POST NEWS UPDATE: Nick Patrick on Deep South/WWE relationship, almost fighting John Laurinaitis

Nick Patrick details the falling out between WWE and Deep South, Glacier hopes to wrestle in AEW again, Antonio Inoki update and more

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** Longtime WWE and WCW referee Nick Patrick joined the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast. Nick’s father is the late Jody Hamilton, who founded Deep South Wrestling. Deep South was a developmental territory for WWE at one point, but that relationship ended in 2007.

Patrick said WWE treated his family badly and recalled when employees of the company came to the Deep South warehouse to take back some property. Jody Hamilton received word and showed up to the warehouse with a gun to make sure that none of his property was taken. Nick was willing to endure anything that WWE put him through, but he could not tolerate his family being mistreated.

And I became kind of verbal about that [his frustrations] towards the end of my run so that was another deciding factor on me — they [WWE] knew I was — they knew that I had-had my fill and they had treated my family very badly, the Deep South [Wrestling] family and dad [Jody Hamilton]. When we decided to close it, heck, all I had done was call my dad and say, ‘Hey, Jody, things aren’t working out. We’re gonna shut this thing down and move it down to Florida’ and it [would’ve] been fine, it [would’ve] been okay but what they did is they tried to sneak in while he was at home one night because they had keys and they had a couple of trainers [that] had keys to the place and they had the trainers go down there and meet ‘em and they was moving all the equipment out that belonged to them so that when my dad would show up to work the next day, he’d show up to a half-empty arena, and one of the kids called him and told him about it. So he showed up and you know, pops got a license to carry and that was his warehouse so he showed up packing and they were very, very careful about what they touched because he let them know that he wouldn’t be very friendly about somebody touching his stuff, you know? So that went very badly and you can thrust me out and try and do whatever to me because I had to have a job. I had two sons I was trying to get through school and I was gonna take it for as long as I could but, when you mess with my family, that’s a line that doesn’t get crossed, you know? And once that happened, I no longer had any more respect and I looked for a way — and if they wanted to have a head-on collision, then I was ready to be the one that they had the head-to-head collision with and they knew that and I let it be known. I didn’t hide the fact. I didn’t go up there challenging people but when they tried once or twice to see how thick-skinned I was gonna be, I looked them right in the eye and showed them I was no longer that person and they went, ‘Oh, okay.’ So, and then shortly after that I got my notice, but I didn’t care at that point, you know what I mean?

Patrick believes the decision to come to the warehouse was John Laurinaitis’. He went on to tell the story of when he almost fought Laurinaitis backstage at an event. Vince McMahon was present and suggested they take their argument to another area.

I’m sure it was Johnny Ace [who made the decision to send WWE to the Deep South warehouse] because Vince [McMahon] doesn’t know the inner — but I did say something to him one time actually too so, it could’ve been that, I don’t know. I didn’t like — I wasn’t crude but, they were busting me out about something and I told Laurinaitis right in front of him, and Vince was sitting right there. I said, ‘Look man, it really ain’t right. You’re not gonna talk to me like that’ and Vince said — it was at the Gorilla Position and he threw his hands up and said, ‘Nope, let’s take this somewhere to another place, to another room’ and I said, ‘By all means, let’s take this to another room and you come too.’ So, that was probably the end of my deal right there when I said that. Nothing [happened after that]. I was going in there to fight and they didn’t even have the meeting.

Didn’t even happen. I went on home and I was waiting. It didn’t happen. I said, ‘Well let’s go to this room and meet. Come on, everybody come because I want you to see what happens.’ I was mad. I was gonna fight whoever wanted to go, and I’d probably [gotten] whooped but it didn’t matter. I would’ve fought still.

As the conversation rolled on, Patrick remembered when Vince McMahon first greenlit John Cena to have more freedom on-screen.

Vince [McMahon] would come up and say — when I was up there [WWE], I’ll never forget the meeting. I was sitting there and he walks to us, ‘By the way, that young John Cena kid, he’s been given the green light so all you writers and all you agents, bear that in mind when you’re putting his stuff together.’

