Rev Pro Live at the Cockpit 45: SANADA vs. Speedball Mike Bailey

Submitted by: Steve Harris

Event: Revolution Pro Live at The Cockpit 45
Venue: The Cockpit Theatre, London

Carlos Romo, Kurtis Chapman and Dan Magee over Kenneth Halfpenny, Shaun Jackson and Brendan White
A fun six-man opener with the Contenders trio given more offense than you would expect, before Romo pinned Jackson.

Sha Samuels came to ringside to address the loss he and Josh Bodom suffered at Summer Sizzler, claiming Rev Pro management had wanted Aussie Open to win the Royal Quest tournament all along. Carlos Romo was still at ringside, and Samuels challenged him to a match, which Romo accepted.

Sha Samuels over Carlos Romo by referee stoppage
Aside from brief flurries from Romo, Samuels took pretty much the whole match before Romo passed out in a Tazmission.

Michael Oku came to the ring to address his loss at Summer Sizzler, stating that he intends to go back to the drawing board and return to try again. El Phantasmo interrupted, mocking Oku and sending him to the back. Phantasmo announced he’s moving to Tokyo and issued an open challenge for his Cruiserweight title, which was answered by Senza Volto

El Phantasmo over Senza Volto
They teased a lightning title change after Volto hit a shooting star press in the first ten seconds, after three minutes Phantasmo pushed Volto into the referee and used the distraction to hit a low blow and roll Volto up for the win. A disappointment given the potential match these two could have had.

Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis) over CCK (Chris Brookes and Jonathan Gresham)
Early on Gresham seemed to suffer a reoccurrence of his injury from Friday night and the match appeared to be over. However as Aussie Open was helping him from the ring he hit both with low blows and revealed the ruse. Kid Lykos constantly interfered until the referee ejected him and Gresham was pinned after a fidget spinner. A much better contest than the last time these teams met at York Hall earlier this year.

Hikuleo over Gabriel Kidd
Kidd is off to train under Shibata at the LA Dojo, and Hikuleo mocked his chances throughout the match. Kidd had Hikuleo in a Boston crab a couple of times but Hikuleo won. He and ELP then beat Kidd down, with Michael Oku attempting to make the save before he was beaten down as well.

Rob Lias over JJ Gale
Lias gloated about running TK Cooper off from Rev Pro, before challenging Contender Gale. Like the previous match, Gale had a good showing before Lias pinned him.

Dan Moloney over Josh Bodom by DQ
This was a hard-hitting match that suddenly ended when Sha Samuels interfered for the DQ. Bodom and Samuels attacked Moloney until Carlos Romo made the save.

SANADA over Speedball Mike Bailey
Here was the big name that was anticipated. This show needed something, and I’m not sure this was it. Bailey is popular here but seemed an odd choice as SANADA’s opponent. There were several comedy spots involving the Paradise Lock and some great near falls for Bailey that people bit on before SANADA tapped Bailey out with Skull End.