UFC 240 Report: Max Holloway earns decision win over Frankie Edgar

Welcome to POST Wrestling’s coverage of UFC 240 from Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta.

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*Erik Koch def. Kyle Stewart by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
*Gillian Robertson def. Sarah Frota by TKO at 4:13 of Round 2
*Deiveson Figueiredo def. Alexandre Pantoja by unanimous decision (30-27 all)
*Gavin Tucker def. Seung Woo Choi by rear-naked choke at 3:17 of Round 3
*Hakeem Dawodu def. Yoshinori Horie by TKO at 4:09 of Round 3
*Viviane Araujo def. Alexis Davis by unanimous decision (29-28 all)
*Krzysztof Jotko def. Marc-Andre Barriault by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
*Arman Tsarukyan def. Olivier Aubin-Mercier by unanimous decision (29-28 all)
*Geoff Neal def. Niko Price by TKO at 2:39 of Round 2
*Cris “Cyborg” Justino def. Felicia Spencer by unanimous decision (30-27 all)
*Max Holloway def. Frankie Edgar by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 48-47) to retain the UFC featherweight title

KYLE STEWART (11-2, 170.5) VS ERIK KOCH (15-6, 170.5) – WELTERWEIGHT

Koch was moving up to welterweight for the first time after fighting at featherweight and lightweight in the past. He didn’t look the least bit out of place at this weight.

Koch landed some good shots early but the first open was contested in the clinch where Koch controlled the position and frequently kept Stewart’s back against the fence. In the second, Stewart landed his best strike at the beginning but was shut down through the clinching game and several takedowns from Koch. The Roufusport fighter attempted a D’arce choke after gaining side control.

In the third, Koch had his best round taking Stewart down and gaining mount. He worked for an arm-triangle unsuccessfully and then took his back and ended the fight with heavy ground-and-pound.

WINNER: Erik Koch by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Koch had not fought since January 2018 and this was his first win in over three years. Koch told Joe Rogan that weight cutting is overrated and wants to feel good in the octagon. He mentioned his late father, who passed away last year.

This was a good win for Koch and his third-round performance was very strong.


Robertson took down the BJJ black belt immediately but Frota had a tight guard applied. Frota attempted an inverted triangle that Rogan got excited over, but Robertson escaped any harm. Robertson got free and busted Frota open from half-guard with an elbow by the left eye.

In the second, Robertson scored another takedown with a single leg. Frota attempted a submission off her back that backfired, and Robertson mounted her. Robertson began attacking with elbows and stopped Frota after nonstop elbows.

WINNER: Gillian Robertson by TKO at 4:13 of Round 2

It was Robertson’s first victory by TKO and is now 4-1 in the UFC. She looked very poised against a solid grappler and wasn’t intimidated in that element with a solid top game and finishing Frota with strikes. Frota falls to 9-2 and was her second consecutive loss.


This was an awesome fight.

Figueiredo won all three rounds but it was competitive and highlighted by several huge exchanges. Figueiredo was landing with big right hands in the first round and his striking was on point. Pantoja came on at the end, though.

The second round was incredible. The got into a massive exchange and Pantoja took Figueiredo down. They go up and let their hands fly again and the arena was buzzing. Figueiredo connected with two right hands with the latter dropping Pantoja and attacking with hammer fists to close out the round.

In the third round, Figueiredo landed a brutal right uppercut and continued with elbows. Pantoja tried with leg kicks and was taken down with a body lock. Figueiredo was disciplined in the final minutes knowing he was ahead. Pantoja went for broke with wild right hands in the closing seconds and landed with some success.

WINNER: Deiveson Figueiredo by unanimous decision (30-27 all)

I scored the fight the same as the judges did. He said he loves to fight during his post-fight speech.

Figueiredo bounced back from his first pro loss and has a 5-1 record inside the UFC.


Tucker took the fight to the ground early utilizing a single-leg. Tucker got to Choi’s back but lost the one hook he applied. There was a heavy grappling exchange that Tucker had the best of. Choi landed a knee near the end.

