GCW Bloodsport 6 Report: Josh Barnett vs. Jon Moxley

Photo Courtesy: Game Changer Wrestling

GCW presents Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 6

April 8th, 2021

By: John Siino

The Cuban Club in Tampa, Florida

Commentary: Max Bretos & Blake Troop

Janai Kai (0-0) vs. “KZT” Karen Tran (0-0)

Kai starts with a couple of kicks, but Tran quickly tries to take her down. Tran transitions into a headlock, but Kai reverses out. They continue to grapple until Tran attempts an armbar but Kai gets out and starts landing strikes on Tran, but Tran is able to apply full mount and attempts another armbar. Kai gets out and starts kicking Tran, but Tran applies a triangle choke until Kai comes out and gives more kicks. Tran puts on a chokehold, but Kai is able to get out and land some hard strikes. Tran tries another armbar, but Kai reverses once again and lands some more vicious strikes. Kai hits a quick front kick that could have ended the match, but Tran comes back to try the armbar again until Kai finally taps out.

Winner: Karen Tran by submission at 9:11

Matt Makowski (1-1) vs. Heddi Karaoui (0-0)

They start the fight by striking until Karaoui hits a hip toss and attempts a mount, but Makowski gets out. Makowski applies a head scissors, but they keep rolling and reversing until Karaoui puts on a crossface. Makowski rolls out and hits a standing jumping spinning armbar until a Rings of Saturn attempt. Great back and forth, until they go and stand with strikes once again. Makowski with a side throw into a sharpshooter, but Karaoui gets out and hits a knee to the face followed by an armbar into a stretch. Makowski gets out, hits a spinning kick, a roll-up, and drops right into an armbar for the quick submission.

Winner: Matt Makowski by submission at 6:46

Victor Benjamin (0-0) (w/ Lady Frost) vs. Bad Dude Tito (0-2)

They start by standing and striking, but Benjamin hits knees and kicks to try and take down Tito. Benjamin finally lands a kick, knocks down Tito, and attempts to mount him, but Tito reverses into a kneebar. Back on their feet now, Tito throws Benjamin and is able to hold Benjamin down by the neck, until Benjamin comes back and transitions into a sleeper hold. Tito gets out and puts on a double wrist lock. Benjamin misses a running kick but is able to mount Tito and hit him with strikes and knees. Tito throws Benjamin down and catches Benjamin’s spinning kick and puts him right into a heel hook that causes Benjamin to tap out.

Winner: Bad Dude Tito by submission at 5:08

Simon Grimm (1-4) vs. Alexander James (0-1)

Grimm tries to take James down, but James comes back with strikes and a heel hook. Grimm is able to mount and land strikes until James reverses but ends up on the outside where he has 10 seconds to come back in. Back inside, they trade hard strikes, until James hits a body slam into a sleeper hold. Grimm turns around, starts mounting but gets off and lets James get back up. James hits a Doctor Bomb into a Boston Crab, but Grimm rolls out into a full mount. James gets back on top and starts digging his forearm into Grimm. After a couple of reversals, James starts bending back Grimm’s arms, but Grimm hits a couple of headbutts to get out. Back on their feet, they land strikes, but Grimm hits knee strikes into a butterfly suplex and a double wrist lock for the submission win as Grimm starts bleeding from the nose a bit.

Winner: Simon Grimm by submission at 6:23

Royce Isaacs (1-1) vs. Alex Coughlin (0-2)

This is a rematch from Bloodsport 5 and Coughlin runs into the ring ‘Young Lion’ style and wants to start the match right away until the referee separates them for the introductions first. At the bell, they quickly lunge towards each other, but Isaacs is the first to take Coughlin down. Back up, they both test each other out with strike and kick attempts, but land on the mat, and trade-off mounts. Coughlin starts smacking Isaacs around, but Isaacs kicks him off. Back up, Isaacs takes down Coughlin and starts landing knees to the side of Coughlin into an armbar. Coughlin gets out and starts landing elbows to the side, but Isaacs dodges two suplexes into a throw of his own. They start trading smacks, but Isaacs hits a fisherman suplex and starts cranking on Coughlin’s neck. Coughlin rolls over, drops Isaacs down, but Isaacs rolls over and tries an armbar. Coughlin reverses, eats kicks from Isaacs, rolls over for a single leg Crab, and gets the submission.

