IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT: Bound for Glory go-home show, PPV Preview

Davie Portman reviews the go-home episode before Bound for Glory featuring The North vs. The Good Brothers, plus a preview of the PPV card.

Photo courtesy: Impact Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling
October 20th, 2020
Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennessee

By: Davie Portman

Commentary by: Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne

Heath vs Cousin Jake vs Hernandez vs Alisha vs Rhino

The following match is to determine who will enter 20th in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match at Bound For Glory. The match starts with the four men looking at Alisha like she doesn’t belong there. Alisha is upset that they aren’t taking her seriously and shoves all four men. Hernandez laughs and places Alisha on the top rope and pats her on the head patronizingly. Rhino and Hernandez go to the outside to brawl as Heath takes on Cousin Jake in the ring. Alisha jumps on Heath’s back for a Headlock but is backed into the corner to break the hold. Alisha goes for a pin on Hernandez but he shoves her off, which sends her to the outside of the ring. All four men are brawling on the outside when Alisha hits a dive, which knocks down Rhino, Heath, and Jake. Hernandez hits a big clothesline sending Heath to the outside, he goes to follow up with a Dive but Alisha stops him in his tracks. Hernandez goes to hit Alicia with a Razors Edge but Cousin Jake makes the save. Rhino goes to Gore Hernandez but he is sidestepped and ends up hitting the Gore on Alisha. Hernandez then rolls up Rhino with a School Boy to pick up the win

Hernandez defeats Heath, Cousin Jake, Alisha, and Rhino via Pinfall in 4 mins 45 secs 

Davie’s thoughts: This match was relatively basic and not a whole lot happened. I don’t think Heath actually did anything except brawl on the outside of the ring out of shot. I did think they were able to incorporate Alisha into the match relatively effectively and some of her spots were entertaining. The big story going into the Gauntlet match on Saturday is that Rhino and Heath’s careers are on the line and Rhino has to enter at Number 1.

Bound For Glory and The Rivalry of Moose and EC3

The following segment promotes the entire Bound For Glory card and has a video package recapping the history of the Moose/EC3 feud. The Bound For Glory card is as follows:

Eric Young vs Rich Swann (Impact World Championship)

Deonna Purrazzo vs Kylie Rae (Impact Knockouts Championship)

The Motor City Machine Guns vs The Good Brothers vs Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs The North (Impact World Tag Team Championship)

Rohit Raju vs Chris Bey vs TJP vs Willie Mack vs Trey Miguel vs Jordynne Grace (Impact X Division Championship)

Moose vs EC3 (Undisclosed Location)

Eddie Edwards vs Ken Shamrock

Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match

Moose Interview

Jimmy Jacobs sits down with Moose for an interview ahead of his match against EC3 at Bound For Glory. Throughout the interview, Moose doesn’t look at Jacobs at all and seems very unresponsive. Jacobs says he must be happy to get his TNA World Heavyweight Championship back. Moose doesn’t look happy at all and questions if anyone is truly happy and says that EC3 won’t be happy after Bound For Glory. Moose storms off leaving Jimmy Jacobs on his own when three men wearing EC3 hoodies attack Jacobs, load him into a van, and kidnap him.

John E. Bravo and the Groomsmen

John E. Bravo is screaming at his groomsmen as they are a week away from the wedding and still very behind schedule. Cody Deaner whispers to Swinger that he “wants to kill that guy” referring to Bravo and Swinger says “Just like his father Dino, eh?”. This joke could be easily seen as offensive but I’m sure it’s going to go over a lot of people’s heads. Bravo asks Cousin Jake if he managed to hire a photographer and it’s revealed that he has hired Kaleb With a K. Kaleb and Tenille Dashwood then interrupts the meeting by taking photos. Taya Valkyrie enters and questions why Bravo is acting out so much and being so rude as she never treated him that way. Bravo reveals that he is incredibly stressed and storms out.

Deonna Purrazzo Promo

Deonna Purrazzo hypes her match at Bound For Glory and calls the Knockouts Championship the most prestigious championship in Impact Wrestling as we see highlights of many former champions. Purrazzo says that you can either crumble under the pressure or rise above it. She says that high pressure is where the Virtuosa thrives but Kylie Rae is far too emotional and emotion leads to mistakes.