The second round was highlighted by Tucker landing an illegal knee with Choi’s knee on the ground. Referee Marc Goddard deducted one point and Tucker had to compose himself to maintain control of the round. Tucker had several takedowns in the round and attacked with outside leg kicks. I felt Tucker won the round anyway, so it was 9-9.

In the third round, Tucker is working for the single-leg and outworking Choi in the clinch. Out of nowhere, Choi gets a takedown off the fence and immediately takes Tucker’s back but loses it just as quick. Tucker got another takedown, took Choi’s back and flattened him before submitting Choi with a rear-naked choke.

WINNER: Gavin Tucker by rear-naked choke at 3:17 of Round 3

Tucker overcame the point deduction and was on his way to a decision victory, regardless. It was his first fight since September 2017 and second win inside the UFC. He showed superior wrestling and pulled ahead in the final round to make it a decisive victory with the submission.


Horie is making his promotional debut coming from Pancrase.

Dawodu was moving forward but his conservative nature allowed Horie to gain confidence and land several big shots. Dawodu went down briefly from a counter and later from a left hand where Dawodu stumbled. Horie was moving well and Dawodu didn’t figure out his timing in the opening round.

Horie slowed down and Dawodu started piecing together combinations and more active with his kicks. Horie continually circles but didn’t engage as often, moving in for a punch and eating a right hand for his effort. I have it even after two rounds with Dawodu winning the second round.

Dawodu dominated the third round and looked phenomenal. His timing was on point and his confidence grew. He was landing big shots with Horie against the fence with shots to the head and body. Dawodu connected with a huge knee to the head and Horie attempted to get out of danger. Dawodu continued to clinch and lit up Horie. He was pouring it on and landed with a knee and head kick combo to drop Horie and end the fight.

WINNER: Hakeem Dawodu by TKO at 4:09 of Round 3

It was a slow start but the third-round performance from Dawodu was very impressive. This was Dawodu’s third consecutive win.


Araujo made her UFC debut at bantamweight and is cutting down to flyweight for this fight.

Davis stunned Araujo with a right hand but couldn’t follow up. Araujo gained her rhythm and attacked Davis with her strikes, including 31 to the head during the opening round. Araujo used a Superman punch and worked with her jab. Davis hit body kicks near the end, but it was Araujo’s round and her speed was a notable difference-maker.

Araujo was utilizing her speed advantage in the second round and then took Davis down. Quickly, Davis reversed and won the round on top position with her body and head strikes before her elbows went to work and she landed several enormous blows to Araujo to even up the fight after two rounds.

It was Araujo’s round in the third as she kept the fight standing and it outstruck the former title challenger. Araujo circled around and landed lots of head strikes as Davis’ face was a mess. Davis displayed heart and attacked with knees at the end inside the clinch but was not enough. I scored it 29-28 for Araujo.

WINNER: Viviane Araujo by unanimous decision (29-28 all)

Her speed and ability to avoid playing into Davis’ ground game was the key to her victory. She looked good for 125 pounds and maintained a good pace against a durable fighter in Davis. Araujo improves to 8-1 with her fifth straight win.


Her speed and ability to avoid playing into Davis’ ground game was the key to her victory. She looked good for 125 pounds and maintained a good pace against a durable fighter in Davis. Araujo improves to 8-1 with her fifth straight win.

The first round was uneventful but seemed like Jotko earned the 10-9. Jotko hit an elbow as Barriault entered and then landed one of his on Jotko. Jotko went for the takedown and Barriault got up quickly and ate a knee. Barriault tried for a slam near the end and lost his position.

The fight didn’t get any better over the next two rounds. Jotko won the second round with his right uppercut and clinch work. Barriault went for another slam takedown and Jotko landed in mount as the horn sounded.

Barriault had some success in the third round landing several elbows and a leg kicks. He continued with elbows and Jotko took him down at the end. I scored it 29-28 for Jotko.

WINNER: Krzysztof Jotko by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

This was a bad fight and the audience was checked out. After losing three in a row, Jotko has won his last two and holds a record of 8-4 in the UFC. This win didn’t do him any favors as it was a very dull fight.


Tsarukyan clinched at the beginning of the fight and his ability to catch the kicks of Aubin-Mercier was a big advantage. Tsarukyan would catch the kick and then transition to his back. He held Aubin-Mercier against the fence and landed several strikes to take the first round.

