POST PURORESU: G1 Climax, Stardom’s 5 Star GP, Q&A


On a special edition of POST Puroresu, John Pollock & WH Park are joined by Dylan Fox of the Eastern Lariat.

The three chat about New Japan’s G1 Climax schedule, the rise of EVIL as Double Champion, the build towards Summer Struggle at Jingu Stadium, the launch of NJPW Strong, and the KOPW concept.

From there, it’s a big discussion on Pro Wrestling NOAH and the formation of CyberFight, Kenoh wins the GHC National title, a Double Title Match on short notice, Keiji Muto’s match with Kaito Kiyomiya on Monday.

Plus, Mayu Iwatani vs. Jungle Kyona’s match from Nagoya, a look at the promotion’s 5 Star Grand Prix, the rise of Giulia & Donna del Mondo, All Japan announces the Champion Carnival dates, and we wrap up the show taking your questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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