Sadie Gibbs confirms she’s no longer with AEW

Sadie Gibbs took to social media and confirmed the news that she's no longer with All Elite Wrestling.

In 2019, it was confirmed that Sadie Gibbs signed with All Elite Wrestling and just one year after her signing, she is no longer with the company. Gibbs took to her Twitter page and confirmed the news that she is no longer with AEW after her profile, along with the profiles of Jimmy Havoc and Bea Priestley were removed from the AEW roster page.

Sadie has continued to respond to a number of comments on social media from those are wishing her well in the next steps of her career. Sadie debuted for AEW at All Out in the Casino Battle Royale. Her next two in-ring appearances for AEW occurred in October on the AEW Dark program on YouTube.

Back in July, Tony Khan did an interview with PWInsider and he spoke about eventually having to make roster cuts and here’s what Khan had to say:

“I haven’t been doing it. I’ve been baring the brunt, the financial responsibility, so there’s been a lot of people that for, not just a few weeks, I mean, for several months now, have not been able to actively participate in the company, and I have kept all those people on. We haven’t let anybody go through the pandemic, because I know it’s a very challenging time to go out and get work. I made this statement early in the pandemic that we haven’t let anybody go. We still haven’t let anybody go. I can’t do that forever. Eventually, this company will have to sever ties with people, but so far we haven’t let anybody go and there’s a lot of people overseas right now that have not been able to get over here. And, at some point, I had to look at how sustainable that is with travel, but to date we’ve kept everybody on. There are a couple people that have nothing to do with the pandemic, but due to their own conduct I suspended without pay while I try to decide what I’m going to do with them, but everybody else here we’ve kept on and paid through this whole thing, which hasn’t been easy, but I think it was the right thing to do. We had great revenue streams that would have made it a lot easier from the live events. Obviously, we do huge gates and we had tons of big six-figure gates coming up every single week, and it’s millions, and millions, and millions of dollars in gate receipts that are gone and we’ll never get [that] now.”

POST Wrestling will keep you updated as more information becomes available about the statuses of both Jimmy Havoc and Bea Priestley in AEW.

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