Continuing on the topic of John Laurinaitis, both he and Nick Patrick were in WCW together. Patrick isn’t 100 percent confident in the thought that there were some in power at WCW that wanted to tank the company purposely, but he questions how Laurinaitis was able to seamlessly transition into being one of Vince McMahon’s key employees.

You never know [if WCW was being tanked intentionally]. If you look at how things went and the key players that was there, what was John Laurinaitis doing there all that time? And how did he step so smoothly from being the guy calling the shots at WCW to being Vince [McMahon’s] right hand man? Doing all of Vince’s dirty work.

Yeah [he’s been at WWE for 20 years]. Any time they need people cut, who do they bring in? They bring in John. John gets a percent of all the money that he saves ‘em from cutting people and he cuts ‘em to the bone. Used to be that way [getting a percentage from cuts]. I know that was the deal Bill Watts had when he came to WCW back in the day for a very short time. But he pissed everybody off so bad. He didn’t last very long.

When Nick came over to WWE after WCW was purchased, he and some WCW talents were met with the cold shoulder. Patrick said that cold shoulder also came from members of the WWE production crew.

In fact, there were one or two crew people because they actually thought they could do it too. There was two different people that I said, ‘Let me tell you something, I have never, ever once treated you with disrespect, and I want you to make sure that you don’t ever, ever again treat me with disrespect or we’re gonna have a really bad problem. It’ll cost me my job and cost you probably even worse.’ You know, so, and there was two different ones I had to say that to because everybody was under the impression that it was okay to bust our — whatever — it was their God given right, it wasn’t. It was a business. It was all business. It wasn’t a personal thing.

** Former WCW talent Glacier was a guest on Perched On The Top Rope and he expressed his hope to wrestle for AEW again. Glacier is a trainer at the Nightmare Factory and is feeling far better than how he felt at Double Or Nothing 2019.

Well I’ll just say this right now, the hip is feeling really, really good and so, my hip was bothering me for the last several years and even when I did the appearance at the pay-per-view a couple years ago out in Vegas. It was Double Or Nothing. I was really trying to hide the fact that I was in a lot of pain in my right hip but that’s been fixed, I’m getting around really good. I still have maybe a little bit of time to get back to absolutely 100 percent but, I certainly hope so. I really do because a lot of my friends are obviously in AEW and I’m still very close and connected with the company obviously because of my relationship with QT [Marshall] and Cody [Rhodes], even though they’re kind of butting heads these days still, you know? But, as I always say, there’s those times where throughout my whole life, throughout all of our lives, I’ve had friends that were butting heads before. It doesn’t mean I can’t be friends with both of ‘em. I certainly hope to make an appearance in AEW at some point. I really do.

Glacier was friends with the late Chris Kanyon who was recently profiled on Dark Side of the Ring. Glacier said he was supposed to be contacted for an interview but that did not happen. He isn’t sure if he would have went through with doing the sit-down interview anyway.

A lot of my good friends were interviewed for that episode [Chris Kanyon’s Dark Side of the Ring] and I was told that they were gonna contact me. They never really did but I can say without reservation, I would not have gone on camera and talked about it because I just learned over the years that sometimes — and not saying this is what Dark Side of the Ring would do but, I just learned sometimes when people chop things up and take things out of context and I love and respected Chris so much and his legacy that I wouldn’t just — I didn’t wanna take a chance on that happening. So I hope they do his legacy justice, I really do.

** Dave LaGreca and Bully Ray welcomed Teil Rhodes, sister of Cody and Dustin Rhodes onto Busted Open Radio. Teil reflected on the relationship that Cody and Dustin had while they were portraying the Stardust and Goldust characters in WWE. She said the two were not getting along but that relationship has greatly improved over the past several years.