Winner: Alex Coughlin by submission at 5:07

Super Beast (1-1) vs. Shlak (0-0)

This is a battle of two huge and scary-looking fellas, for sure. Right after Beast takes down Shlak, but Shlak gets out as they both start trying to take the other down. Shlak starts hitting knees, but Beast comes back with kicks and a wheel kick to take down Shlak. They start to trade real hard strikes on the mat until you clearly can see Shlak grab for his wrist tape as he punches Beast and wipes his own forehead. And just like that, both Shlak is gushing blood. Beast takes Shlak down with a kneebar, but Shlak starts biting Beast’s foot as the referee calls off the match. They both won’t let go as about a dozen officials run into the ring to separate them. Wrestlers run into the ring to keep the two men apart as the fans chant ‘Let them fight’. The bloody Shlak finally heads to the back as the referee awards the bout to Super Beast.

Winner: Super Beast by disqualification at 2:18

Masha Slamovich (0-0) vs. Allysin Kay (2-1)

Kay starts with a takedown on Masha into an armbar, but Masha transitions into a leglock. Kay smacks her way out, mounts some strikes as they both go back to standing. Kay throws Masha down, but Masha tries a head scissors. Kay back into a mount, into a sleeper hold. Masha strikes her way out, but Kay rolls over into a triangle. They trade escapes a bit more until Masha puts on a choke of her own. Back standing, they trade kicks and punches, Kay dodges a kick and hits a back body drop but Masha gets up and does a kick and a suplex and starts landing strikes. Kay out of nowhere puts on a triangle choke and Slamovich quickly taps out. After the match, Kay extends her hand for a shake but changes it to the pinky.

Winner: Allysin Kay by submission at 5:45

Yoya (0-0) vs. Lio Rush (0-0)

Yoya comes out to Davie Portman’s favorite song, ‘Leave Me Alone” by Flipp Dinero while Rush has Cobra Kai-inspired gear. Both men, very similar in size and stature, start the match incredibly quickly until Rush starts talking trash in Yoya’s face who puts on an armbar. Rush quickly escapes out as they roll around until Yoya rolls out and puts on a chokehold that Rush quickly gets out of. Yoya starts climbing Rush but Rush pushes him off but runs into a flying knee by Yoya. Yoya mounts with some strikes but fails to apply a choke. They fight by the edge of the rope-less ring, Yoya holds on to the pole, but Rush comes back with a kick and a double under hook belly to belly suplex as he pulls the singlet down. Rush stays on top and keeps landing knees and strikes on Yoya, but Yoya strikes his way out, dodges a kick from Rush holds Rush’s leg as he pushes him to the edge and Rush backflips his way out but ends up to the outside. Back inside, Yoya lands a triangle, but Rush powers his way out and hits a powerbomb. They start exchanging strikes and smacks, but Yoya hits an enziguri, but Rush catches Yoya, hits a standing Spanish Fly into an arm lock submission for the win.

Winner: Lio Rush by submission at 7:40

KTB (0-1) vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr. (4-1)

Smith is fresh off of inducting his father into the WWE Hall of Fame and high fives his cousin Teddy Hart who’s sitting ringside during the entrance. Smith quickly takes KTB down, but KTB escapes into a leg lock, but Smith goes into his own that KTB punches out of. Smith puts on a double wristlock, but KTB rolls and ends up to the outside. Back inside, Smith keeps attacking the left arm, but KTB is able to roll into a chokehold that Smith powers out of. Smith mounts and starts landing hard strikes. They start trading open-handed slaps, but Smith hits a big sit-out powerbomb and the referee stops the match. On the way to the back, Teddy Hart tries to follow Smith to the back, gets stopped by security, but ends up maneuvering through the crowd and heading to the back regardless.

Winner: Davey Boy Smith Jr. by knockout at 3:36

Rocky Romero (1-0) vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. (0-0)

Chavo comes out to his old WWE ‘Ooh Chavo’ theme song, as he and Romero continue their long-standing rivalry from Talk N’ Shop-A-Mania. Right away, Chavo hits a spinning kick and takes down Romero. Romero squirms out acting like he got caught off guard, so they stand and start hitting strikes and kicks. They lock up, and Chavo takes down Rocky and puts him in a front headlock. Romero rolls over into an armbar, but Chavo punches his way out, Romero turns over and starts striking down on Chavo, tries a Boston Crab, but goes back to the mount for strikes. Chavo takes down Romero but ends up in a triangle choke. Chavo powers his way out, but Romero hits a hurricanrana into an armbar, but Chavo rolls to the outside. Back inside, they trade kicks until Chavo hits a suplex, after some struggling, Chavo hits a second one. Chavo grabs Romero’s leg, dodges an enziguri, but receives another one, hits a brainbuster, and starts striking down on Romero until the referee prematurely stops the match. After the match, Chavo and Romero hug it out.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero Jr. by referee stoppage at 6:18

Shane Mercer (0-0) vs. Chris Dickinson (2-4)

