Johnny Gargano becomes a two-time North American Champion at NXT Halloween Havoc

Johnny Gargano defeated Damian Priest to become the first two-time NXT North American Champion.

Kicking off NXT Halloween Havoc was Damian Priest defending the North American Championship against Johnny Gargano. The host of the show, Shotzi Blackheart spun the wheel to decide the match type for the title match and it landed on a ‘Devil’s Playground’ match. Anything went as far as rules go and falls counted anywhere.

Gargano and Priest made their way onto the top of the Halloween Havoc setup and Priest was attacked from behind by someone wearing a Scream mask. Johnny Gargano knew who the individual was but said person was not revealed. Gargano then capitalized by knocking Priest off the structure to win the North American Title for a second time.

Johnny Gargano first won the North American Championship at TakeOver: Phoenix in January of 2019. Almost two years later, Gargano is back as champion and ended Damian Priest’s two-month reign as champion.

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