Bear Country almost split up before they started working with AEW

Bear Bronson and Bear Boulder were thinking about going their separate ways before they got their shot in AEW

Photo Courtesy: All Elite Wrestling

Bear Bronson and Bear Boulder almost went their separate ways.

Dating back to December 2020, Bear Bronson and Bear Boulder, collectively known as ‘Bear Country’ have been working with All Elite Wrestling. As first reported by PWInsider, the duo were signed to full-time deals earlier this year.

Bear Boulder (Tommy Wansaw) was profiled by ‘NSM Today’ and shared that prior to he and Bear Bronson getting their shot in AEW, they were looking into the option of splitting up and going their separate ways as wrestlers. After their first match in AEW, that chemistry immediately came back between them and they ended up keeping their team intact.

Me and Joe actually thought about splitting up for a little while. But then when we got the shot at AEW, and after we killed it in our first time there, the fire was literally just back, like that… The fire reignited in that instant.

Bear Country were last featured on Dynamite on 9/29 when they teamed with Anthony Greene and were defeated by Jon Moxley, Darby Allin and Eddie Kingston.

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