They definitely have [Cody & Dustin Rhodes have formed a stronger bond]. When Cody and Dustin were tagging together as Stardust and Goldust there at the end, I mean it’s not trade secrets to say they were not getting along. My dad [Dusty Rhodes] did not want them tagging together anymore. They didn’t — Dustin moved in with us when we were — I mean we were so little and Dustin I think was 16 when Cody was born, and while he did live with us, they weren’t close really until they were kind of forced to work together and there was a lot of tension at that time, but since ALL IN and Dustin really being behind the scenes and the women’s division and coaching and that [stuff], they have gotten really close and there’s more a tenderness there I think that wasn’t — I think it was always there because everybody loves Dustin. He’s so kindhearted but, I think that that’s been one of the great things about AEW and where they’re at now.

Initially, Teil did not want to be a part of Rhodes to the Top. She felt some of the show subjects were treaded lightly and she also received advice from people within the TV industry and those alike about how what she reveals about her family will be used.

A little. [I bring] a little drama. I didn’t want to do the show — let me just go on record — in the first place. When we filmed the kind of pilot or treatment for it, I was like, ‘I don’t think this is for me.’ They were kind of going in a certain direction and then it got picked up and we chatted about it and I was like, ‘You know, why not?’ I don’t mind the attention, so, why not give it a go?

Some of the subject matter was, I felt, kind of well-treaded. Dustin, Dusty, some of that stuff which we do talk about on the show. I haven’t seen them all so I’m not sure what they used, but it felt a little heavy and some industry kind of people that I’m close to gave me some advice. Like, ‘You really need to be careful about what you reveal about your family because they’re gonna use it all,’ you know?

The reigning WWE Champion Big E joined the show as well. When Big E was first brought to the main roster, he had the goal in his head to follow the same road Batista did which is to start as a heater and then hopefully become a star on his own.

So for me, I don’t know if I’ve really talked much about this but, for me, kind of my marker when I first realized the role I’m gonna be in as a heater, as a bodyguard, was like Batista is kind of — that was like the best case scenario as a guy who came in as a bodyguard and then eventually became a star and he was always a guy I hoped that one day I could take this role as Dolph [Ziggler’s] bodyguard, doing something fun.

** A new video was uploaded to Antonio Inoki’s YouTube channel. Inoki stated that he is recovering day by day. Over the summer, Inoki underwent emergency surgery for volvulus, a twisting of the intestines. Last year, he revealed that he had been suffering from cardiac amyloidosis. That develops when an abnormal protein builds up in your organs and it can interfere with normal functions. That protein can take the place of a heart muscle.

** Jim Varsallone pushed out his interview with Scorpio Sky. Over the past several months, Sky and his partner Ethan Page have been paired with American Top Team’s Dan Lambert. Sky said he is enjoying working with Lambert and the spotlight Lambert brings will also shine on he and Page.

He’s a natural, Dan [Lambert’s] a natural. This guy, you know, you could tell he has a gift of gab and he’s so polarizing. The fact that some of the fans love him and the other side of the fans absolutely despise him and don’t even want him on the show. That’s how you know you’re doing something right, because you know, people can talk about heat and go away heat and all that sort of thing. Hey man, this guy is getting people to pay attention and standing next to someone that is doing that, guess what? That spotlight that’s on him is also shining on me. So I appreciate it.

Sky went on to speak about the Dark and Dark: Elevation shows. He said if he was not signed to AEW full-time, he would be looking to secure a spot on either Dark or Dark: Elevation.

I mean those are great platforms [AEW Dark & Dark: Elevation] for people to get opportunities and actually, a lot of people have been hired from those opportunities so it’s great. If I was a professional wrestler that did not work for AEW, I would be looking to get on AEW Dark or Dark: Elevation. That would be the goal. That’s where you wanna be, that’s where the eyes are going to be on you and then you’ll have an opportunity to hopefully move on to Dynamite and Rampage and even myself, someone who is a full-time roster member, you know, I appreciate the opportunities I get to be on those shows because it’s — any ring time you get is good, it’s good to get reps.

The likes of Junior dos Santos, Jorge Masvidal and Paige VanZant have appeared on AEW TV alongside Lambert, Sky and Page. Scorpio believes those three fighters would fare very well if they transitioned to wrestling.