Rosemary vs Havok

If Rosemary wins this match Havok must help her revive Father James Mitchell for her wedding with John E. Bravo. Havok and Rosemary shake hands before the match starts but Havok refuses to let go. Rosemary is able to break free with some Strikes and runs the ropes to attempt to knock Havok down but Havok is too strong. Rosemary ducks a Clothesline and hits a Reverse DDT for a two count. Rosemary climbs to the top rope and hits a Crossbody for another two-count. Havok tries to fight her way back into it but Rosemary is able to hit two Spears and picks up the win.

Rosemary defeats Havok via Pinfall in 3 mins 27 secs

After the match, Havok looks terrified as she realizes that she now has to resurrect Father James Mitchell. Havok reluctantly shakes Rosemary’s hand as they go to the back together.

Davie’s thoughts: I was surprised this match was as quick as it was and Havok barely showed any offense at all. I think both of these women are capable of a better and longer match and would have preferred some drama where you believe that Rosemary might actually lose. There was also an awful lot of screaming in this match to the point where it became very distracting. This was very disappointing.

Impact World Tag Championship Video Package

Next up is a video package promoting the Four-Way Tag Match for the Championships this Saturday at Bound For Glory.

Talk ’N Shop: Full Keg Sneak Peek

Next up is a quick sneak peek from Talk ’N Shop: Full Keg, which is airing after Impact on AXS tonight.

Kylie Rae Promo

Kylie Rae has a video package style promo where she says that Deonna Purrazzo is very good but we won’t know who is the best until they step into the ring with each other. Rae says that Purrazzo is more concerned with people thinking she’s a champion than actually being a champion. She says that she wants young girls to see her winning the championship and deciding on that day that she also wants to be a wrestler. Rae brings up the time that Deonna broke Suzie’s arm but she isn’t going to let her throw her off her game. Kylie says that at times she lets her anger get the better of her and she apologizes for that. She tries her best to be nice and a good person and would never intentionally hurt someone but she doesn’t think this is about the title anymore. Deonna made this personal when she broke Suzie’s arm. Kylie Rae’s motivation isn’t revenge, it might feel like it to Deonna, but it’s not.

Davie’s thoughts: I thought this was an excellent promo and the best Kylie Rae has sounded. She came across as believable and motivated and I really feel over the last few weeks she has managed to find a perfect balance between her “smiley babyface” persona and someone who is a really credible competitor. I think that they have built this feud up really well and it’s the match that I am most looking forward to at Bound For Glory.

Jimmy Jacobs is Taken To EC3

We see the men in the EC3 hoodies take a kidnapped Jimmy Jacobs into the room where EC3 has been recording all his videos. EC3 tells Jacobs that there is nowhere to go and it’s just “you and me”. The following scene is like an interrogation scene from a movie. EC3 tells Jacobs that he is in his narrative. Jacobs asks what the narrative is and EC3 says that it is about control and freedom but it has finally changed because the adversary he has been waiting to fight has finally emerged. EC3 says that on the bridge last week he saw the Moose that he should always have been. Moose has been claiming all these months that he is a legend, a Wrestling God but he is a false idol. However, last week when Moose attacked EC3 on the bridge he saw that he had the potential to be what he claims he is. EC3 says that for every punch Moose delivers, he will fight back stronger and then burn the TNA World Heavyweight Championship legacy to the ground.

Davie’s thoughts: EC3 sounds incredibly impressive in this new character and his delivery is excellent. I am, however, getting “Bray Wyatt” vibes from him. The words he is saying sound impressive but they don’t really mean a lot to anyone aside from EC3. I can’t really see how they’re going to marry this character to the wrestling ring and I worry that this could become very boring, very quick…it’s already getting there. If EC3 can bring the same intensity to his wrestling matches and show some new things that we haven’t seen from him before, maybe it will work.

