Live report and notes from the G1 press conference in Dallas

Mike Murray covered the G1 Climax press conference on Friday afternoon in Dallas, Texas featuring the participants (minus Jon Moxley) discussing the tournament.

Submitted by: Mike Murray

Hiroshi Tanahashi is out first with a translator
-Says match against Okada is very important
-Says it will be a snap for him to win 2 years in a row

Kazuchika Okada

-Someone from the crowd says Tana is better, Okada sits back down
-“After hearing cheers from the crowd, he is really looking forward to tomorrow”
-Looking forward to the opportunity to show his match against Tana. To show how heated G1 is. -He has already won NJ Cup and G1 and only needs to win this tournament

Kota Ibushi
-“Everyone feels the same as I”
-Last year I was runner up, this year I will win.  I won’t give up. You will see all I have.”

Will Ospreay
-The crowd chanted Ospreay to Olé
-He normally does these where people don’t understand him
-He is nervous and scared for his first G1.
-He never said he wanted to be best, just to do his best
-First-person to do NJ Cup, Super Jrs and G1 in one year
-He is against the hometown boy
-Prove that the juniors belong on the main stage
-Best of Super Jr was not his best yet.
-When he headlines Tokyo Dome and wins the IWJP HW and holds Jr he will be king of both weight divisions

-Has cards with pictures of the A block participants
-Shows cards to the crowd
-“These guys are really interesting. I’m going to color this block my color. My color darkness. NJPW is where the wrestlers are coming from. I will keep fighting or there is no reason for me to stay here.

-I’d love to be the best in the world. G1 is where the best are and the biggest.

Bad Luck Fale
-Throws card
-Someone taunts him that he can’t wrestle
-He says he can and he will and drops an F-bomb

Zack Sabre Jr.
-Can’t believe that he had to put up his spot against Hashi
-The morons in the company put him in the same block as the champ
-He only has to beat the champ to get his shot
-He isn’t like that cretin Ospreay
-He has been compared to a human bowl of spaghetti
-He is going to tap out everyone. Including the very large land mammals. Fale flips a table he is sitting at
-He has more submissions than Ospreay has sent out idiotic tweets this morning

Lance Archer
-Lists the participants
-Welcome to my home
-Today is his 19th anniversary in wrestling. G1 is in his hometown
-Tomorrow his G1 starts by killing Ospreay
-This is for him. This for to change what people think of the American Psycho
-He hopes that Okada is still the champ because at WK he will win and bring the title back to Texas

-“What’s up, Dallas?”
-Speaking English
-So excited to be here. Came to NJPW to show who he is. He is fucking Kenta
-Tomorrow night he is going to kick Ibushi’s ass

Juice Robinson
-I’m going to give it hell this year.
-That’s it

Tomohiro Ishii
-The crowd is cheering too much to hear what he said.

Toru Yano
-Big cheers
-Shows DVD and noodles? he is hawking
-Tourism ambassador
-Producer of these DVDs
-I know it’s going to be a really tough campaign in this tournament but this DVD’s is the 10th anniversary of Chaos and this DVD is for Kare rice

Hirooki Goto
-I was staying in LA at the dojo for a month. Training to beat White this time.

Jeff Cobb
-“Aloha, you beautiful people”
-It’s an honor to be part of G1
-He has been compared to other gaijins. That needs to stop. He is totally different.
-He is throwing a duplex party and all these guys are invited

-Keeps looking at Ishii and the Never Openweight belt
-Shut up you guys
-I came all the way from Japan. I hate flying. Spent over half a day. My opponent isn’t here (Moxley). Why am I here? He used to be a superstar
-Why is he getting special treatment? Moxley looks like just a regular guy. A block. B block. Doesn’t matter. Next year I will be getting special treatment

Tetsuya Naito
-Halo amigos
-This year the winner of the tournament will have the right to challenge the IWGP champion. I have a lot of issues with that. My motivation is really high. I can’t look too far in the future. I have to be in the moment
-I have to focus on this G1. All I can say is tranquillity. I will see you tomorrow

Shingo Takagi
-G1 is open weight tournament this year
-There are 3 singles champions in his block. Moxley, Ishii, and Naito, when I heard that I was so excited
-I will show you the wrestling that only I can deliver to all of my opponents

Jay White
-He says he shouldn’t even have to be in G1 because he is already the number one contender. That he has to face Goto again.
-What is my goal in the G1? To win it
-Do I have any other goals in the G1? No, the goal is to win it
-Doesn’t care about facing any of the other wrestlers
-What does it mean that G1 is starting in Dallas? Doesn’t mean shit to him, he isn’t from here
-Most entitled and undeserving fans get this tournament

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