Aubin-Mercier had a better effort in the second round and landed a massive knee as Tsarukyan was going to shoot in. Aubin-Mercier attacked with an inside leg kick and used his jab to set up a body kick. Tsarukyan tried to attack the inside but this seemed like Aubin-Mercier’s round to make it even.

It was a dull final round where Tsarukyan took Aubin-Mercier down and stayed in his guard for the duration of the fight. He landed strikes and Aubin-Mercier never improved his position and it should be 29-28 for Tsarukyan.

WINNER: Arman Tsarukyan by unanimous decision (29-28 all)

It wasn’t a terrible fight but following the last fight, the audience didn’t respond well. Aubin-Mercier landed the best strike of the fight with his knee in the second round but he couldn’t do anything off his back in the last round.

Tsarukyan improves to 14-2 and earns his first win in the UFC.

GEOFF NEAL (11-2, 170.5) VS NIKO PRICE (13-2, 169) – WELTERWEIGHT

This was the polar opposite of the last two as these two had a war for the length it lasted.

In the first round, Neal slammed him down and got control of his back. Neal landed a straight left and followed with a combination before Price’s striking came alive and responded. Price landed with a shot while they also cracked heads and Neal went down. Neal recovered after taking a big shot on his back and Neal ended the round with a takedown and got the mount.

Price threw caution to the wind as the second round started and threw wildly. Price went for a guillotine without having his guard and had to give it up or risk a Von Flue choke. Neal attacked with ground and pound and inside of Price’s guard, he started landing with big power shots and started throwing everything and stopped Price while in his guard.

This was a hell of a fight.

WINNER: Geoff Neal by TKO at 2:39 of Round 2

Neal is a real strong prospect and is 4-0 in the UFC since winning on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series in 2017. He has won five straight fights and ten of his eleven fights.


This was a great fight and even in defeat, Felicia Spencer improved her stock by lasting all three rounds.

Spencer’s best moment came in the first round with an elbow that cut Cyborg on the forehead. Cyborg came back with knees to the body and landing huge right hands and notwithstanding the cut, it was a big round for Cyborg, who landed 42 significant strikes to Spencer’s 20.

It continued in the second round, Cyborg had her on the mat after Spencer tried for an Omaplata. Cyborg hit a short right and blasted her with a Superman punch and the margin of significant strikes in Cyborg’s favor was 21-8.

Cyborg dominated the third round and it was probably a 10-8 round. Cyborg used her jabs, inside leg kicks and totally shut down Spencer’s takedown game all fight. She ended the fight with a big flurry on Spencer, who took a lot of damage in this fight but made it to the end.

WINNER: Cris “Cyborg” Justino by unanimous decision (30-27 all)

This was a very entertaining fight and the future of Cyborg is unclear with this being the last fight on her UFC deal. The rematch with Amanda Nunes for the featherweight title is the best fight for both women and Nunes needs a big opponent, which Cyborg represents. Spencer was a game opponent despite losing all three rounds and left with the silver lining of cutting Cyborg with a vicious elbow.


The first round was a feeling-out round but very competitive. Edgar was introducing kicks to the lead leg and connected with a right hand over the top. Holloway landed the big shots of the round with a pair of right uppercuts, the second snapping Edgar’s head back. I scored it for Holloway.

The second was a big round for Holloway as he connected with a clean left and then attacked with the right. He piled up the jabs and then rocked Edgar with a spin kick to the body.

In the third, Holloway slipped back to his jab and thwarted a single-leg takedown. Holloway landed more uppercuts and hurts Edgar, who responds with his first takedown of the fight, but Holloway is up before the horn.

Edgar had a better round in the fourth landing several body kicks and throwing in volume but in the final minute, Holloway poured it on with big power strikes and spin kick to the body as the round ended.

Holloway took the fifth round with his never-ending jabs and beating Edgar throughout.

WINNER: Max Holloway by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 48-47) to retain the UFC featherweight title

It was a solid performance from Holloway and I scored it 50-45 for the champion. He was disciplined and showed tremendous poise with the jab and adapting to best stifle Edgar and he was ultra-effective with his game plan.

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