WWE Extreme Rules: Roman Reigns retains via faulty rope

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*WWE Universal Championship, Extreme Rules: Roman Reigns (champion) over Finn Balor in 19:41
*SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bianca Belair over Becky Lynch (champion) by disqualification at 17:21
*United States Championship: Damian Priest (champion) over Sheamus and Jeff Hardy in 13:20
*Raw Women’s Championship: Charlotte Flair (champion) over Alexa Bliss in 11:26
*SmackDown Tag Team Championship: The Usos (champions) over The Street Profits in 13:45
*Big E., Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods over Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles & Omos in 18:14
*Kickoff: Liv Morgan over Carmella in 7:53

The pre-show panel featured Kayla Braxton, Booker T., Kevin Patrick, JBL, Peter Rosenberg, and Sonya Deville.

It was announced that Carmella and Liv Morgan will be the match on the kickoff show.

AJ Styles and Omos interrupted Sarah Schreiber and asked, “who cares about New Day?” New Day showed up and a brawl ensued with Bobby Lashley getting involved and they were separated. Shortly after, they added this six-man tag to the show.

The Street Profits were shown from earlier in the day and Montez Ford said he has no intentions of leaving without the tag titles from The Usos and made sure Angelo Dawkins felt the same way.

Carmella vs. Liv Morgan

Carmella spoke about how beautiful she is and that her face is her greatest asset, which Morgan nearly damaged when sending her face into the turnbuckle. Carmella added that her face separates her from “nasty people like you and I’m hot, and you’re not.”

Morgan tried to drive her into the turnbuckle again, but Carmella avoided contact. Carmella yanked Morgan from the edge of the apron and connected with a superkick on the floor.

Morgan hit a double stomp sending Carmella’s face into the mat. Morgan kicked out after being hit by a superkick.

Morgan countered the facebuster with double knees for a near fall and the audience was lively for the match and chanting, “Let’s Go Morgan”.

Morgan drove Carmella face first into the announcer’s desk and hit a flatliner off the middle rope for the win and a pop from the crowd.

WINNER: Liv Morgan in 7 minutes and 53 seconds

Michael Cole called it one of the biggest wins of Morgan’s career.

They had a nice match and a hot crowd that made Morgan come off in a strong way. She is definitely someone that is more over than the amount of focus she receives.

Sarah Schreiber asked Paul Heyman if Roman Reigns is taking Finn Balor more seriously after SmackDown? Heyman called it the stupidest question he’s ever been asked in his career. Schreiber should have reminded him of the time WCW asked him to take a pay cut voluntarily.

Lots of people on Peacock complained about multiple languages being broadcast over top one another during the start.

Big E., Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods vs. Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles & Omos

After Styles wrestled with Woods and Kingston, Big E. was tagged in. Big E. tossed Styles to the corner and Lashley entered the match.

New Day used the Unicorn Stampede on Lashley. There was a standoff with Styles and Omos on the floor. Kingston was launched into the heel corner and Omos was tagged.

Omos elevated Kingston and dropped him with a Gord Buster. Styles nearly ran into the referee in the corner, turned around and Kingston hit a double stomp. Lashley yanked Big E. to the floor and Kingston was stuck in the ring.

Kingston slid of Lashley’s shoulders and tagged Woods. The comeback was stopped by a powerslam on a tilt-a-whirl attempt. Woods responded moments later with a missile dropkick and tagged Big E.

Big E. attacked everyone including multiple belly-to-belly suplexes to Styles. Styles dove too hard into the corner and Big E. had to adjust himself to hit the Uranage.

Styles was hit with a foot stomp off the shoulders of Big E., Lashley saved and dragged Styles to the corner and tagged himself in. Lashley missed a spear and crashed to the floor. E. launched Kingston to the floor and was met with a swat by Omos as he landed.

Lashley prepared to spear Big E. but Styles tagged himself in, annoying Lashley, and Styles went for a springboard as Lashley tagged back in. Lashley missed Big E. and speared Styles before taking the Big Ending and Big E. pinned Lashley.

