Tucker helps The Miz become Mr. Money In The Bank at WWE Hell In A Cell

Tucker turns his back on Otis and helps Miz become Mr. Money In The Bank for a second time.

Photo Credit: WWE

The third match of the WWE Hell In A Cell pay-per-view featured The Miz challenging Otis for the Money In The Bank briefcase. The Miz got the opportunity by bribing John Bradshaw Layfield during the ‘Law & Otis’ segment this past week on SmackDown.

The conclusion of their match saw Otis gain control of the bout but it was Tucker who hit Otis over the head with the briefcase which led to Miz defeating Otis to become the contract holder for the second time in his career.

Following the match, The Miz alongside John Morrison put the WWE Universal and WWE Champion on notice about him being Mr. Money In The Bank again. Following The Miz’s promo was Tucker explaining why he turned his back on Otis. Otis then made his way to the backstage area and attacked The Miz, John Morrision and ran off Tucker.


Immediately following Hell In A Cell, a review of the show will be up on the site and it can be heard at this link.

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