I appreciate Dickinson fighting out of ‘Killah Hills 10304’. Dickinson starts quickly but Mercer grabs him and hits a gut-wrench suplex, followed by a back mount, rolls over into a choke. Dickinson suplexes his way out and puts on an armbar. Mercer fights out with a one-armed powerbomb, but Dickinson puts the armbar right back on. Mercer powers out and hits a Death Valley Driver into a rear-naked chokehold. Dickinson rolls over and lands knees while applying a front headlock. Dickinson puts on a double wristlock, but Mercer fights up and attempts to leg sweep Dickinson, but Dickinson rolls through while holding on to the wrist. Mercer suplexes his way out, but runs into a kick and a smack from Dickinson, but hits a quick powerbomb. Dickinson quickly rolls into a kneebar, transitioning into an STF. Mercer crawls over to the edge of the ring and throws Dickinson to the outside. Dickinson runs back in, hits a German Suplex, but Mercer hits one of his own. Dickinson hits an enziguri, a Judo throw, right into an armbar for the submission.

Winner: Chris Dickinson by submission at 5:33

Jon Moxley (2-0) vs. Josh Barnett (2-0)

Moxley, wearing shorts, enters first and yells out “Come on, you big fucking bitch, let’s go” calling for Barnett for the match that was supposed to happen during last year’s WrestleMania weekend. They start by trading punches and kicks, and Moxley goes to take down Barnett and rolls over into a choke. Barnett blocks the elbows and punches from Moxley while holding Moxley down on the mat. Moxley rolls out, and applies a chokehold on Barnett, transitions, and tries to put on an armbar before he starts pulling on Barnett’s fingers, Barnett quickly rolls into a spinning kneebar, but Moxley gets on top and lands strikes. Moxley mounts on the back of Barnett and hits forearms, into another chokehold. They trade leg locks as Moxley tries to crawl to the edge of the ring and asks the referee for some time to get up. Back standing, Moxley takes down Barnett, but Barnett is able to put on a straight ankle lock. Moxley fights by striking the back of Barnett, but Barnett rolls and keeps it on. Moxley hits a double stomp, knee strikes, and hits a DDT and more knees as Barnett starts to bleed a bunch. Moxley puts on the bulldog choke, hits a knee as the bloody Barnett ends up on the outside where he receives a flying Moxley. Moxley drags Barnett back in and hits a suplex followed by a crossface, as Blake Troop in commentary says ‘ala Chris Benoit’. Moxley starts biting on the face of Barnett, but the referee stops him from continuing so Moxley hits strikes, until Barnett fights his way out hitting forearms as Moxley is busted open and starts leaking blood as well. Barnett hits a German Suplex, and the bloody Moxley falls to the outside where his blood starts covering his entire top half. Back inside both bloody men start ferociously attacking each other, Barnett hits a suplex, but Moxley hangs on trying to hit a DDT. Barnett fights out and hits a Death Valley Driver, followed by stomps to the face of Moxley as the referee stops the match.

Moxley right away grabs the referee and says he can keep going, as the crowd chants ‘Let them fight’. Moxley attempts to keep getting up but keeps falling as he’s clearly not capable. They shake hands as they formally announce Barnett the winner.

Winner: Josh Barnett by referee stoppage at 11:07

Josh Barnett grabs the mic and says “Is this enough blood and sport for you? Death and destruction, the beauty of violence, you want more, you’re going to fucking get more. This ain’t a fly by night, he (Moxley) doesn’t show up here for the pay, I promise you that. Ain’t nothing worth it.” The crowd starts chanting ‘Thank you, Moxley!’. Barnett says “Exactly, thank you, Jon, for following this through and meeting me in this ring, letting it all hang out.” Moxley says “You tried to kill me!” and Barnett says “Yeah, what the fuck am I supposed to do? I don’t know if you’ve seen my split open forehead from getting kneed like a Pride Fight or One FC if you watch that. Knee to the head from a grounded opponent as it should be. But at the end of the day, we aren’t about our fucking catchphrases. We aren’t here to slap anything but each other’s fucking faces. We’re not here to dazzle you with our gear, we are here to fight from our heart and show you. Not just me, not just him, but everybody that has stepped through the ropes that don’t exist in this Bloodsport ring, we’re all in this together. And we’re here because you guys keep showing up, cause all we’re gonna do is fight. Just give us a place, you tune in and we’re here and for that, we thank you.”

Moxley grabs the mic and says “Let me grab the mic, because people paid to see me, motherfucker. Win, lose or draw, concussion aside, you are right about one thing. We are not about catchphrases, I’ve been trying to think of one for like ten years and I ain’t come up with shit.” He mentions everybody who fought tonight and busted their asses and thanks all of them. He thanks the fans and says “You hardcore fans that came here for WrestleMania weekend, you gave your heart and soul, your blood, sweat, and tears, the money you make at your job you pay for tickets and t-shirts, you support indie wrestling, so we want to thank all of you.”

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