baker and Rae off the apron and speared into the steps by Rose.

Rae went for an O’Connor roll onto Baker and rolled into a bridging German suplex. Baker responded with a superkick and the Ushigoroshi to pin Rae.

WINNER: Dr. Britt Baker at 11:07

I liked the match and they kept Rose and Kong out of the finish, which teases that they will continue that program. Baker looked very good in the match and everyone had their standout moment. Rose has a lot of presence and Kong enhanced that element with the two monsters squaring off.


Chuckie and Trent went to hug and were cut off with dropkicks from behind.

Chuckie hit the Falcon Arrow onto Evans and he kicked out, which Chuck yelled no one does. He hit Angelico with a shiranui onto the floor. He returned to the ring with a jumping foot stomp off the top onto Evans. Chuckie and Trent hugged with the big camera zoom out.

Angelico saved Evans from the Dude Buster and he hit a Code Red onto Trent. Angelico lifted Trent onto his shoulders, Evans leaped off Trent’s back and hit a moonsault to Chuckie on the floor. Angelico hit a crucifix bomb and Evans hit a 630-splash and Chuckie saved.

Best Friends hit the Doomsday knee from the top, Chuckie hit a tope con giro and won with the Super Dude Buster.

WINNERS: Best Friends at 12:42

After the match, the lights went out and the Super Smash Brothers appeared, but no one recognized them. Excalibur knew them but didn’t identify them right away. Then, the lights went out again and a bunch of masked minions attacked the other members from the match. This did not work.

They announced, “All Out” for Saturday, August 31st at the Sears Center in Chicago and tickets going on sale June 14th.


Sakazaki just had tons of personality and instantly connected with an unfamiliar audience.

They got the advantage on Riho with Kong attacking her with kicks and playing off the size discrepancy. Mizunami eventually received the tag from Riho, who sent Kong into Sakazaki and then lit her up with chops. Mizunami got the everyone chanting for her and built up to a huge clothesline onto Sakazaki in the corner.

Riho returned and hit Kong with the 619, who came back and killed Riho with a suplex. Kong missed the elbow off the middle turnbuckle. Shida tagged in and could not lift Kong. Kong grabbed a garbage can and Shida brought a kendo stick into the ring as Aubrey Edwards missed all of this.

Sakura got the crowd chanting “we will rock you”. Sakazaki hit a springboard crossbody onto the floor.

Sakura hit a moonsault off the top and Shida kicked out. The bell rang and threw the audience off, they continued.

Kong missed and hit Sakura with a spinning back fist and Shida pinned her.

WINNERS: Riho, Hikaru Shida & Ryo Mizunami at 13:00

It was a minor blip with the bell ringing, but I thought the match was solid and a great display of all six.


Cody came out and there was a throne on the stage, he took a sledgehammer and hit it so hard that smoke came out of the throne and Cody was christened “The Throne Breaker”.

The audience was red-hot as the match began. They went to the floor after a suicide dive from Cody and Dustin came back with a senton off the apron. Brandi threw water at Dustin and Cody took the advantage.

Dustin set up Cody in the corner, went for the kick and Cody removed the turnbuckle padding and Dustin was sent into the exposed buckle, which opened him up. On the floor, Brandi speared Dustin leading to Earl Hebner ejecting her. Diamond Dallas Page came out and removed Brandi.

Dustin was bleeding so badly, and it was leaking out of his head. It was all Cody until Dustin grabbed his weightlifting and whipped him on the bare ass.

Dustin hit a superplex and the Final Cut for a near fall. Cody kicked him low, Disaster Kick and the Cross Rhodes for a two-count.

Cody hit Din’s Fire (vertebreaker) and another Cross Rhodes for the win.

WINNER: Cody at 22:28

Phenomenal match and one of the bloodiest in a long time.

Cody returned to the ring, the audience chanted “thank you, Dustin” and Cody said you don’t get to retire here. He asked Dustin to team with him in July at Fight for the Fallen against The Young Bucks. Cody said he doesn’t need a partner, he doesn’t need a friend, he needs his older brother. They hugged and left together.

