Trish Stratus would’ve ranked Charlotte Flair #1 on WWE’s top 50 women list

Trish Stratus gives her thoughts on WWE's top 50 women superstars list and the Lights Out match between Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa

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In March, WWE put together a list of the 50 Greatest Women Superstars in the company’s history. Rounding out the top five in order were Asuka, Chyna, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and coming in at number one was Trish Stratus.

The WWE Hall Of Famer and former 7-time Women’s Champion appeared on Busted Open Radio with David LaGreca and Bully Ray and shared her thoughts about being at the top of the list. She feels that it was a bold move by WWE, considering that lists are subjective. Although she’s grateful for the honor, Trish stated that she would have put Charlotte Flair at the number one spot.

I don’t know. Honestly, that is like a bold thing for them to put out. A list — lists are subjective. I don’t know who was behind the list, like did my mom vote? I don’t know. But, internally with me and my team, we were kind of like — I knew there was the top five and I was just grateful to be in the top five with these amazing athletes and I kind of thought — I actually for sure thought Charlotte [Flair] was going to be number one. That’s where I put her. But I don’t know, I got the number one spot and it was a little crazy when they put that package together and you get emotional when you go back on that ride and they position it the way they did. If you saw the package, it was just like okay. I think it was just the time. I mean I was lucky. Of course — look, I say I only got the accolades or anything that I got was because of the people that surrounded me and that is including someone like you [Bully Ray], anybody that worked with me. I mean as you know, I was green and I came up, people were there to support me, saw the fire in me and really a lot of the stuff I did was only because it was a team effort and we got to go out there and conquer these things together so we were lucky. In a way, we were lucky we had a crappy landscape to deal with at the time, right? We had these obstacles to overcome so by doing that, we were able to tackle barriers and things like that so, I think because the timing of my career we were able to make such a big impact and yeah, I’m just super grateful and I didn’t get a prize yet. I don’t know what they’re gonna send me. I’m still waiting.

Britt Baker’s name was brought up later in the interview and how Britt was influenced by Trish Stratus. Trish responded by saying she watched Britt and Thunder Rosa’s Lights Out match on AEW Dynamite and wanted to reach out.

Trish joked that she didn’t want to send a message to Britt because Britt might have cut a promo on her.

I saw her [Britt Baker] match and I was just like blown away and I remember telling myself, ‘I need to reach out. I wanna let –’ obviously, I didn’t wanna give her the proverbial thumbs up because she might cut a promo on me. But, I’m honored to hear that and that is all you can wish for is when you go out there, you go do your best work and you hope that it leaves an impact and you hope it influences and raises the bar a little bit more so the people behind you can come in and have a better chance to do what we all were trying to do which is make kind of — knock down preconceived notions of what a woman could do in a wrestling world.

Back in December of 2020, Trish was a guest on the POST Wrestling Christmas show during which she discussed the idea of coming back to wrestle Sasha Banks.

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