WINNERS: New Day in 18 minutes and 14 seconds

It was a strong six-man opener but a puzzling end with Lashley, of all people, taking the pin, instead of Styles. They are clearly signaling for a rematch between Big E. and Lashley but the miscommunication between Lashley and Styles caused the end.

The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) vs. The Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Ford’s ribs were taped up and he was suplexed on the floor as the tape was torn off. Ford sold his ribs very effectively as he fought to his corner and finally, tagged Dawkins.

From the floor, Dawkins stopped dives from each of the Usos. Ford hit a blockbuster to Jimmy off Dawkins’ shoulders.

Dawkins hit The Anointment on Jey, Ford landed on the knees of Jey for From the Heavens allowing Jey to cradle him for a two-count.

Ford was too injured to climb to the top as Jey popped off Dawkins’ shoulders. Jimmy hit the Uso Splash and Dawkins kicked out from it.

The Usos tossed Dawkins into the guardrail when Ford dove over the corner and took out both. Ford hit from the Heavens on Jey but Jimmy broke up the cover.

Dawkins saved Ford and ate a double superkick on the edge of the apron. The Usos landed a double superkick to Ford and a double Uso Splash with Jimmy pinning Ford.

WINNERS: The Usos in 13 minutes and 45 seconds to retain the SmackDown Tag Team Championship

This was another terrific match with a heavy tease that The Street Profits could be breaking up given the pre-match promo on the kickoff show and how the match was laid out with Ford left on his own to be double-teamed while Dawkins was down on the floor.

Ford was great in the match and I sense this match was designed for him to shine, and he did. I thought Ford came off stronger in this match than Friday’s match with Roman Reigns.

Bobby Lashley was backstage and called Big E. “a coward” for cashing the contract when he was injured and after tonight, “you’re a chicken shit”. He challenged Big E. to a 1-on-1 match tomorrow night on Raw for the WWE Championship.

Charlotte Flair vs. Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women’s Championship

Lilly was placed in the corner before the match began.

Bliss got a good reaction in her hometown.

Flair stopped a ‘rana attempt and swung Bliss into the barricade. Flair attempted a moonsault off the top, landed on her feet, and followed with a standing moonsault like Andrade.

Flair hit Natural Selection and Bliss didn’t register it. Flair tried another one off the top and Bliss got her feet up, and had a big near fall when she hit a Code Red.

Twisted Bliss missed off the top, Bliss countered the figure-four with an inside cradle and connected with a DDT when Flair got her foot on the rope.

Bliss was sent into the post and Flair connected with Natural Selection to win the match.

WINNER: Charlotte Flair in 11 minutes and 26 seconds to retain the Raw Women’s Championship

Flair took Lilly and ripped it apart until Bliss jumped Flair and attacked. Flair fought off Bliss and tossed her over the announcer’s desk.

Flair left, and Bliss stood on the desk and screamed. She took the scattered parts of Lilly and wept…seriously.

There was a “Thank you, Lilly” chant, unbelievable.

Paul Heyman was on the phone as Kayla Braxton eavesdropped. Heyman wouldn’t reveal if Brock Lesnar was on the phone and if it was Lesnar, he needs to cover all bases on the week of the draft. The Usos walked by and Heyman left with them.

Damian Priest vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus for the United States Championship

The announcers noted that Jeff Hardy considers Damian Priest “a younger version of himself”, there is a five-year gap between the two.

They briefly referenced last year’s feud between Sheamus and Hardy when “Sheamus tortured Hardy over his past.”

Hardy hit a Whisper in the Wind to both. Sheamus’ mask came off as he hit an Alabama Slam to Hardy and followed with a cloverleaf that was broken by Priest.

Priest kicked Sheamus in the nose but Sheamus responded with White Noise. Hardy hit the Twist of Fate on Sheamus.