Bret Hart was introduced to unveil the AEW world championship. Hart brought out Hangman Page and said the world champion would be decided on a pay-per-view in a few months.

MJF interrupted, he said a horse cannot be the face of the company. He explained what happens to a horse when it has a bum leg and blowing its brains out. He said Page got a fluke victory and should relinquish his title shot. He said he would the best there is, was, and ever will be and then said the catchphrase sucks. He turned around and Jungle Boy had come out, he called Jungle Boy a “pre-pubescent teenager” and went to leave when Jimmy Havoc walked out. They attacked MJF and then Hart unveiled the championship.


Nick Jackson and Fenix had a phenomenal sequence on the floor with neither gaining the edge and returned to the ring.

Fenix used a Greco Roman knuckle lock on Matt, scaled to the top, kicked Nick on top and then hit a rana onto Nick that looked fantastic.

Pentagon attacked Matt with leg kicks. Matt hit a spinning stunner and then applied the sharpshooter onto Fenix, which Pentagon broke up.

The Bucks applied sharpshooters onto both, and they reached the rope. Fenix was draped on the middle rope as Nick Jackson hit a 450 splash off the top. Then, the Bucks hit a combination powerbomb and shiranui while Nick made the sign for the Motor City Machine Guns.

All four went down after a sequence of superkicks and a double clothesline.

Pentagon hit Matt with a Destroyer onto the edge of the apron, Fenix hit Nick with one in the ring for a near fall. Pentagon hit a Gori special and package piledriver to both simultaneously, Nick kicked out of a senton atomico from Fenix.

Matt hit a brainbuster to Fenix, then Pentagon kicked out from More Bang for Your Buck.

Pentagon snapped Matt’s arm and hit the Pentagon Driver for a huge near fall. Fenix attacked the injured arm, he caught Fenix and held him with one arm as Nick hit the Meltzer Driver and they won.

WINNERS: The Young Bucks at 24:56 to retain the AAA tag titles

Excalibur was outstanding calling all the major moves, the call backs to past rivals, and the match was excellent.


Jericho entered with actors standing in representing his past iterations as Lionheart, the List of Jericho, and one with the light up jacket. Omega came out to his new music.

They fought on the floor, Jericho rang the bell and puts his arms in the air. Jericho took a camera and Omega spit water at the lens.

Jericho stopped to give the middle finger to the audience and challenge someone to jump into the ring. Omega’s nose was busted open.

Jericho brought out a table and Omega dove with a tope con giro and appeared to smash Jericho’s arm with the table. Omega followed with a springboard double foot stomp onto the table. Back in the ring, Omega landed a V-Trigger to the back of the head in the corner.

Jericho attempted the lionsault and landed on Omega’s knees. Jericho dumped Omega and hit the lionsault onto Omega’s back with a bad landing then followed with a second one. Omega took a back body drop onto the table on the floor.

Omega stopped a superplex, dove off the top and into a codebreaker, which Omega kicked out from.

Jericho blocked the V-Trigger and applied the Walls of Jericho, Omega kicked his way out and hit a V-Trigger. Omega attempted the One-Winged Angel and it was stopped as Jericho went for a DDT but could not hit it properly. They went back, with Omega stopping a lionsault, it was turned into a DDT and Jericho hit the Judas Effect for the win.

WINNER: Chris Jericho at 26:35

After the match, he said it’s his time now and he is AEW. He said it isn’t a company for the fans but a company for him. He took credit for the television deal and selling out the arena. He demanded a “thank you”.

Jon Moxley came out from the crowd and hit Jericho and referee Paul Turner with Dirty Deeds. He lifted Kenny Omega and went to hit him but Omega fought back and they went into the crowd. They fought onto the stage and onto the stack of poker chops and hit the Dirty Deeds and then a Death Valley Driver off the stack of poker chips and onto the set.

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