Sami Callihan vs Eddie Edwards

The match starts very quickly with both running the ropes and charging at each other. Edwards catches Callihan with an Inverted Atomic Drop. Callihan comes back with a rake to the eyes but Edwards is able to send Edwards to the outside and follows up with a Tope Suicida. Edwards then attacks Callihan’s eyes but Callihan is able to hit a Suplex onto the steel ramp. Callihan orders the referee to start the count as he makes his way back to the ring. In the ring, Callihan attacks Edwards’ eyes again before delivering a Brainbuster for a two count. Callihan begins to Choke Edwards in the corner but Edwards begins to fire up by hitting Clotheslines, an Enziguri, and a Hurricanrana off the top rope. Edwards hits a Blue Thunder Bomb but for only a two count. Edwards attempts to hit the Tiger Driver but Callihan is able to block it and hits a Powerbomb of his own for a two count. Both Callihan and Edwards start to have a Chop exchange which escalates to Forearm Strikes and Kicks. Edwards now is able to hit the Tiger Driver but Callihan kicks out on two. Edwards sets up for the Boston Knee Party but Callihan picks up his phone and turns the lights off. When the lights come back on, Shamrock is on the apron and Callihan surprises Edwards with a School Boy to pick up the win.

Sami Callihan defeats Eddie Edwards via Pinfall in 8mins36secs

After the match Edwards attacks Callihan but Shamrock enters the ring and suplexes Edwards before applying the Ankle Lock.

Davie’s thoughts: These two have faced each other a lot and unfortunately, this match seemed pretty formulaic. Every time I see these two fight the match immediately goes to the outside for some boring plundering brawling. These two work hard and lay their strikes in heavily however, I’m bored of seeing them have the same matches over and over again. The distraction finish was pretty lazy and made Edwards look stupid. I’m not really holding out much hope for Shamrock vs Edwards at Bound For Glory.

X Division Championship Match Video Package

Next up is a video package hyping up the X Division Six-Way Scramble match for Saturday’s Bound For Glory.

Willie Mack, Trey Miguel & TJP vs Jordynne Grace, Chris Bey & Rohit Raju

Willie Mack and Rohit Raju go to start the match but TJP tags himself in and immediately runs after Rohit. Rohit makes the tag to Chris Bey who tangles with TJP. TJP goes for a Handstand Leg Scissors off the top rope but Rohit grabs his arms preventing him from hitting the move and Bey follows up with a Low Blow. Jordynne Grace is tagged in and Bey, Rohit and Grace attempt to Triple Team TJP. TJP is able to counter all of them and makes the tag to a fresh Trey Miguel. The match breaks down with everyone hitting some big moves. Mack hits Bey with a Pop Up Forearm, Grace hits Mack with a Spinebuster, Trey hits The Colourful Combination to Grace and Rohit hits the Flying Knee to Trey. Rohit goes for the pin but isn’t the legal man. Bey goes for the pin but only gets a two count. As Bey hits a Springboard Cutter, Rohit tags himself back in. Rohit goes for the pin but Bey breaks up his own teams’ pin attempt. Bey then hits the Springboard Cutter to Rohit, Trey Superkicks Bey, and picks up the win over Rohit Raju.

Willie Mack, Trey Miguel & TJP defeat Jordynne Grace, Chris Bey & Rohit Raju in 5 mins 15 secs

Davie’s thoughts: I thought this was a fun, fast-paced match and was by far the best match on the show up until this point. I also thought the jealous rivalry between Rohit and Bey played out really well. I think these six are going to have a great match on Saturday and it’s definitely one I’m looking forward to.

Eric Young Interview

Gia Miller is backstage and asks Eric Young about his attacks on Rich Swann and Scott D’Amore and his plans for Bound For Glory. Eric Young says he warned both Swann and D’Amore but the problem is they chose not to listen. He set a personal goal and anyone who steps in his way of that has to deal with the ramifications. Young says the bodies will start to pile up if more people stand in his way. Eric Young says that he knows what has to be done with Rich Swann and his actions are his responsibility. Rich Swann then attacks Eric Young and the two brawl into the car park. Young goes for the Piledriver but is backed into the cameraman and the feed cuts out.

Davie’s thoughts: Nothing new here. Eric Young repeated the same promo he has said over the last few weeks and then he and Swann brawl again. I’ve found this feud incredibly uninspired and repetitive and don’t have much interest in the match at all.