Hardy countered the Reckoning but lost his footing and they stumbled before Hardy got up and hit the Twist of Fate. Hardy was shoved off the top by Sheamus.

Sheamus did Hardy’s mannerisms before leaping off the top and was hilarious. Priest caught him with a chokeslam off the top, the cover was broken by a Swanton Bomb by Hardy. This led to a big “Hardy” chant.

Priest came off the rope, was blasted with a knee from Sheamus, and led to a huge near fall that Hardy got.

Sheamus hit Hardy with a Brogue kick but Priest rolled him up from behind and pinned him.

WINNER: Damian Priest in 13 minutes and 20 seconds

It’s the type of finish that suggests we’ll get at least a Priest vs. Sheamus rematch.

There were some clunky spots from Hardy in this one, but the match got going with the near falls and a hot crowd that bought into Hardy’s chances.

Priest and Hardy shook hands and Priest bowed to Hardy.

Big E. responded to Lashley and said he doesn’t hide behind New Day or anyone. Lashley’s ass better be ready and indicated the WWE Championship match will kick off Raw on Monday.

Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship

Becky paused as the “EST” chant began and offered her hand, just like at SummerSlam, and Belair didn’t take the bait. The crowd was chanting “Let’s Go Becky, EST”.

Becky was trying to turn the crowd through her mannerisms, but they refused to root against her.

Belair fought off attempts at the Disarmer.

Belair hit a delayed vertical suplex after a roll through it looked great. Becky snuck out of the corner and pulled Belair by the braid and had a tug-of-war until Belair pulled her into a spine buster.

Becky applied the Disarmer and Belair got to the rope. Belair lifted her on the floor but was sent into the steps by Becky and hit with a leg drop off the middle rope for a two-count.

Becky countered a vertical suplex and fought for an armbar that Belair escaped.

Becky went for the Disarmer again, dragged Belair away from the rope and Belair powered her up for the KOD when Sasha Banks ran in and attacked Belair for the disqualification.

WINNER: Bianca Belair by DQ at 17 minutes and 26 seconds

Banks attacked Becky Lynch as well, so it feels like a three-way program for the title.

They were having a really strong match together and the finish was a big groan given how much time had been allotted and the bad taste from the SummerSlam match.

It was their way out without beating Belair and not wanting to take the title off Lynch, so this was what we got. I can sense a lot of frustration for this one.

Roman Reigns vs. “The Demon” Finn Balor in an Extreme Rules Match for the WWE Universal Championship

Balor’s entrance was tremendous and made better by the shots of Reigns looking so unimpressed.

Reigns went for the first weapon by taking a kendo stick from underneath the ring, Balor was on the other side and took a stack of four kendo sticks tied together and attacked Reigns.

Reigns said the fans are “a bunch of dumbasses” and tells them “no tables”, which elicited a chant for the tables. Instead, Reigns used a chair to attack Balor.

Balor brought out a table and the pop was louder after Reigns denied them earlier. Reigns caught Balor with a Drive-By sending Balor’s head into the post.

The two fought into the crowd and around the set for the kickoff panel. This was actually the most interesting part of the match as Reigns wore a mask for the brawling sequence in the crowd.

Back in the ring, Balor was put through a table and landed a Superman Punch for a two-count. Balor stopped the spear with a kick and sling blade. Reigns came back with a spear and Balor kicked out while low blowing Reigns in the process with his arm.

Balor hit the tope con giro and Coupe de Grace but The Usos pulled Balor to the floor and attacked with a double superkick. Balor fought them off on the floor including a powerbomb to Jey through the announcer’s desk.

Balor turned around and Reigns speared him through the timekeeper’s area.

The lights turned red and Balor came back to life and popped right up while attacking Reigns with chair shots with his music playing.

Balor set up for the Coupe de Grace but the rope snapped and Balor’s leg was hurt. The lights came on and Reigns hit the spear for the victory.

WINNER: Roman Reigns in 19 minutes and 41 seconds

“What the hell just happened?” – Pat McAfee

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