Oh absolutely, absolutely. Jorge Masvidal, you know, he is a pro wrestler. He can do it, he gets it. I kind of talk to him a little bit and just the way he — even in the fight game, he’s a fan favorite, he’s got a little bit of character, he’s got a lot of swag and he kicks ass so I mean that’s what you want to be a professional wrestler. Somebody else, Paige VanZant. I think if Paige VanZant wanted to get in the wrestling business, she would immediately shoot straight to the top. She would be very, very good at it. Obviously she’s a monster athlete. She’s got the look, she’s got the charisma and then, you know, somebody else that might surprise you is Junior dos Santos. I think he is a wrestling fan and didn’t even know it. He’s been having a lot of fun with us and I think if he decided to cross over and jump in the wrestling business, Kenny Omega, the world championship, the heavyweight championship, you might have to watch out because he’s got knockout power.

** On the 9/30 IMPACT on AXS, Heath returned and prevented Rhino from getting jumped by Violent By Design (Eric Young, Joe Doering & Deaner). Heath had been out of action since Bound For Glory 2020 where he suffered a multitude of injuries. He spoke to WrestleZone about his return to IMPACT:

It was so crazy, and I always joke around with the boys and production people and I always tell them last year that when IMPACT signed me, it was probably the worst investment that they ever made. [laughs] Just because I only did a handful of shows with them then we talked out a deal that I was happy with, they were happy with. I literally signed the deal, then a few hours later at Bound For Glory, I got hurt and it was just done. I’m just like, ‘Oh sh-t, you’ve got to be kidding me!’ But no, it felt wonderful being back because it’s been a long road this past year, with how the world is today and with me having five surgeries at once. So, it was a rollercoaster of hell for me this year, but hard work pays off and I’m just blessed and glad that I have a good support team that helped me through everything or I would’ve lost my damn mind.

** The newly crowned MLW World Heavyweight Champion Hammerstone appeared on The Shining Wizards Wrestling Podcast and commented on his foot injury that he suffered at MLW Fightland. He said he is just trying to stay off it, although his instincts are pushing him to work out.

Honestly, today, I’m trying to be responsible and just rest. So I’ve been laying around, keeping my foot up, putting ice on it and playing video games because my brain is telling me — maybe not my brain. Whatever my — just my habits. What’s the word I’m looking for? My instincts. My primal animal instincts are telling me to go lift some weights but my brain’s telling me, ‘Hey asshole, take a day off and let this foot get better’ so, I’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing so…

** The current WWE Champion Big E talked to and was asked how his cash-in compares to Kofi Kingston’s WWE Title win. Big E thinks both were incredible, but thinks Kofi’s win is hard to beat out.

Both were incredible. KofiMania, that’s hard to beat, that whole run, that rise, seeing people with him from his first match to that title. When seeing just the amount of people who cried tears of joy and sent us evidence was really incredible. This one was different. I guess the Kofi one’s unique because I can look out, I’m outside of it in a way, even though I’m in it, because I can say, ‘Oh, of course, Kofi’s deserving of it, and he’s ready for this, and it’s the right moment and everything’s built perfectly.’

It’s a little bit different for me when it’s just me, and I’m trying. It’s a lot of the work I’ve done, as well, on myself, but I’m trying to do a better job at realizing and seeing myself outside of myself and not telling myself the lie that, ‘Oh, I’m not worthy or whatever it is,’ and I’ve done that too often in my life, is kind of tell myself these mistruths and these lies. We all do that, that negative self-talk.

So, it’s just different in the sense that I can objectively watch Kofi and be happy for him and know, hey, what an incredible human being but, when it’s me, there’s still that part of me that wants to say, ‘Everyone’s too nice.’ I’m a bit all over the place with this description, but it feels like an acknowledgment that I’ve done things the right way. Sometimes, you don’t know.

** Wrestling Inc. has an interview with Sharmell Huffman. She touched on diversity in wrestling and then heaped praise onto several Black talents such as Bobby Lashley, Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair.

I’m so excited because I would like to think maybe by doing the best we could, being professional, always showing up, entertaining the crowd. That maybe in some small way we paved the way for this moment here. We really are in a diversity and inclusion moment. I’m so happy it’s here. I literally was in tears watching Bobby [Lashley] win the title and Bianca Belair, who is absolutely phenomenal.