The North vs The Good Brothers

Karl Anderson and Ethan Page start off the match. Anderson sends Page to the outside, Alexander enters the ring to attack Anderson but Gallows comes him and knocks him down with a big right hand. After the commercial break, Gallows and Anderson are double-teaming Josh Alexander and making quick tags to each other. Page and Alexander begin to fight back and isolate Anderson in their corner. Anderson tries to fight back with some Chops to Alexander but Alexander delivers some shoulders to the gut followed by a Half Nelson. Page tags in and grounds Anderson with a Side Headlock. The North continues to grind down Anderson and keep him far away from DOC Gallows. Anderson is able to come back with a big Spinebuster to Alexander and makes the tag to Gallows who then clears house. The Good Brothers go for the Magic Killer to Page but Alexander is able to break it up. The match then breaks down with all four men fighting in the ring and the referee throws out the match.

The North and The Good Brothers fight to a No Contest in 7 mins 47 secs (plus commercials)

After the match, Ace Austin & Madman Fulton and the Motor City Machine Guns run down to the ring to join in the brawl. The Good Brothers and Machine Guns are left in the ring. Anderson offers his hand to Alex Shelley and hits him with the Gun Stun. The Good Brothers then deliver the Magic Killer to Chris Sabin and are left standing at the end of the show.

Davie’s thoughts: I didn’t think this was a bad match. I thought both Page and Alexander worked well with Anderson and Gallows makes a great hot tag for a big man. The referee stoppage really annoyed me though. I have no problem with time limit draws or matches being thrown out but it annoys me when there is no consistency with the rules. Every week on Impact during a tag match the referee loses complete control as everyone starts to brawl and hit their finishers. This even happened in the six-man tag match tonight! However, in this case, it was far too much for the referee that he has to throw it out. I also feel like this was pretty much how Impact went off the air last week with all four teams brawling.

Overall, I didn’t think this episode was very good. It feels like all these feuds hit their peak a few weeks ago and have just been treading water until the PPV and creative haven’t really been able to find any new wrinkles to the story. Therefore every week we have been having the same thing. I think the PPV should be pretty good and I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of fresh feuds coming out of it. The match of the night was easily the X Division 6 Person Tag, the rest was very underwhelming.

3.5 Kidnapped Jimmy Jacobs Out Of 10

Bound For Glory Predictions

Eric Young vs Rich Swann (Impact World Championship) 

I feel Rich Swann has been beaten down too many times at this point to not win the title. I just really hope both moves on to a different feud once this match is over.

Davie Predicts – Rich Swann 

Deonna Purrazzo vs Kylie Rae (Impact Knockouts Championship)

I feel it is too soon to take the title off of Deonna at this point. Kylie Rae has been a fantastic babyface but the fun is always in the chase and I feel you could hold off a little longer and maybe have another match in this feud.

Davie Predicts – Deonna Purrazzo

The Motor City Machine Guns vs The Good Brothers vs Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs The North (Impact World Tag Team Championship)

I think this match is really between the Machine Guns and The Good Brothers. I could very much see a title reign being part of the contract the Good Brothers signed but I do think you are going to get many more entertaining matches with the Machine Guns as champions. I don’t see Austin & Fulton winning as I ultimately see Austin as a singles competitor with Fulton as his heater and I can’t see The North winning the titles back so soon.

Davie Predicts – The Good Brothers

Rohit Raju vs Chris Bey vs TJP vs Willie Mack vs Trey Miguel vs Jordynne Grace (Impact X Division Championship)

If this is like a classic Scramble Match where the title can change hands multiple times during a time limit I see everyone at some point winning a fall but ultimately Rohit Raju sneaks away with a pin in the final few seconds and retains.

Davie Predicts – Rohit Raju

Moose vs EC3 (Undisclosed Location)

I imagine this is going to be a Cinematic Match and I ultimately see EC3 winning and literally burning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. EC3 should then go on to feud for the Impact World Heavyweight Championship.

Davie Predicts – EC3

Eddie Edwards vs Ken Shamrock

I really have no interest in this match but if they have any sense, Eddie Edwards should win. I really don’t see it mattering too much either way. This really is a nothing feud and I don’t see where either guy goes from here.

Davie Predicts – Eddie Edwards 

Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match

I see this match coming down to Heath and Rhino at the end. Rhino having fought off everyone from the number one spot will then have Heath turn on him and win the match, securing himself a contract and a future title shot.

Davie Predicts – Heath

Bound For Glory WatchAlong and POST Show

This Saturday, I will be hosting a LIVE WatchAlong for Bound For Glory at I will then be joined by Nate Milton on the POST Wrestling free feed for a full rundown of the entire event.