MCU L8R: Loki Ep. 5 “Journey Into Mystery” (w/ Shane McDonough)

MCU L8R: Loki Ep. 5 “Journey Into Mystery” (w/ Shane McDonough)

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Wai Ting & WH Park welcome back Shane McDonough to discuss Loki Episode 5 as Loki meets a collective of his variants in the garbage-dimension known as The Void. Sylvie attempts to find out who is truly behind the TVA.

With one episode to go, we discuss our theories about the TVA’s true mastermind (and why it may not necessarily be Kang The Conqueror), where Ravonna Renslayer’s loyalties may truly lay, our feelings about the Loki-Sylvie romance, and… Thanos Copters, The Living Tribunals & Throgs: it’s the most Easter Egg-filled thing the MCU has ever produced to date!

We also discuss Marvel Studio’s What If…? trailer, The Simpsons: The Good, The Bart & The Loki, and this Friday’s release of Black Widow.

Plus: WH Comic Recommendations and your feedback/questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

Join us next Thursday 10pm ET for MCU L8R LIVE as we discuss the Loki Season Finale and take your calls.

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