That is a woman whose talent is undeniable. Any title she wins is well deserved. I was in tears for her and Sasha Banks at WrestleMania. It was one of those kinds of moments. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it. I’m so happy that we are here and in this moment. That talent is being recognized no matter your race or sexual orientation or whatever. We’re all just coming together. It makes me very happy.

** Sports Illustrated caught up with Rhea Ripley prior to night two of the 2021 WWE Draft. Ripley reflected on her rocky 2017-2018 and being told she was not improving in wrestling. That comment lit a fire in her.

Before, I had long hair and I looked like everyone else even though I loved goth and metal. Then I went through a lot of crap in my life, especially in between the first Mae Young Classic [in 2017] and the second one. I was going through a lot. I was being told I wasn’t improving or working hard enough, and that lit a fire under my a–. I was also struggling with my partner at the time. We weren’t in a good place. My depression and my anxiety were kicking in, and I decided, no more. I had to start living life the way I wanted to live it. I decided to be my true self. That’s why I cut my hair and started living truly to myself. I want to show everyone me.

** Ron Funches welcomed former WWE music composer Jim Johnston onto his Gettin’ Better podcast. Jim finished up with WWE in 2017 and he admitted that he’s still navigating the post-WWE period of his life because things aren’t as fast paced as they once were.

Really, there’s been this post-WWE period where… it’s a little bit like a divorce that you think like, ‘Wow, this is not that big a deal.’ Move right into the next thing and life just doesn’t go like that and probably a little bit more so for me. I’m a pretty emotional guy, I feel things pretty deeply and so, it kind of took a while to navigate through just the habit. If nothing else, you’re doing the same [thing] which in this particular case was WWE [which] was a very, very intense thing with intense deadlines. It really was a 24/7 kind of job, which appealed to me but when you suddenly stop doing that… It’s like a total lifestyle change. So, it has been an absolute gift to have this period of time and to be fortunate enough to have done well enough financially to not be in an immediate place of like, ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to go get work somehow.’

** ‘Metro’ pushed out the written version of their interview with Tommaso Ciampa. It is well known that Ciampa played the role of Muhammad Hassan’s ‘lawyer’ on WWE TV in 2005. He recalled having to go to Vince McMahon’s office to read over his lines and said his nerves went away once he realized that Vince and Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque were just hanging out.

There was a point in the day I still remember so vividly today where I had to do a rehearsal in front of Vince where I would read my lawyer script. When I finally got to go into Vince’s room, Hunter was making protein shakes. It’s just one of those things that to this day – I walked in so nervous, the second I saw him in a muscle tank top making protein shakes offering one to Vince, all my tension and nerves just went away. It was like, ‘Oh this is like two dudes in the gym, these are the people I grew up around.’ It’s such a weird thing but it was like, I still remember that feeling and it’s something that I’ve carried with me.

** Vlog 341 from the newly crowned TNT Champion Sammy Guevara:

** To promote the release of Netflix’s ‘Escape The Undertaker’, the film’s director Ben Simms was interviewed by The Streamable. He teased that there is a special guest in the interactive film who is close in The Undertaker’s circle.

There’s a couple of surprises. I don’t want to give away too much, but I know there’s one person that fans will be pleasantly surprised to see. Someone close in the Undertaker’s circle.

** Marko Stunt will be in action at Game Changer Wrestling’s ‘Fight Club’ show on October 9th.

** Deonna Purrazzo did a signing with East Coast Autograph Auctions.

** Terri Runnels is celebrating a birthday today.

** PWInsider has an interview with ‘Escape The Undertaker’ director Ben Simms.

** The following video is from the UpUpDownDown YouTube channel:

** Brie Bella did a Q&A:

** Sportskeeda spoke to Drew McIntyre.

** Titus O’Neil is hosting the 2021 Gator Growl at University of Florida’s homecoming.

If any of the quotes from the following podcasts or video interviews are used, please credit those sources and provide an H/T and link back to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.

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